Want AC for sports

I have been a sports fan since as long as I can remember. I spent my childhood years watching all my favorite competitors, and dreamed of someday being exactly like them. I had played a whole lot of sports under the sun during my life, but my favorite is likely to always be basketball. I still played in a league at 30 years! We practiced once a week during our short season, and I was very grateful of the fact that that gym had a good air conditioner. I couldn’t imagine playing with a terrible cooling system. I was growing old, and temperatures really affected everyone. I also had bad allergies, so a good heating and cooling system was recommended to provide me with a higher level air quality that would keep my allergies from exploding. After all, nobody would want to play with a guy who kept sneezing all over the place! I really enjoyed being in such a league. The guys were awesome, and it felt great to stay shape. The air conditioner in the gym made it all possible. I also made sure I had a good air conditioner inside my home as well. What would be the point of going to an air conditioned gym if I had to go home after and sweat inside of a furnace! I had my heating and cooling system inspected twice within a 365 period. It didn’t cost me a lot of money either. My teammate was an HVAC computer technician and he gave me a discount on the price. He made sure my HVAC system was always in high quality order. If we could do the same for his jump shot, we might win a few more games!

air conditioning tune up

Too much AC for the fish

Ever since I can remember, I have had a love for all types of marine life. This may seem strange to some because I grew up nowhere near the ocean. My family lived in the Midwest and I only have the opportunity to travel to the coast twice as a child. Following High School,I went to the university to study marine biology. When the time came to find a place to live, of course I chose a warm location along the east coast where I could study my trade.  I found a job with a research center that studies the habits and environments of endangered species of fish .It is easy to see how important even the slightest changes in temperature and chemical composition of the water in make a drastic difference on their livelihood. We are reliant upon a HVAC system to keep the conditions optimum for their survival so last week when I arrive to work and the system was out I panicked. The lab conditions are normally kept at around 65 degrees and the readings on the wall or well below 50.  The HVAC unit had failed to shut off when it was supposed to causing the drastic change in temperature and the alarm that was supposed to notify us had failed as well.  I called our HVAC service department and a  specialist came over instantly to service the unit. He was able to make a few minor adjustments and have it back up and running however many of the fish had already died due to the change in temperature. Now I am in the process of reordering entire schools of fish and I hope I do not get fired!

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Regular heating maintenance

When I started applying to colleges I took a lot of things into consideration. Obviously, the academic program was extremely important because I was going into a medical field and needed a quality educational program to do so. One of the things you may find strange that I considered when I was looking at school was the HVAC system. I knew that some of the older colleges did not have things like air conditioning in their dorms, or even an updated system within the classroom. There is no way that I wanted to spend my Collegiate years freezing in a classroom or sweating to death in my dorm room at night, so this was very important to me. I had other things on the list that were important as well because I wanted to have a well-rounded experience while going to school. My parents felt that I should go to school locally however none of the ones Within a day’s drive met the criteria that I was hoping for. When I made my final choice it turned out that the university I chose had not only recently renovated their buildings, but they have specifically upgraded their HVAC system to include higher-level air purification systems and individual controls in the dorm rooms. The tuition at this University was slightly higher but it made sense because of all the improvements they had made and fortunately I had scholarship money to help offset the cost. Now my biggest challenge will be convincing my parents that I will be fine going to school a few hours away. After all if I’m going into the medical field I’m going to be in school for a long time.

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AC policy makes no sense

I have decided that it is time to make a career change. At the place that I work, it is evident that our management staff does not really care about their employees. We are always hiring new people, however, they usually don’t stay longer than about six months because of the working conditions. I really think most of this is due to the company’s policies on heating and cooling. At least that is a major part of my recent decision. The corporate offices control what the temperature is in our building and it’s always cold! People complain all of the time about this and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. We also have a very strict dress code that does not allow us to wear sweaters or sweatshirts over our uniforms, and that makes matters worse.  On numerous occasions we have tried to talk with our boss about implementing a change but he said that it is beyond his control. I think that somehow the corporate office is saying that if we are freezing cold it will increase our work productivity, however it is doing the exact opposite. They are also wasting a ton of money in training new employees all the time instead of keeping those of us who have been loyal to them happier. For these Reasons I’m going to look for a different job where I will be appreciated more and hopefully be more comfortable in my surroundings. Something as simple as climate control can make a huge difference in the morale of the employees as well as how proficiently they work.  I only wish that our management would understand that.

central cooling

Getting consistent HVAC care

    I just don’t understand how people can’t comprehend you have to monitor your larger house appliances, if you want them to have a long lasting life? How do they not grasp the simple concept that if you don’t monitor your ductwork regularly, than it can be an attraction to many bugs, or worse! Furthermore, when you don’t gut the ductwork every so often, the dust and grime will grow so thick that the HVAC won’t even be able to process the air conditioning, or the heating when fired up, either way. Have you not stopped to take into consideration the air that comes through your vents? If you don’t clean the air filters, or also, change them regularly, than you are simply breathing in the dust mites and germs, right into your lungs. Today, I am very proficient at scheduling our regular HVAC checks. I stay on top of this annually, after I learned my lesson the hard way, when many years ago we crashed our initial unit beyond recognition. You don’t have to learn that expensive lesson over and over again, to make a note of the direction to go next time. I really like our local HVAC provider. They send out reminders when your appointment is getting close, since they know most everyone maintains a budget. All the technicians are super nice and I find myself really lucky to have them at our disposal. They are very good at being up on things and if you ever have an emergency, they show up to your door within a day, which is more than I will say for other utility agencies.

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Updates for IAQ

     This year, is my year. I am finally so fed up with suffering with my allergies on a level that most would not be capable of understanding, that I am finally taking matters into my own hands. My husband does not have to deal with allergies. He tries to be sympathetic towards me, but let’s face it, he has no idea how I feel each day. When it comes to our home, I am done with the incessant issues that are making my allergies worse daily. I told him that it was time to call in an HVAC technician, from the local store, to provide an assessment for our home. I wanted to know what they could do that would help my allergies throughout the year. Right now, I am certain that our animals and the seriously neglected HVAC unit we have, is the biggest problem. When we bought the house a few years ago, we never considered an upgrade at the time, for the basic heating and cooling unit that had been in place. I don’t even know when the air vents were last cleaned, let alone, changing of the air filters. My husband turned down the additional maintenance package for the HVAC unit when we signed the papers of homeownership. He didn’t want to fork out any extra fee’s, and that means that I don’t think that our ductwork has ever been looked at, let alone cleaned and gutted. I am concerned we are literally just breathing in blowing dust and residue. I am so ready to take that on today!

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The heating equipment won’t turn on

I thought to travel back to my hometown, in order to attend my 30-year class reunion. I was very nervous about this reunion, because I hadn’t seen any of these people since we graduated. I made a decision to book a room at a nearby hotel, because my hometown was about 5 hours from my current residence. I arrived the night time before our reunion. The clerk within the hotel was very decent, and showed me directly to my room. The room was quite nice, and there was a huge screen TV. The room was equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee pot. There was a small heating and cooling unit right on the wall. It looked exactly like the standard hotel room, complete with a couple beds. The immediate temperature in the room was comfortable, so I didn’t turn to the heating system. I knew that a storm was forecasted later on in the night, but it was still 70 degrees in that room. I decided to leave the heating system off. I went down to the bar to grab a meal, and ran into a few old buddies. We all got to talking, and the next thing that I knew, it was midnight. I had drank a handful of rum shots, and enough beers for a whole crew of people. When I made it back to my room, I was almost too wasted to even walk. I flopped down on the bed without turning on my heater. I was too drunk to comprehend that it was frigid cold within the room. I woke up around three in the AM, because the heating system remained off. I ended up being completely cold, and decided to turn the heater on.

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The town cooling shop

I really don’t understand my wife always want to take a stroll downtown, when it is the middle of the summer season. I don’t understand why they pursue to hold these huge events in the course of the summer at all, when it is practically over one hundred degrees outside. We live in the tropics, and the weather is always damp and hot during the summer season. It’s nearly impossible to get the motivation to leave the front porch, let alone stroll into town for a few hours just walking around. Still, our town seems to support these arts and crafts festivals during the middle of June on a regular basis, and my wife tends to make us go. I find myself extremely thankful for the many shops around the town. They mostly all have A/C inside, because we have a home in a tourist town. I often look for the occasional excuse, to get us into some of the many establishments. There are many galleries located in town, and they all pretty much have A/C. I have these stops planned out in advance, so that I can go into the cold A/C, every twenty or thirty minutes. I know that my wife isn’t fooled by my cunning strategy, but she doesn’t even mind so much. I know that all the humidity must affect her additionally, though she would never admit to it. That would give me good enough reason to not go with her all the time on these walks. Still, she always seems relieved, when we enter the places with A/C. The summers can be so hot and unpleasant, and I still just can’t understand why this is apparently the best time to hold these large festivals.

A/C clean up

A/C after our big hike

While on vacation last month we took a week to go sightseeing. The area we were in was known because of its beautiful views of the valleys through the mountain tops. It was early August so we were prepared as it to be warm, but when we made it to our first visitor attraction, we opened the car doors and were met with extreme heat. We hadn’t noticed the significant boost in temperature because we were driving with the air conditioning on in the automobile. I also thought that because we were so high upwards, the temperature would be a lot cooler. That was not the case whatsoever. The sun was beating down on us the complete time we walked. There were a few little gift shops and all I needed to do was stay inside because at the very least they were air conditioned. We made our way up on a narrow trail and could see a couple of waterfalls, still, the one thing we banked on seeing had to be stricken from the list. The hike all the way up to the peak, where you could see for endless miles, was just too much work for us. There was a half mile hike to the staircase that took you up there together with a 300 foot climb up stone steps. We chose to go back to our cars and I stopped inside the gift shop once more to purchase postcards of the view we might have seen. We thoroughly enjoyed examining them while riding back down the mountain within our air conditioned car. Maybe we will plan another visit to the area when we are able to face milder temperatures in the area.


The furnace at home welcoming me

My good son and his friends decided to venture up to the north to go on a snowmobiling ride. They were gone for five days and I was actually worried because the average temperature in the day was only going to come to be around -15 degrees. He was well prepared with all of his snowmobile supplies and I knew that while he was on the trail he would be ok but I was terribly concerned about the place that they were staying. It was nowhere near civilization and would get no real cell service so that I couldn’t even call him regularly to check and see if perhaps he was doing okay, so I had to trust that they would all maintain each other and come back home safely. I anxiously waited for him to come home safely and I was terribly thankful that he did make it. After showering, he needed to sleep for about 3 hours. When he finally woke up he came to let me know about his activities. He said he was never so grateful to be back home because he ended up being freezing cold for the former 5 days. He said he completely missed having an HVAC system because he could simply adjust the thermostat and be comfortable instead of trying to hold a fire in the fireplace going for hours on end. He said that each of them had to sleep in shifts to keep the fire going for if he went out, they could have froze to death. I couldn’t believe that it was actually legal to rent out a spot that didn’t have a real heat source when the temperatures were going to be so dangerous. I suppose the laws in other countries are just very different.

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