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I met my fiance several years ago.  I quickly discovered that he was a big soccer fan. I had never paid much attention to soccer. My father took me to a game once, but I was little and don’t remember much about it.  For my fiance, however, soccer is his passion.  He plays soccer on a men’s league and loves to attend games whenever possible.  It’s not just the sport but the whole experience of  the crowds, the players, and the excitement. When the two of us started attending soccer games together, I started having fun. I liked being in the stadium and hearing the cheers of the crowd. It was easy to get caught up in the excitement.  Unfortunately, in my area we get lots of bad weather during soccer season.  I don’t like going  for hours without air conditioning.The heat and humidity really gets to me.  I prefer to be indoors with access to a thermostat.  I like to have control over my climate.  Spending the heat of the day in the beating sun, sweating like crazy, wasn’t particularly my idea of fun. I would always suggest that we stay home and watch the match on television.  We could make snacks, get comfy on the couch and run the air conditioner at max capacity.  That sounded fun to me, but no my fiance.  He doesn’t care if there’s no thermostat, if there’s blazing sun, or pounding rain.  He just loves to see the games live.  Eventually,, my fiance found a soccer team that plays in an indoor stadium.  This is perfect because the venue has an HVAC system.  It’s never too hot, too cold, or too wet in the studium.  The  time of day doesn’t matter.  The HVAC equipment keeps me happy. Because of the temperature control I am always willing to attend the games.

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