Air conditioning maintenance

Have you ever been forced to sit in miserable conditions against your will? This happened to the jury in a landmark court case recently. On a very hot day, the court proceedings were in session. The courthouse is normally air conditioned. However, on this day the air conditioning unit malfunctioned and stopped working. Within one hour the court room was sweltering. Most of the audience left, but the judge insisted on continuing. Everyone was uncomfortably hot and it was difficult to focus. The air conditioning provider sent a technician to come fix the problem. However, by the time the technician had the system back up and running, we were already about to leave court! This caused a major fiasco in the case because people said that no one could focus or make sense in the extreme heat. The problem ended up being that the air conditioning unit had not been serviced for a long time. Also the maintenance staff at the courthouse neglected the unit as well. The filters become clogged and the unit stopped working. When he filters on an air conditioning unit become clogged, the system works harder to pump air into a building. This stress that is put on the machine usually causes it to break down. The court figured out the fiasco and continued with the case. Make sure to check your air conditioning units for broken coils or clogged filters. This will reduce the probability of a breakdown. It may even change the ruling of a court case because everyone is focused.

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