Adjusting the thermostat as I adjust to the south

I needed different, I mean 100% different, so I moved myself 400 miles outside of the edge of my comfort zone. Putting myself in a new climate and even new time zone. Mission accomplished in under two weeks. It’s been four months and it feels like I just got here, but I continue to struggle as I learn to adapt with the changes. I remember my uncle, who moved to Florida years ago, said with all the a/c in the south, you don’t actually feel the heat for very long at all. My wardrobe is the biggest challenge I face, how to dress for the heat, I purchased several new outfits to allow for the heat. However, I’ve noticed I keep going back to my cashmere sweaters, more frequently now than I did even during the hottest months of summer up north. I am figuring out the why only now, months later. It’s the rampant central air that has me colder on a daily basis during the summer, than I ever was during all the seasons back home! At work our boss sets the thermostat down real low, he likes it cold. Meanwhile, I am stepping outside to escape the a/c so thaw out. At home, I am wearing sweaters and even though about taking out that knitted wool one I bought in Maine last year. At home we never had a/c, I don’t even remember going into a house that had central air, only places like restaurants, school, grocery stores etc.. I decided it is silly to be more familiar with the heat up north than down here so I’ve taken setting the thermostat a little higher, if I need to a put a sweater on then I adjust the control unit up a degree.

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