A modern resistor

Our A/C system was behaving badly last week. It wasn’t ever turning off, plus the garage was sizzling hot from the A/C idea giving off so much heat. I decided that it was time to contact an HVAC professional, so that they could view our A/C system. When the worker arrived, he viewed the entire system plus told us that all of us had experienced problems with our power resistor. The power resistor happens to be a tiny piece of metal that gives our A/C a signal, when it is time to turn off. It keeps the entire system from becoming too hot plus causing a fire, which means it is incredibly important. The service was incredibly luxurious, plus the HVAC technician needed to contact an electrician. They needed to have a certified electrician in order to help change out the power resistor. The HVAC technician did not carry resistors on their truck, so he left to go to the shop plus find one. After hour service was settled, the electrician gave us some information about our power resistor. Every one of us had been lucky, since a bad resistor can easily cause a household fire. I was happy that I had contacted the HVAC technician now, rather than waiting until we had a particularly deadly problem. When my husband arrived from work later on in the evening, he was completely happy that I had taken care of the resistor problem all on my own. Thankfully we didn’t have any more problems the rest of the year.

high pulse resistor