AC was leaking

I’m definitely not very handy. If something breaks at my house, I call my brother to come by and repair it. My HVAC unit is now over 12 years old, so he’s been over to my home quite a few times to fix the HVAC system. The first couple of times, it was just a few easy fixes with the filters. Then, a little bit more difficult issues had to be repaired in the ductwork and air vents. Nevertheless, this last time, the problem wasn’t at all an easy fix. I noticed that my air conditioning system really wasn’t getting the house cool at all. Of course, the first thing I did is call my brother to come and try to fix the HVAC system before it became a bigger problem. However, in a rare case of bad luck, my brother was out of town to visit my sister. I figured the issue could probably wait a couple of days until he came back, but really should have contacted an HVAC company. As I said, my first notion that something was terribly wrong was the that my air conditioner unit was running constantly and not cooling down the house at all. I woke up to a leaking ceiling that next morning in my kitchen.  I didn’t know how to proceed, so I called my brother once again. He told me to get an HVAC contractor to the house immediately and let him look at it. The HVAC contractor came later that day and said it was a problem at my air conditioner’s evaporator coil. Fortunately, he could fix the problem with the A/C temporarily by installing a water pump until my brother came home to actually fix the HVAC and also my ceiling.

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