A cabin with a new gas fireplace

Camping is my favorite activity, even during Winter weather conditions. It’s so fun to stay in a cottage in the woods, with trees and snow everywhere. My number one cottage to camp in has a massive fireplace located in the middle of the living area. I pack a bunch of wood into my truck, so that I have enough to keep the fireplace burning all day. With the fireplace providing heat, the entire cottage is toasty and warm, and it makes for such a relaxing camping experience. Of course, I completely forgot to call for an early reservation, so by the time I did call, my usual cottage was already rented out. When I arrived at the new cottage, I was incredibly disappointed to see that there wasn’t a big fireplace! I figured that each cottage had a fireplace, but I shouldn’t have assumed that. Even though I was disappointed about the lack of a fireplace, it was cold enough that I needed to turn on some sort of heating unit. After I found the thermostat on the wall, I cranked it up to a high temperature setting. When the cottage still didn’t feel any warmer after about fifteen minutes, I realized that the heating unit must have been broken. Spending a winter night in a cottage without heat was not my idea of a good time, so I immediately called for a service call from a Heating, Ventilation and A/C technician. They got there quickly, but unfortunately, the technician said the heating unit was too outdated to repair. As a result, I got to stay in a different cottage, and the new cottage actually came with a fireplace!

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