Adjusting the thermostat to my outfit

I am a total girly girl, and I have been pretty much since I was born.  I have way too many pairs of heels, sparkly dresses, and frilly skirts.  I have to wear boring work clothes monday through friday, so when the weekend comes, I love getting all dressed up and going out with my girl friends.  Where I live, it gets very cold in the winter.  Although, I refuse to let something as trivial as the weather cramp my girly style.  I still continue to wear high heels and short skirts, even if it means facing the elements.  People make comments to me all the time, especially my mother, but honestly I don’t care.  The better I look, the better I feel, and so I will have a better time.  Something that I have noticed in my favorite bar is that the temperature seems to expect people to dressed like me!  Even though I am freezing inside, my bare shoulders don’t shiver once I get inside.  I have to commend the bar for always having their HVAC system in good working order, and for them keeping their customers in mind when setting their thermostat before the night gets started.  This also goes for the summer time.  On super hot nights, a bar can get really hot and humid with all the dancing and drinking going on.  Once again, my favorite bar is always in check!  Their air conditioning is always running to make it fun and comfortable.  As long as they keep this up, I can keep dressing up.