Autumn is finally on it’s way

It has been a long, torturous summer this year in my small southern town. We had no spring to speak of. Summer started early. We went straight from running the heat to running our air conditioners. We rent our home, and, like more than half of the homes here, there is no central heat or air conditioning. In fact, our house came with no heat or air conditioning at all. Since we aren’t foolish enough to pay to have air conditioning and heating installed in a rental, we purchased several less expensive window air conditioners that block my windows. Although this is supposed to be the hottest month of the year, temperatures outside are already slowly starting to drop, and I’m really opening for an early, and long, autumn. I can’t wait to take these window air conditioners out of our windows and open them wide to the fresh autumn breeze! I will definitely have a ductless mini-split or other air conditioning and heating system installed when we finally purchase our new home, but, for now, we are stuck with these noisy window units and space heaters.But, oh, after such a brutally hot summer, I look forward to when I can turn on my heaters. We bought a new one last year that looks like a fireplace. Much to our surprise, it heats the whole house! Of course, for privacy reasons, we will need to use space heaters in our bedrooms at night. But, right now, I don’t mind. I’m tired of triple digit temperatures.

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