A new swimming pool would be awesome!

A couple of years ago I moved back into my mother’s house. I know that a lot of people of my generation end up doing this, usually due to money, but it was still difficult to do. I had been living on my own for almost ten years when I moved back into the house that I grew up in. It was a strange feeling to say the least. Some things had changed since I had lived there last. The paint in the kitchen was a different color, I got stuffed into a different bedroom, there were fewer family members in the house now. The biggest change was that my mom had gotten a custom pool built while I was away. I had been living several states away so I hadn’t seen the new swimming pool until I moved back. It was one thing to hear about the pool over the phone but seeing it was a completely different experience. My mom had told me about how much she loved finally having a swimming pool of her own. She told me about how much exercise she was getting and how it was equally good for relaxing as for working out. Of course I believed her about how wonderful the swimming pool was but when I got there and saw the glittering water for myself I finally understood. For the whole first summer that I lived there again, my mother and I would lounge at her swimming pool. It was such a wonderful bonding time for us after having been apart for so long.

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