A young woman at the docks

I was told by my mother that I would be able to find a nice paying job fairly easily within the market district. I was actually very excited about this prospect since the market district is so close to the ocean and I just couldn’t deny the possibility I might be able to get an office with an amazing view. Regardless, I went over to the market district last week and spent all day in interviews. Each one of the offices I went into actually had really nice views and the HVAC systems that they had running really felt nice on my skin. It was almost as if these companies had smart thermostats that just sensed the type of temperature I would appreciate walking into. This rule did not carry over while I went to my final stop of the day though. I had been searching for jobs all day so I was already a bit tired. When I walked into this last office though I almost had a heart attack due to the lack of HVAC system control they have over their office. Not only was the office itself rather hot and it felt like a heating system was running, it was extremely muggy and felt as if their entire ventilation system had been shut down for a while. To be honest, the lack of an HVAC system in this office made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. Still though, I did not want to seem rude by leaving so I went and sat through the whole interview in the room that so desperately needed cooling and ventilation. By the end of the day I was so exhausted and hot that I actually ran to the ocean and went for a dip. I jumped right off the docks, simply trying to forget the drastically HVAC system-deficient office that I had just come from.home comfort