Almost fooled by the HVAC plot

I’m fairly new to my neighborhood and still trying to figure out the local atmosphere. So far I’ve only briefly met a few of my neighbors and they seem pleasant to talk to, but I don’t really know who they are or what kinds of things to expect from them. I’m also not familiar with the potential dangers that reside in this area, for instance, if there are door to door salesmen who visit or not; I’m starting to figure out that yes, there are an abundance of them. Just last week I witnessed three different persons stop by to ask about my HVAC system usage. I thought it was very odd when the first person knocked relentlessly on my door and asked to look at my latest energy bill. I shared with her no, I wasn’t interested, and she then asked to view my furnace instead. She told me that they had new and more energy efficient models out there and she could perform an uncomplicated inspection to tell me what my other heating options could possibly be. I asked to see her credentials that made her an authentic HVAC dealer or hvac specialist, but she wasn’t in a position where she could provide me with any of the right answers, so I turned her out from my presence. Over the next three or four days I experienced two additional salesmen stop simply by, also inquiring about my cooling and heating system usage. I denied every one too from coming into my home, and as it happens I did just the right thing because there was a bunch of robberies all around the new neighborhood the very next  week. The victims all reported speaking with some mysterious HVAC professionals directly prior to the break in.

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