A ventless gas heater

I heat my kitchen with a compact, ventless gas heater.  There are advantages and drawbacks to this heating method.  Since I don’t have any type of ductwork in the kitchen, I was very limited in my choices for heating.  The ventless heater is hooked to a natural gas line and requires electricity to operate.  It is very small, fairly attractive, and makes very little noise.  It does not draw very much energy and effectively heats the entire kitchen.  Unfortunately, it is a single stage unit, which means it is either running at maximum capacity or completely shut off.  When the heater turns on, it blows very hot air until it achieves the thermostat setting.  It then shuts down, and cycles cool air, which creates unpleasant temperature fluctuations.  The heater is also very sensitive to dust.  It has two separate air filters which I clean every couple of days.  If the air filters become clogged with dust, the heater runs continuously.  It doesn’t matter how hot the kitchen becomes, the heater won’t shut down.  I recently had this problem, and even cleaning the air filters did not work.  I was afraid the unit would overheat, and was afraid to turn it on.  Since the outdoor temperature was around thirty degrees, I couldn’t get along without running the heater.  I finally read through the owner’s manual, and took the heater apart.  The inner workings of the heater were contaminated with dust.  I needed to use an air compressor to blow air into the unit to clear away the accumulation of contaminants.  I was surprised by how much dust came out of the equipment.  After I put the unit back together, it operated perfectly again.  

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