AC not set right with roommates

If it were up to me, the house would have a zone controlled AC. I’m still a student, as well as I live with my brother Tom as well as two of our buddies. The buddies and I are battling over how to adjust the temperature control, however my brother Tom as well as I grew up in a home where the parents insisted on keeping up with the energy. It was rare that we would run the A/C at full blast or keep it running while we were not in the house. Our buddies don’t put much thought at all into how they make use of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit. They tend to forget about the A/C running no matter where they happen to be or how sizzling it is outside. Always they seem to leave it and, I have tried to politely remind them to turn the air off when they are not at our apartment. I think they tell me yes to simply to appease me, as well as this is beginning to get me angry. I wish that my buddies would be more considerate when it comes to these things. Getting rid of energy runs up our utility bill, I am not in any kind of area in life to pay extra cash for wasted energy. My brother Tom completely backs me up because he, too, thinks that working a Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit to a ton of power is irresponsible. All of us are currently only a few weeks into our lease, as well as if our roommates don’t alter their behavior, I think we are going to begin searching for a up-to-date rental house.

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