A/C equipment

My father always controlled the thermostat in our house. It was a newer model home with central air conditioning and heating. Our furnace and air conditioner were up to date and could run very strongly if needed. Our dad traveled a lot for work and would be gone for several days at a time. During these times we would get to adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and let either the air conditioner or furnace run strong depending on what season it was. We had to remember to turn the thermostat back to the temperature our dad likes the thermostat set at. We had to do this at least a few hours before our dad arrived to allow the house to either cool down from the furnace running or heat back up from the air conditioning so that our dad wouldn’t know we had adjusted it. Luckily our mom paid the utility bills so that my dad never found out. There were a few times where our dad showed up early or we just forgot to reset the thermostat and we were caught. We had to listen to lectures from our dad every time about how it affects the utility bills and that he didn’t think it was all that good for us to become accustomed to heating and cooling because he felt we never knew when we might have to go without it. Our dad had us convinced for a little while about his beliefs, but after dealing with the climates we dealt with we would go back to adjusting the thermostat when he was away.

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