A dual fuel heating system is cost-effective

When my HVAC technician suggested that I install a dual fuel HVAC system in my home, I thought he was crazy.  It sounded like a super expensive waste of money to me.  A dual fuel system is the combination of an electric heat pump and a gas furnace.  I couldn’t figure out why I would want to install two separate heating systems, since once would do the job just fine.  My HVAC technician went on to explain all of the advantages of a dual fuel system, and I admit that I was impressed.  The heat pump eliminates the need for an air conditioner, because it provides both heating and cooling capacity.  In the summer, the heat pump keeps the house perfectly cool, operates very efficiently, and effectively handles humidity.  As the weather turns colder, the heat pump reverses operation to provide warmth to the house.  The heat pump finds ambient heat in outside air and pumps it inside, which is requires very little energy and significantly trims heating costs.  The system is perfectly safe, avoiding the concern of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire hazard.  Unfortunately, a heat pump can only effectively heat the home when outside temperatures remain above freezing.  Once the temperature drops, a dual fuel system automatically activates the gas furnace.  Because the gas furnace is only utilized in extreme temperature situations, heating costs are kept to an absolute minimum.  The dual fuel system automatically relies on the most energy efficient option at all times, making it much more cost-effective than operating a gas furnace on its own.

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