Barbeque season

Just this past year my dad and I got involved in the barbeque business. We knew that we would make some extra cash, and that it would not be that hard for us to do. So far, it has been a couple of hours every weekend, and we make good money from the parties that we work. We like to do anything that pays well, from graduation parties, birthday parties, or just a fun family cookout. Recently we have been working graduation parties since it is graduation party season where we live. Most of the people who hire us are our family friends, which makes our jobs a lot more enjoyable. Barbequing chicken is a fun job, but we get warm out there very easily. The steam and the heat that comes off of the chickens is hardly comparable to the heat of the outdoors this time of year. Plus, it does not help us at all that we barbeque the chickens during the hottest part of the day. But that is just how it is. Luckily, since we have been barbecuing for our friends they have been letting us come into their houses periodically as we cook, so that we can cool off. They all have air conditioned houses so it has been very nice of them to let us enjoy the fresh, cool air of their homes, even though we smell like barbecue sauce and chicken. We try to tell people that if they want us to barbecue for them during the hottest part of the day, that they have to either let us in to enjoy the air conditioning, or they have to provide us with a couple of fans and an extension cord outside.

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