Air conditioned tent

To me, the best way to enjoy nature is by taking a multi-day camping trip. By spending a few days out in the woods, it allows the campers to really take in the scenery and learn what it takes to survive without modern appliances. I have gotten to where I can start a fire without a match or a lighter, wash my clothes using a local water source, and I can fish extremely well. I love the challenge of surviving without modern amenities. The only thing I wish I could bring with me on my camping trips is an air conditioner. It gets so hot in my region of the country that getting to sleep without a modern cooling system is nearly impossible for me. When I’m on my trips, I typically spend the first few nights tossing and turning because I am used to sleeping beneath an air vent. I know that this sounds a little ridiculous since I am willing to go without so many other luxuries, but for some reason I have been completely spoiled by my HVAC system at home. When I take friends on these camping trips, they joke that I have lost some of my toughness over the years. Maybe I will invent some sort of air-conditioned tent so that I can not only sleep comfortably while camping, I could sell the tent and make a lot of money by catering to people who are just like me.I don’t think camping without an AC will deter me from taking my trips, but I will say that a cooler environment would make me enjoy myself much more.

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