Air conditioning after sports

I have played a lot of sports in my life. Honestly, if you can name it, I’ve probably played it. I have just always been an athlete, and it’s actually pretty weird that I’m about to graduate, so my athletic career really is coming to an end. In high school, I was a three season athlete. I played soccer, hockey and softball. It’s interesting that even though these are all different seasons and different playing conditions, I still wanted to be blasted with air conditioning after every single game and practice. I remember feeling like I was actually melting standing under the goal in the sun during a soccer game (I was the goalie). But practices were even worse. As a goalie, my practices were usually high intensity circuits involving a lot of jumping up and down to dive for the ball. Then, I still had to do all of the team running as well. Pre-season (hell week) was the absolute worst. Mid August is not a good time to be outside. I would run to my car hoping for air conditioning even though I knew it would take so long to turn on. But when it did, I would just sit in there for much longer than I needed to, and then go jump in the pond near my house. But it was the same thing even with hockey where we played on ice. It didn’t matter, my body was still roasting after those games and I’d make my parents turn on the air conditioning, even though they didn’t want to.

berwyn western