Air conditioning in the doctor’s room

Last month, I ended up getting quite sick and had to go see the doctor.  I really detest going to the doctor.  My health insurance does not cover the appointment, so it costs me a fortune, and I resent the huge waste of my time.  I knew that if I wanted to get rid of my cold, I needed to get a prescription for some antibiotics.  It was the middle of September and quite warm out on the day of appointment.  Because I had a fever, body aches, and chills, I dressed in long-sleeves and long pants.  I still wasn’t warm enough to handle the blast of the air conditioner in the doctor’s office.  My appointment was at eleven in the morning, and I arrived a bit early.  I sat in the waiting room, getting his with freezing cold air, for nearly an hour and a half.  I can’t imagine why the air conditioner was turned up to maximum capacity in the middle of September, but everyone in the waiting room was shivering.  We were all coughing, sneezing, and spreading our germs all over the place.  I finally went up to the receptionist’s desk and complained about the long wait and the temperature.  I needed to be home in bed, huddled under the blankets, not getting pummeled with air conditioning.  By the time I got in to actually see the doctor, I was extremely angry and feeling totally miserable. After that, I still had to visit the pharmacy and wait another half an hour to get my antibiotics.  At least the pharmacy wasn’t trying to kill their customers with the air conditioning.

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