My brother’s wedding

My little brother and I shared a very close relationship growing up. He and I are only two years apart in age, so we were often interested in the same activities and had many of the same friends throughout school. Consequently, when it was time for him to choose a best man for his wedding, I was excited and not surprised that I was chosen for the job. What he didn’t tell me when he called was that he planned on doing the wedding ceremony outside! I like air conditioning, and I absolutely do not like being hot. I especially do not like the absence of a cooling system when I am wearing a full suit and tie. I cannot think of a worse situation I would want to be in. In spite of my feelings, he continued with his wedding plan, and everyone in the wedding party was miserable throughout the ceremony and ready to find a place with ice cold air conditioning. Thankfully, the reception was inside, so we finally got a break from the sweltering heat. Unfortunately, I was still sweating after coming inside because we were so busy with various wedding responsibilities. After the wedding was over, I vowed that I would never participate in an outdoor wedding again, unless it was during the winter or I could find a portable air conditioning system that I could carry with me. The outdoor wedding always look so wonderful when you see them in the movies, but reality is often far different. I just really like to be in the air conditioning.

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Dad’s old cabin

My dad had a fishing cabin for years.  I remember going there with him as a kid.  My brother and I loved it and  would spend countless hours catching frogs, fireflies and fish. We loved going up to the cabin. Mom loved it too, because she got to stay home in the quiet, temperature controlled environment of her choice.  Towards summer, we would already be adding the wood to the fireplace.  We chopped the wood daily to add to the wood bin out back. It was one chore that my brother Bobby, and I would almost fight over, just to see how much wood we could chop for the fireplace.  Just boys, being boys, but the wood got chopped, and the fireplace had plenty of wood stockpiled for the cold season.  As kids, we spent many winter vacations sitting near that fireplace. It did not snow in our home state, but going farther north into the mountains, it snowed plenty, allowing the opportunity to cook s’mores by that very fireplace on many occasions. Bobby and I would go out to play in the snow, and we’d come back inside to the heater, to get warm again. We’d sit by the fireplace, hang our mittens out to dry on the mantel, and sip hot cocoa until we were dry, and warm enough to go back out again.  We spent many hours by the fireplace, singing and talking.  I remember Dad had an HVAC company come out one day because the fireplace was smoking too much and affecting our indoor air quality.  The HVAC company had the fireplace working quickly.  Later on, we added a couple of electric heaters in a couple of the bedrooms for additional heat. We all really loved that cabin, and always will.


Understanding the value of hard work

My grandfather is always telling me about how things were back in his day. He really likes to talk about the heating system he had as well. He actually had to rely on a wood burning stove to keep his home warm. He would always be telling me how he would be out there cutting down trees and chopping the wood in preparation for the winter time. You would really have to make a large stockpile to make sure you did not run out of wood, or you would be freezing. He did say there was one winter when they actually did run out of wood and had to spend time at a family member’s house so they didn’t freeze. He has never forgotten that time and always made sure to be proactive about having enough wood for the wood burning stove. Later on he talked about how he upgraded the wood burning stove with ductwork that would allow the heat to travel throughout the house better for more adequate heating. He was very proud of that ductwork. I thought it was very interesting to hear about this old way of heating a home. It really made me think about how fortunate I am to not have to deal with all that hard work with cutting down trees and throwing wood into a fire. It sounded like a great deal of work and having to deal with that on top of homework and studying sounded rather stressful. My choirs involved taking the trash out and doing dishes which wasn’t so bad in comparison. My grandfather really helped me understand the value of hard work.

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Too hot to eat

A couple weekends ago my girlfriend and I decided to enjoy a nice Friday evening out. First we were going to have a nice romantic movie, then catch a movie. We went back and forth over all the options to have a nice dinner and finally decided on this place known for their amazing Italian dishes. We arrived at the restaurant a little bit early but were still promptly shown to our seats. The setup and décor were beautiful and as we stared into each other’s eyes I couldn’t help but notice a bead of sweat on my love’s forehead. Then I noticed I was heating up rather quickly too. Feeling a hot breeze I looked up to see the HVAC ducts directly overhead blasting hot air down on us. The furnace was definitely set way too high. I called over the waiter and told him about the issue with the heat and he said he knew and that a HVAC technician was on his way to fix it. He also said the furnace had been acting up and they were thinking about scheduling a new heater installation. I asked which HVAC business they were going to use but he did not know. By this time my girlfriend had had enough. She said until they got the furnace service complete that we’d be eating somewhere else.  Unfortunately I had to agree as the heat pumping out of the furnace was becoming unbearable. I hope they find the right HVAC provider so they can get their heating and cooling system fixed. I’d still like to try their delicious cuisine.

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Dealing with all the seasons

Whenever I hear people talk about how they don’t want to live somewhere where it’s too warm or too cold I can’t help but laugh. See I have both of those problems. I live in a section of the United States that both gets up to the nineties (and sometimes above) during summer, below zero temperatures in the winter, and everything in between. I personally like it. I get a little bit of everything. Change is the spice of life after all. That’s why it is so important for me to have a properly running heating and cooling system at all times. If my furnace or air conditioner is on the fritz, then I’m going be in some real trouble at some point. That’s why finding the right HVAC company is so important. You have to get out there and look at the differences between businesses that specialize in HVAC work before you choose who will ultimately be in charge of keeping your abode temperate. Not only did I find a HVAC company that specializes in my heating and cooling setup, but the technician they sent goes above and beyond what I could ever ask. She has dropped by just to perform furnace service on his days off –air conditioner service too! Whether it be escaping the summer heat with my air conditioning or the winter cold with my furnace, I know that my thermostat will keep my house at the perfect temperature and my HVAC technician will always only be a phone call away in case anything goes wrong. What more could someone ask for?

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What if I got a smart thermostat?

Throughout the years, technology has advanced in many different aspects, including the cooling and heating of your home. We advanced from fireplaces to furnaces to boilers and now have central systems. I am a simple person so I never thought too much about smart thermostats that you can control from an app on your smartphone. That is, until just a few nights ago. The weather where I live is starting to change from summer to fall, with warm days and cool nights. Normally, the thermostat is left on a consistent temperature but during the weather change, I turn it off during the night time. This time of year is when I start to get sick and could feel myself getting a cold. One night, I went to bed as usual, turning off the air conditioner but in the middle of the night, I started to get really hot and couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to get up out of bed to turn the air back on, which ended up waking up my dog who wanted to go outside. At 1:30 in the morning, I was now wide awake, tossing and turning, and frustrated that this was happening. The next day I told my friend about what had happened, and she asked if I had a smart thermostat. I told her I didn’t know what that is. After she explained I thought to myself, “but what if I did have a smart thermostat?”. The whole situation could’ve been avoided by simply pressing a button on my phone! Now when I think back, there’s been many times when this technology would’ve came in handy and saved a lot of time. Needless to say, later this week I will be installing a new smart thermostat for my house although wish I would’ve done it sooner.


Sticky and Cold on a Dirt Road

My husband likes to have those expensive, loudspeakers in his truck, blaring his music with the bass vibrating every hair on my head. I don’t always mind his speakers, and sound system, but I, sometimes like to hear myself think. Last week we were riding down some old, dirt roads, and my husband suddenly switched on his bass. I had been relaxing in the air conditioner, looking out the window. When the bass kicked in, I practically jumped out of my seat, spilled my tea in my lap, and then hit my head on the window. Of course, my husband thought it was hilarious, but I was quite embarrassed, plus, not to mention, now freezing due to the fact that the air conditioner was blasting away, and I was covered in ice cold sweet tea. I was extremely uncomfortable for the rest of the ride. I could feel the tea getting sticky on my skin, and I really wanted to switch our HVAC system off, but I knew my husband would never let that happen.He adored a good, icy cold air conditioner in his vehicles as well as his house. I always have to wear a sweater when we are at home together, because my husband likes to turn the HVAC thermostat down to about 67 degrees which, in my opinion, is the equivalent to a deep freezer, or a meat locker. At least, my husband was kind enough to take me home, instead of forcing me to sit in sticky tea while freezing to death. I was so glad to get out of that icy air conditioner as well as my wet, sticky clothes.

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Picky With My Air Quality

I have been practically obsessed with the wide variety of stuff that we can find on the internet. The one thing that I find myself constantly doing when I am online is using YouTube. I am able to just get online and hear whatever song I am thinking about, at the time. My HVAC system works great in the background while I am doing this–cooling me to a perfect temperature. I, also, enjoy watching the people with their own channels who tend to be extremely hilarious. While I am laughing my head off, I can always be sure that the air conditioner or the furnace is keeping my home and my family very comfortable.I cannot stand to be too hot or too cold. The heat, in particular, is something that I despise with almost all of me. I can always throw on another layer during the winter season, but during the summer, there are only so many pieces of clothing that I can get rid of before I have taken everything off, in the first place. I took both of my children to a very popular restaurant, right down the road. The heater was set to a perfect temperature. On occasion, my furnace starts to malfunction, but my HVAC technician is so very knowledgable and hard-working that he can fix any HVAC unit that I request. This past winter season, my furnace began creating cold air. I was very upset, because I have a hard time doing much of anything if my environment and air quality are not perfect. Thankfully, my personal HVAC technician came to my rescue, and my furnace was running by the next day.

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My boyfriend is in a band. No they aren’t terribly famous, yet but still they are big enough to get shows. Sadly the venues of said shows aren’t always the best. The first show they ever had was probably the worst when it came to air ventilation. The building itself was one of those old school plaza buildings which had been sectioned off into tinier shops. The front of the venue was a very modern beer bar specializing in specific craft beers. In the back there was this very small room where they would host shows. The only thing that was supplying air to this back room was a giant factory air conditioner that sat right next to the stage. The thing was about as wide as a table and almost as tall me and was super powerful when it came to blowing air. Too bad it didn’t do anything but blow one direction! Unless you were right in the pathway of the air flow you couldn’t feel a thing. It was dreadful. To make matters worse once everyone got into the tiny room to watch the band perform it got even hotter. The air was thick and stale at the same time. People were on top of each other and even started a mosh pit in an effort to get some circulation of air, but it didn’t help very much. I was very happy when my boyfriend finally got off the stage because that meant we could go back out into the main bar area and sit where there was at least a real HVAC system with vents and ceiling fans. I hope the next venue the play is a bit more up to date and can accommodate so many people in such a tiny space, otherwise I may have to pass on coming to the show.

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I have had the worst luck when it comes to moving into new places. There always seems to be an issue of some sort. The first place I lived had termites. The next place had a leaking water system that eventually damaged the ceiling so much I was forced to vacate. Now just when I thought I was safe I found a problem in my newest home. I noticed something was wrong when after moving in a started waking up feeling very congested. I had never felt this way before and was concerned that I was getting sick. When I went to see my doctor she said that it look like I was getting affected by mold which meant it was somewhere in the house. I couldn’t believe it! I called my landlord and they directed me to a local HVAC company that came to investigate the filtering system. Turns out the previous tenant never exchanged or replaced the air filter the entire time they were there and the dust particles and other contaminants got so clogged it started to create moisture in the ducts. This moisture started to grow mold in the duct which was the reason for my sickness. Thankfully, the HVAC company stated it would be an easy fix and my landlord informed me that since the mold was there before I moved in I do not have to worry about paying for any maintenance.

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