AC would have been great

My father was a minister. We lived in a very small town in the deep south, where people are known to take church very seriously, and being a minister my dad was one of these people. My my mother, siblings and I all worked along side him in the church, keeping it nice and working with the community. He was a very generous man, who always had a food pantry which was stocked with many food items that he would give to the less fortunate. He also would keep a supply of shoes and clothing in the trunk of his care for those who were in need. The church itself was quite simple, but one thing my father chose not to skate on was a wonderful air conditioner. He once explained that on a hot and humid summer day nothing will fill up this pews faster than a nice freshing air conditioning unit, and he was right. A lot of people back then did not have air conditioning in their homes, and were eager to sit through the long sermon just to escape the heat for awhile. He says he saved more souls along with his air conditioning than with his good looks, this was a long running joke in my family. But he also used the AC for other, sneakier purposes, and this was something I was helped him with. At a certain point within the sermon, when he started discussing hellfire and brimstone, I would switch off the AC and turn on the central heating. It always took a few minutes before most of the congregation realized it wasn’t all for their heads and that the central heat was actually going full force!

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