A power outage is a pain

Last night, a hurricane came through our area, and there were some incredibly severe weather conditions. My boyfriend and I prepared by buying bottled water and canned goods, just in case the power went out. At first, it seemed like a normal rainstorm with a little bit more wind than normal. We were actually standing out on the porch and watching the storm when suddenly, everything shifted. Shingles started flying off the apartments next to us, and tree branches were being ripped away. We quickly went inside, only to find that the power had gone out. We were a little frustrated, but we knew that we were prepared, so we lit a few candles, made sandwiches, and prepared to spend the rest of the night hiding out from the storm. Unfortunately, with the power out, we couldn’t use our heating and cooling units, either. The intense rain from the hurricane had significantly raised the humidity, and without being able to run the air conditioner, our apartment felt like a sauna. We thought about opening a few windows, but we couldn’t even do that because it wasn’t safe with all that wind! Instead, we used a few books and pieces of paper to try and fan ourselves and create at least a little bit of air flow. That night, we barely slept at all. The wind was howling outside and the rain was pounding so hard on the windows that we thought they might explode! Trying to sleep without air conditioning was the worst part, because not only we were scared, but we were terribly uncomfortable. When we woke up in the morning, the first thing that we did was turn the air conditioner on its highest setting!

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