The heating equipment won’t turn on

I thought to travel back to my hometown, in order to attend my 30-year class reunion. I was very nervous about this reunion, because I hadn’t seen any of these people since we graduated. I made a decision to book a room at a nearby hotel, because my hometown was about 5 hours from my current residence. I arrived the night time before our reunion. The clerk within the hotel was very decent, and showed me directly to my room. The room was quite nice, and there was a huge screen TV. The room was equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee pot. There was a small heating and cooling unit right on the wall. It looked exactly like the standard hotel room, complete with a couple beds. The immediate temperature in the room was comfortable, so I didn’t turn to the heating system. I knew that a storm was forecasted later on in the night, but it was still 70 degrees in that room. I decided to leave the heating system off. I went down to the bar to grab a meal, and ran into a few old buddies. We all got to talking, and the next thing that I knew, it was midnight. I had drank a handful of rum shots, and enough beers for a whole crew of people. When I made it back to my room, I was almost too wasted to even walk. I flopped down on the bed without turning on my heater. I was too drunk to comprehend that it was frigid cold within the room. I woke up around three in the AM, because the heating system remained off. I ended up being completely cold, and decided to turn the heater on.

HVAC service

The town cooling shop

I really don’t understand my wife always want to take a stroll downtown, when it is the middle of the summer season. I don’t understand why they pursue to hold these huge events in the course of the summer at all, when it is practically over one hundred degrees outside. We live in the tropics, and the weather is always damp and hot during the summer season. It’s nearly impossible to get the motivation to leave the front porch, let alone stroll into town for a few hours just walking around. Still, our town seems to support these arts and crafts festivals during the middle of June on a regular basis, and my wife tends to make us go. I find myself extremely thankful for the many shops around the town. They mostly all have A/C inside, because we have a home in a tourist town. I often look for the occasional excuse, to get us into some of the many establishments. There are many galleries located in town, and they all pretty much have A/C. I have these stops planned out in advance, so that I can go into the cold A/C, every twenty or thirty minutes. I know that my wife isn’t fooled by my cunning strategy, but she doesn’t even mind so much. I know that all the humidity must affect her additionally, though she would never admit to it. That would give me good enough reason to not go with her all the time on these walks. Still, she always seems relieved, when we enter the places with A/C. The summers can be so hot and unpleasant, and I still just can’t understand why this is apparently the best time to hold these large festivals.

A/C clean up

A/C after our big hike

While on vacation last month we took a week to go sightseeing. The area we were in was known because of its beautiful views of the valleys through the mountain tops. It was early August so we were prepared as it to be warm, but when we made it to our first visitor attraction, we opened the car doors and were met with extreme heat. We hadn’t noticed the significant boost in temperature because we were driving with the air conditioning on in the automobile. I also thought that because we were so high upwards, the temperature would be a lot cooler. That was not the case whatsoever. The sun was beating down on us the complete time we walked. There were a few little gift shops and all I needed to do was stay inside because at the very least they were air conditioned. We made our way up on a narrow trail and could see a couple of waterfalls, still, the one thing we banked on seeing had to be stricken from the list. The hike all the way up to the peak, where you could see for endless miles, was just too much work for us. There was a half mile hike to the staircase that took you up there together with a 300 foot climb up stone steps. We chose to go back to our cars and I stopped inside the gift shop once more to purchase postcards of the view we might have seen. We thoroughly enjoyed examining them while riding back down the mountain within our air conditioned car. Maybe we will plan another visit to the area when we are able to face milder temperatures in the area.


The furnace at home welcoming me

My good son and his friends decided to venture up to the north to go on a snowmobiling ride. They were gone for five days and I was actually worried because the average temperature in the day was only going to come to be around -15 degrees. He was well prepared with all of his snowmobile supplies and I knew that while he was on the trail he would be ok but I was terribly concerned about the place that they were staying. It was nowhere near civilization and would get no real cell service so that I couldn’t even call him regularly to check and see if perhaps he was doing okay, so I had to trust that they would all maintain each other and come back home safely. I anxiously waited for him to come home safely and I was terribly thankful that he did make it. After showering, he needed to sleep for about 3 hours. When he finally woke up he came to let me know about his activities. He said he was never so grateful to be back home because he ended up being freezing cold for the former 5 days. He said he completely missed having an HVAC system because he could simply adjust the thermostat and be comfortable instead of trying to hold a fire in the fireplace going for hours on end. He said that each of them had to sleep in shifts to keep the fire going for if he went out, they could have froze to death. I couldn’t believe that it was actually legal to rent out a spot that didn’t have a real heat source when the temperatures were going to be so dangerous. I suppose the laws in other countries are just very different.

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Waterfall view and air conditioning

My wife and I really wanted to go somewhere very special for the honeymoon. We chose one extremely amazing tropical location. We had a small cabin, that was located right in the base of a waterfall. As I made the reservations with a travel agent, I actually thought it couldn’t be real. The offer seemed almost too good to be true. The cabin was supposed to be equipped with some of the nicest amenities, and would provide running water and A/C. When my wife and I arrived to the site, we were very happy to see that the accommodations were just as they were described. The cabin had a very nice stucco finish, and there ended up being two bedrooms. Each bedroom was well suited with a small A/C unit, and there was an A/C unit in the kitchen as well. The cabin was furnished within lovely adornments, and the sound of the waterfall was very soothing. Every single time night would fall, we didn’t operate the A/C much. We could easily just open the windows of our rooms, and hear the splashes of water from the falls below. The views with the waterfalls were incredible, and we wished that we had made our reservations months before. During the day, the outdoor temperatures were in the 90s. It was not as humid as we expected, but the weather was still extremely hot. The A/C unit in this cabin worked very efficiently, and we were able to keep cool without any issues. We spent nearly all of our afternoons inside, staying cool with the phenomenal A/C. During the mornings, we hiked in the base of the waterfall and kayaked inside the lagoon below which was like a dream.


Hotel air conditioner is noisy

My good old nephews came down to visit my family recently. They live about 950 miles away, and the drive took forever. My sister generally meets me halfway, but she was currently seven months pregnant with twins. So I agreed to come and pick them up from their residence, and their dad would make the drive to bring them back. The long drive takes about sixteen hours to finish. When I drove up, I continued during the entire night. I took a nap in the rest stop, and drove through the night. When I was coming back, I had three boys within the back seat. I decided to take a break and stay at a hotel. This would certainly help make the drive easier but would take 2 days. The boys were looking forward to the hotel, because they infrequently ever stay anywhere except for home. I knew it would make the drive easier to do, and I was excited to be able to get a good night’s sleep. We stopped about halfway, and I stumbled upon a hotel reservation online. I wanted to be sure to get the best possible deal, and made sure they had good reviews. The A/C wasn’t turned on, when we entered the room initially. As soon as I switched it on, I could see why. The A/C unit was fairly loud, and I was quite distracted by it. When I called the desk to complain about that A/C, I was hoping to get a new room. The desk clerk said it was the only room, at a special online rate. I was quite aggravated, but extremely tired. I was forced to deal with the A/C, because it was the middle of June. At least the boys weren’t bothered with the sound of the A/C. I barely managed to sleep at all though.


HVAC technology is coming very long way since the time my grandmother was growing up.

HVAC technology has really come a long way since the time my grandma was growing up. She always tells me about how she stayed in a house that did not have a heater or a cooling system when she was just a kid. I really can’t imagine how she was able to deal with that because she grew up in the South. It’s so hot and humid here that it would be very difficult to get by without any air conditioning. Through the summer months, I am usually running my air conditioner non-stop to prevent the place from getting too warm. Even doing so, I usually get hot easily. She really had to of been a real trooper since she said she never even paid any mind to the heat when she was a kid. Now, she dwells in an apartment with a modern HVAC unit. She always is very careful about using the thermostat because she doesn’t want to run the cooling system a lot to make her utility bill too pricey. I really can’t blame her. She probably thinks I am very wasteful in the case of running my A/C. We have come from different generations, and we have different expectations in the case of technology. I am way more reliant on things than she is. Sometimes I admire how resourceful the girl is, but there is no way I could live without an air conditioning system to provide climate control. I am way too dependent on the climate control technology and I probably couldn’t live life without it. I believe that, at best, I will eventually be ready to cut back on my A/C use. This is about all I can wish for.

A/C unit

Husband can fix anything HVAC related

My hubby is completely over-the-top concerning taking care of our dwelling. We built the place ourselves a couple of years back, and he is constantly repairing or working away at something. The house doesn’t really have any issues. It’s still within great condition, and we don’t have a reason to feel worked up over anything. However, he takes precautionary measures to make sure everything stays in decent shape. The thing he is most concerned with is always our HVAC system. If he is not changing the air filters or cleaning the coils, he is doing routine checkups to verify it’s in decent shape. I shouldn’t complain about this since the device really will save us a lot of money in the long run. Not having to call an HVAC mechanic for some sort of repair is something I will be thankful for at some point. However, we’ve only been in our beautiful home for two years, so there’s really no reason to become concerned just yet. The HVAC system is practically new, and it works wonderfully. I know that my man just wants to avoid suffering any major repairs or charges, but I wish he could sit down now and then. It’s really hard to get him to relax. Every free moment, he is running around the property with tools and trying to repair something. He is a busybody to the fullest extent, and I wish I could get him to realize that everything is going to be fine if he would relax slightly. I don’t know how to change his ways but at least I don’t need to be fixing things myself.

HVAC repair

Shelter with good HVAC

Here in the great northwest, the winters tend to be brutal to the extreme.  The wind whips everything down from the mountains and sends the cold rain and sleet to our area.  Our foliage is beautiful in it’s myriad of colors, but that is fall.  Here being in the middle of winter, the unbearable cold temperatures require that the people stay indoors for their survival.  Earlier in the day, our church members had been handing out blankets to those less fortunate and especially to those people that are homeless.  There is an alert out, warning all the people to immediately find shelter for the night.  All the churches have opened their doors and welcomed all people in need inside in order to get out of the frosty night.  Heat is very important for survival at this time of year.  The gas furnace in our church was worked on back at the end of summer to make sure it is in great working order.  Our church, because of its age, is consistently in need of repairs whether it is for heating and A/C or plumbing.  Thankfully, the gas furnace is working at optimal levels.  The church handyman has been working extra overtime to get the facility set for winter.  The Heating and A/C provider gave the gas furnace a checkup and it required very few repairs.  But no matter what great shape it is in, it is still not large enough of a Heating and A/C device to produce enough heat for all the bodies lying on cots throughout this beautiful seasoned church, so there have been deliveries all day of other Heating and A/C devices needed to get through this night.   We’ve received donations of quite a few electric heaters, electric heating systems and a lot more blankets.  With such loving and generous people, all those less fortunate will survive this winter.

heating equipment

Parents would not spring for AC

When I was younger my parents struggled a great deal with money. We never were able to go on family holidays or had overpriced cars, but when it was all said and done, we were just fine. It wasn’t until I finally was older that I realized that my parents had severe money problems. I guess they didn’t want us children to feel that we were struggling so bad as a family, so they did what they could to not have us feel that way by having new clothes for us and a giant meal on the table at night. I was one of a lot of children so I am sure it was strenuous to raise so many of us. I know that when we all moved out and had our own families, my parents haven’t been struggling for money anymore. I consistently try to tell them they should go on a holiday or do something special for themselves, but they never want to pay for anything they know they don’t need, for example, my dad has been driving the same car for around fifteen years now. The windows won’t roll down and the air conditioning doesn’t turn on anymore, however he is convinced that he can drive it another couple thousand miles and be just fine. Recently, his car finally quit working entirely, so I went car shopping with him. They have brand new cars with nice air conditioning that will turn on before you even start the engine. The heating system is very advanced and it doesn’t have a burning stink like his seasoned car. He thought all of these heating and cooling advances in cars were rather pointless, but in the end I told him he would learn to love them. Two weeks later he called me and told me I was right about the heating and cooling in his brand new car.

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