A missing HVAC unit

I have always found great comfort in preaching the word of God, especially if it was from the comfort of an HVAC system regulated environment. Do not get me wrong, I am more than willing to preach and praise to the good Lord from outside, but of course I would much rather prefer doing it inside where I can have a bit of comfort from the HVAC system. With that being said, I do take a mission trip to Africa every few years in order to teach them about the ways of Jesus. There are absolutely no HVAC systems in the poor villages that I visit, so it is as if I am giving that up for Lent. Of course that is a joke, I would never give up my precious HVAC systems for Lent, that would be just unbearable. But I do give up my precious HVAC system for the mission trips. However, this last time I went on a mission trip the lack of an HVAC system made me suffer from a heat stroke! I actually passed out while delivering a sermon, and I was immediately rushed to a local hospital where they had an HVAC system. I was actually pretty lucky to be so close to a hospital that was equipped with such a wonderful HVAC system. I suppose it was truly the righteous path for me to come home from my mission trip early and enjoy the comfort of my house’s HVAC system. After all, I am getting a bit too old to be taking trips halfway around the world!

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