Adjusting the temperature

I’ve always been middle of the road, when it comes to heating and cooling a room. I don’t get bothered much by changes in the outside temperature, so I’m not frequently uncomfortable with the weather. I don’t believe in cranking the thermostat way up or way down, regardless of the temperature outside. Going from one temperature extreme to the other is nauseating, not to mention that level of air conditioning and heating, can’t be good for the HVAC unit.  Not to mention the cost of the electric bill to maintain such extreme temperatures. Expect that AC unit to need repair and replacement parts from an authorized HVAC company, frequently. I prefer it to be standard room temperature of 74 degrees in the summer, and 68 degrees in the winter, so it doesn’t feel like a furnace, or a cooler. This is especially bad during the winter months when the air is so hot, that you have to take off the heavy snow jacket you are wearing immediately, when you come inside. If I’m already wearing a warm jacket, why turn up the thermostat, and cause the furnace to make it feel like it’s summertime? I know heating and cooling is important to some people, but if you turn the temperature too far in one direction it’s just as uncomfortable as the weather outside you are trying to mask. There’s a huge difference between heating and cooling, versus scorching and freezing. By not going to extremes you’ll save money on air conditioning service calls, and get more life out of your HVAC unit. If you change the filters every month, you can also get more life out of your system.