A chicken coop

When I was in school we hatched chickens. I remember going to school every day, anxious to see if they had hatched yet or not. When they finally did it was great and they were so cute. The teachers asked if anyone wanted to take them home since they had nothing to do with them now that the students had hatched them. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world so I brought it up to my parents who agreed. As the chickens got a bit bigger my dad decided to build a chicken coop with my uncles and my brothers and I were to help also. It was fun to build and a lot of hard work. When my dad ran power to the coop I wasn’t sure why. He explained that the chickens would need heating for the winter. We set up heat lamps and moved the chickens in. My dad even went as far as to buy more chickens to make the coop worth having. The heating lamps kept the chicken coop lit up at night, which in the country is like a bright beacon in the dark. With the heating lamps the chickens lived in comfort and laid many eggs, which we sold on the side of the street. In the winter, we would sometimes go in the coop after playing for hours to warm up from the heating lamps. The chickens loved pecking the snow off of our boots when we did this and it make us laugh. Other than how much work it is cleaning up after chickens, it really wasn’t too bad.heater