Climate control in our dorm room

I lived in the college dorms my freshman year of college. I hated the dorms for a ton of reasons. I hated my roommate Julia. Julia was always in the room talking on the phone or with her boyfriend. She also was a slob and her hair literally was everywhere. I also hated how small Julia and mine’s room was. The room was like a glorified prison cell, complete with bars on the window. I also was located on the third floor, which was horrible. The highest floor never is the place to be. In the Summer all the heat rose to my floor. The dorm cooling system was on the first floor. The AC stayed at the lower level and the first floor girls were super cold. I was sweating to death all through Summer. The windows in the dorms were too small for window AC. So I had to make due with a few fans. In the Winter the heating system was again on the first floor. The first floor girls were heated just right. The third floor was again way too hot. The heated air rose up to the third floor again and was horrible. Julia and I had to use our fans all year long. I wish the dorm rooms had thermostat in them. It would have been ince to control the heating and cooling in my dorm room. I wanted more AC in the Summer and less heating in the Winter. However, no college offers you quality climate control. You simply have to make do with forced air HVAC.

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I’ve been working on my home for a while

My favorite dinners out are lobster, crab, and BBQ.  But I have to say there’s nothing better  than a tender slice of brisket that just melts in your mouth, or pulled pork smoked for  over 12 hours.  The flavors are outrageous and the sauces are second to none at the BBQ place we frequent.  It’s about 40 miles away, but during the drive, we anticipate enjoying the best BBQ in the south.   It is the most popular restaurant in the area, so when we get there, we join the queue and wait our turn to pick up a hefty plate of our favorites.   After we find a table and finally sit down, we dig in..  One thing about the place that I do find annoying is the a/c, or rather, the lack of a/c.  The building was once a barn and the smoking area has barn boards that show the light between the planks.  With the hot air from the kitchen and the hot outside air leaking into the building, it is easily 85 degrees in the eating area.  It’s also pretty stuffy and filled with smoke from the smoke house.  The chefs don’t seem to notice, and  even though they are perspiring, the patrons don’t seem to either.   I really think that a new a/c system would really make the restaurant so much more comfortable and would certainly improve the ventilation.  But the BBQ is so good I would still eat there even if they didn’t have a/c at all.  The heat and the smoke are exactly the right atmosphere for a country BBQ place.

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I could use better air quality

We have a favorite restaurant about 30 miles from the house.    Despite the distance, it’s  the first place we think of when one of us suggests going out for dinner or getting the family together for a big Sunday picnic.  That’s because we are such BBQ lovers and the BBQ smokehouse we go to is well-known all over the state.  There is nothing better than a tender slice of brisket that just melts in your mouth.  Our family loves any excuse to get in the car for a great BBQ dinner.  So everyone is excited all the way to the restaurant and once we get there, we dutifully stand on line to pick up our food.  The line just seems to get longer and longer every time we go, but we don’t seem to mind.  Once we sit down, though, we start to feel the heat in the room..  Maybe there are too many people in the room for the air conditioning system they have.  Or since the open cooking area is so close to the eating area.  It really does bother me to get so hot while I’m eating.  Every time we go I’m tempted to talk to one of the owners about getting a new, efficient a/c system, but my wife tells me not to make waves.  The food is too good to do any complaining.   She doesn’t even want to be reminded that our clothes all smell like smoke after we’ve eaten there, since the smell of the smokehouse drifts into the eating area.   So we eat our BBQ in a room that’s almost 85 degrees and has poor air circulation.  I guess the BBQ is so good that people flock to the restaurant anyway.  What a business!

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This smokehouse is fantastic

My wife and I absolutely love BBQ.  We don’t make it at home because we live so close to the best BBQ in the entire country.   Or so we and all our neighbors think.  About once a month we organize a trek out to the smokehouse restaurant and it’s always a great trip.  We have to stand in line when we get there, but the line moves very quickly.  They’ve got some operation there – sort of like an assembly line.  Once we pick up our plates and find a table we are really ready to dig in.  As  we’re having at it, though, I always notice that I start to feel warmer and warmer.  That’s because the air conditioning in the restaurant is almost non-existent.  Maybe it’s really old, or the ducts are clogged.  Or maybe the owners are always so hot from cooking that they don’t notice how uncomfortable the patrons get.  It must be more than 85 degrees in the restaurant.  So part of the experience is perspiring while we eat.  The smell of smoke stays with us all the way home, which we savor on the drive.  But that also means there’s more laundry to do after we get home..  I keep thinking that if the owners put a new, efficient air conditioning system in the restaurant, we would enjoy the BBQ even more.  Keeping the room cooler and improving air circulation would really be great, but, honestly, I don’t think their business is suffering despite how warm and stuffy it is.  The line gets longer and longer every year.

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We love this ventilation

I come from a family that thrives on BBQ.  For every one of us there is nothing better than a tender slice of brisket.  It just melts in your mouth.  Where we live, everyone considers BBQ the primary picnic food and will drive for miles to get good BBQ.  We feel pretty special since one of the best BBQ smoke houses in the entire country is only about 40 miles away from where we live.  We don’t go out there very often, but when we do it is really a event.   Sometimes we need two cars to get the whole group together.  It doesn’t matter what meal we get there for, there’s always a long line.  But we don’t mind.  Although I do have one pet peeve.  The building itself is really old and the area where they smoke the meat looks antediluvian.   Needless to say, it seems that the air conditioning was installed before the flood too..  After we get into the restaurant and sit down, we start getting hotter and hotter.  Pretty soon our clothes smell like we’ve been smoked along with the food.   A new air conditioning system would really make a difference.   It is really uncomfortable trying to eat when it is almost 85 degrees. And the ventilation that efficient a/c would bring to the room would  cut down on our laundry.   But I have to say, despite the poor ventilation and the heat, we keep on going out there because the BBQ is so good.climate control

A BBQ smoke house

I absolutely love BBQ.  There is nothing better than a tender slice of brisket that just melts in your mouth.  The part of the country where I am from is really big on BBQ.  Brisket is a main staple at any picnic or outdoor gathering.  People drive for miles to get good BBQ around here and I am no different.  Lucky for me, one of the best BBQ smoke houses in the entire country is only about 40 miles away from where I live.  I don’t make the drive out too often, but often enough.  There is always a line going out the door around lunch time.  One thing about the place that I find annoying sometimes is the air conditioning in there.  The building itself is really old and the area where they smoke the meat looks like it was built around the turn of the century.  Needless to say, it seems like the air conditioning was built around the turn of the century too.  It is always hot and stuffy in the eating area and smoke sometimes drifts in from the smoke house.  A new air conditioning system would really make the restaurant so much nicer.  It is really uncomfortable trying to eat when it is too hot inside.  The temperature inside the eating area feels like it never gets cooler than 80 degrees.  Another problem a new air conditioning system might fix is the ventilation.  If there were better air circulation it might not be so stuffy and smoky.  But being honest with myself, the BBQ there is so good I would still eat there even if they didn’t have air conditioning at all.

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We all like the air conditioner

It had been a very long time since my wife and I’d gone on a date. It was way overdue for us to have some quality time with each other. Life had been so active lately, what with work, the school, and the kids. So, last weekend we made a decision to spend the afternoon together. I let my wife pick the activity, because I am quite the stand up type of guy. She thought it would be nice to have a date at an ice cream parlor, and we were both excited to go. When we arrived, there was clearly something amiss. We found out quickly that the HVAC system wasn’t working properly. The heat was horrific. We soon found out from the clerk that the air conditioner actually broke down earlier that very morning. They were waiting for an HVAC technician to fix the problem sometime that afternoon. They were really doing everything they could to keep the customers nice and cool, and especially to keep the ice cream from melting! A properly working air conditioner is important to an ice cream shop, especially in the middle of the summer! We enjoyed our ice cream despite the issue with the air conditioner. We were even in a position to witness some excitement as the HVAC technician finally arrived and fixed the air conditioner in front of us. The HVAC technician saved the day for sure at this ice cream restaurant! We finished up our date, and returned home to the comfort of our own air conditioning system. That was quite the experience full of HVAC system pleasure, and we would remember it for a long time for sure!heating and cooling

It’s time to go home

I actually can’t imagine any worse way to spend one’s day, than to have to venture to the DMV for any sort of reason whatsoever. The wait was consistently super long, no matter what you had to get done. Sad to say, I had no choice but to go there last week. I even was required to take a day off from work! I was extremely aggravated, to say the least. I managed to get there, took my little slip of paper with my number on it, and sat down to wait around. After a short while, I realized that the air conditioner was broken. “This is great, ” I thought. Now I have to wait in a furnace filled with people for the next three or so hours. I looked around at all the sweating people, wishing desperately for any working air conditioner. I looked at my number, and realized I wouldn’t be called for at least another hour, so I went outside to my car to use the air conditioner for a while. I was even able to check out the screen that flashed those numbers from my air conditioned car. This was an alright idea! Eventually, however, I had to go back into the furnace like nightmare within the DMV office. The lack of air conditioning meant it started to smell like a dump as well. It was very disgusting! The quality of air was terrible as well. I bet they hadn’t changed their air conditioner filter in years. Luckily, they called for my number shortly, and I surely could finish up and go home to my own air conditioner. What a terrible working day!

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Where is that strange odor coming from

I was the local neighborhood HVAC technician in my modest town. It was a good position, but I sure got to work on some pretty strange events time to time. Those events were pretty far in between, however. Usually it was pretty mundane and routine tasks. A little bit ago I had a real doozy of a situation, however. My small town school was ready to have their particular graduation ceremony, and their HVAC system was acting strange. There was a foul smell coming from the ductwork every time they switched on the heating and cooling system. The principal had called me to have me examine their HVAC system before this graduation ceremony. I asked him when the strange smell started, and he laughed and said it started shortly after the seniors played their yearly prank. They had let loose 15 wild turkeys inside the halls of the school one night. I didn’t have to think too hard to figure out why the HVAC system was giving off a strange scent. I was almost 100 percent sure turkey feathers must have made their way into the ductwork. I made arrangements to perform an HVAC inspection, and sure enough I found a lot of turkey feathers in the ductwork. It took me a while, but I was able to clear every one of them out. After I was done I switched on the HVAC system to provide a test run. Sure enough, the smell soon went away after the air circulated for a short time. Now the school was good to go for an odor free graduation party!temperature control

Our HVAC system is so loud

My step daughter was starting secondary school this year. My wife and I were very excited for her, but we were also restless. After all, we remember the kinds of things we did during our secondary school years. We decided to get very proactive in her lifetime. Her high school orientation was scheduled for last week, and we decided to stick with her to check everything out carefully. The school was really pleasant! The only issue we could see was the air conditioner. The orientation happened in the bug gymnasium, and you could hear the air conditioner stressing and moaning. It kept the spot cool, but it was really loud. I located my step daughter’s information counselor to ask her some questions about the school. After we discussed all of the classes, I asked some questions regarding the HVAC system there. She informed me that the HVAC system was well over 50 years old. It was in need of many repairs and upgrades. I inquired about the the last time an HVAC technician ran a diagnostic screening, and she informed me they always have an HVAC system inspection twice per 12 months. She also told me that although the HVAC system is so noisy, it still works well. That’s just something you need to deal with when you have an aged HVAC system. I was content with her answers. If the worst thing about the high school was a high in volume HVAC system, I think we got a pretty good deal! The orientation was practically over, so we went home to our nice and quiet air conditioner to relax. School was going to start soon!

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