Being a plumber is rough

There are actually two kinds of people on the earth. Some people work better mentally than compared to a physical version of work. I had a friend in college who was extremely book smart. He could read 20 internet pages of material and basically recite back to you what he had just gone through. He could take a test over the material after reading it and ace it. I had another friend nevertheless who was the total other type of person. He was average when it came to studying and taking tests, but he was amazing at working on physical labor. He was among the list of strongest guys I knew. He really was into doing yard work and helping people with heavy lifting. He was good when it came to solving problems physically and could always fix and repair things. My book smart friend went on to be a successful lawyer. We all knew he was going to do really well some day in his career. My physically strong friend went off to become a plumber. I know that does not sound like the most important job but he is doing very well. He makes good money and additionally loves his job. Being a plumber is physically demanding and that’s why he is so good at it. When it comes to fixing a busted up pipe, clogged drain or broken lavatory, he is your guy. A plumbers job is incredibly hands on. Of course, he had to study in addition to learn, but his job is getting serious. Being a plumber is not as bad as people may imagine.

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