A bad HVAC system

Today I had a test in one of my classes. I was totally prepared for it, and I’m sure I aced it, but there was one thing that was really hard about taking this particular test. The room was freezing! I could barely focus on my test because I was so cold. My pencil was shaking and I couldn’t concentrate at all. My fingers were so cold, they were shrinking instead of swelling from the heat, so I had to take all of my rings off because they were sliding down my fingers and preventing me from writing. I was so angry about this because I knew exactly what I had to know for the test, and I was totally prepared to take it. But when I walked into that room and there was no heat on in the middle of winter, it ruined everything. I was having such a hard time holding onto my pencil that I didn’t even finish the test in time because my fingers were so cold. I had to stay late after I begged my professor, and only reluctantly did she let me stay. I am writing a strongly worded letter to the superiors of the university about this. No HVAC system in a college should be so awful that students can’t even take their tests appropriately or finish on time, even when they are fully prepared. At least my teacher let me stay after, but I am not happy about how distracted I was during the test all on account of a terrible HVAC system.

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