Hate the office air conditioning

Working indoors constantly can be rather tedious. I feel as though it is especially difficult to target and concentrate on my work on those days when the summer sky is utterly beautiful outdoors and the heat is quite comfortable. Granted, I know there are hot summer days that make me appreciate the excellent air conditioning made available from my office. There have to be certain advantages to working outside over the course of the summer, nevertheless! For one thing, it must be fairly easy to get a pretty decent tan. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a good tan in my entire existence. On top of that, the comforting heat of the sun must feel so, lovely! I am constantly stuck in this office with freezing air blowing out of the air vent next to my workstation. There is a dehumidifier in my office that dries the air out way too much. I’m not saying I’m an advocate for the humidity, but I must drink water all day to not get sick. The dehumidifier dries the air out that much! I know that I am not necessarily made for hard labor out in the open, but there has to be some form of gardening or landscaping job that will take me on. I wouldn’t be able to last in the wintertime, since I really can’t stand to get cold all day, however. I definitely enjoy good heating in the wintertime. I can’t really imagine what it would be like to have to work outside all the time and the cold snow. Perhaps I am better off in the office, even if the air conditioning bothers me considerably throughout the summer.

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Heating and air help

I am so excited for this coming week! My husband and I came to the decision to install some upgrades for our home’s heating and cooling system, and this week the HVAC specialists from our heating and cooling company are scheduled to begin installing the upgrades. One of the upgrades that my children are most excited for is radiant heated flooring. I have always imagined having heated flooring in the bathrooms in our home. I have to say that I managed to get every single one of my little ones all worked up about this upgrade, as well. They have not actually experienced the luxury from radiant heated flooring! I have assured them that radiant heating is a good option. It is also extremely power efficient. My husband and I did some research before deciding on these heating and cooling upgrades. We learned all about the installation process for radiant heated flooring. We made sure to get hold of our local heating and cooling company to be able to fully understand what our budget could handle with regards to our house. We knew it would not be wise to throw money away on an ineffective or badly designed HVAC upgrade. We also chose to purchase zone controlled heating and cooling. With four kids caught up in a fairly large home, we decided that zone control HVAC would be a very prudent and cost effective solution when it came to heating and cooling our family’s property base. We are thrilled to have our radiant heated flooring in addition to our new zone control HVAC system at last implemented!


Not using cooling anymore

I am the type of person to run really cold. I am always wearing some sort of sweater and sometimes I even wear a winter hat despite the fact that it’s warm outside. People think I am weird, but I am really glad I run cold instead of hot. I would hate to have to be sweating all the time and worried about whether or not I smell. I am a student and live in an apartment. My roommates are pretty awesome most of the time but lately we have been getting in a fight about the air conditioning. We have to pay for our electric bills every 4 weeks. Since we are students, we obviously do not possess the small fortune to be paying high electricity bills. Since I run cold and therefore hate using the air conditioner, I proposed that we keep the air conditioner off constantly. Why should I have to pay more for something that I don’t need or plan to use? My roommate, Chris, is just the opposite. He thinks it’s better to set the thermostat to a reasonable level, like 72 degrees, so that the air conditioner will kick on each time the apartment gets above this level. Two of my other roommates feel that we should only have the A/C on on hot days when we are home cooking dinner at nighttime. We have been fighting over the air conditioner going back three weeks and it’s really harming our friendships. I think we are going to have to settle this as a result of rock, paper, scissors. When I get older and have my own property, I am not even installing an air conditioner in any way.

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Saving us with this cooling

It’s been a tremendously hot summer. We’ve also had many financial troubles this past few weeks and we simply can’t afford to leave on our air conditioner all day long. We have struggled with hot days and muggy nights all summer and we have been desperate for relief. Yesterday, I suggested we go to the local Mexican restaurant for lunch or dinner. I heard that spicy meals help cool you off and that they have a lunch special for 2 tacos and unlimited chips and sodas for under $4 per person. I knew we needed a break from the heat and stress and some delicious food would help. To my great surprise, we walked in the mexican restaurant to a live band in addition to a powerful air conditioning system. I don’t know how they went about getting the place so cool, especially considering the hot kitchen always cooking meals. I wanted to ask the waiter about the HVAC system because it was actually that pleasant. Their energy bills must end up quite high each month as a result of the A/C running full blast but by the looks of it, the costs were worthy of it. The place was packed and many people were drinking expensive cocktails and margaritas with their food. It was so cool and pleasant in there, we ended up staying and eating chips and salsa for hours and talking with the people there. I think we’re going to have to make it our tradition to go to this place at the least once a week or so during the summer to sit in the nice air conditioned space and enjoy some tacos, chips, and salsa.

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HVAC got inspected

My wife and I just moved into our new home. Well, the home is new to us, but suffice it to say that the building itself has actually been around for quite a while. It was built decades ago, and the wear and tear done to the property reflects its age. Fortunately for my wife and me, this means that we had the ability to buy the property for a significantly reduced price. We were excited to have a substantial amount of money left over in our budget, which meant that we could afford to implement a lot of changes and upgrades to our new home! Of course, we called our local heating and cooling company right away. Both of us are very sensitive on the subject of our HVAC settings. We knew that our home was extremely old when it came to a heating and cooling setup, and we definitely wanted the matter inspected, assessed, and even thoroughly renovated. Luckily for us, our local heating and cooling company was immediately able to help us out! We scheduled a diagnostic appointment with a solid, local heating and cooling professional. Our personal HVAC tech was able to evaluate the needs of our much older home and compare those wishes to our budget. We were able to manage to pay for radiant heated flooring throughout the home and a great new air conditioning system. We also went in for a smart thermostat, even though the thermostat we ended up getting was slightly over our expense plan. My wife and I could not be any happier with our innovative home!


Heating and air at the shower

My mother, sister, and I were all invited to my cousin’s baby shower celebration last week. My cousin had decided to hold the baby shower at her very own house, which was much to our dismay, however. All we could talk about on the ride over there was how our silly cousin has settled for the worst possible heating and cooling system! My mom, sister, and I were all rather apprehensive whenever we arrived for the event. We were all pleasantly surprised, however, to be greeted by a cool, refreshing blast of air conditioning as soon as we entered the living room! When we asked my cousin about the change in her home’s cooling situation, she very excitedly told us about every one of the upgrades she and her husband had recently paid to have completed. Because the baby was due in just a few months, they decided that the livability of their home should be addressed appropriately and right away. They got in touch with their local heating and cooling company and asked one or two experienced heating and cooling technicians to address the issues with their home. They ended up purchasing a state-of-the-art smart thermostat as well as implementing zone controlled HVAC throughout their entire footprint. They were so thrilled due to these HVAC upgrades. My cousin also told us that as a result of the zone controlled HVAC, they can now monitor and adjust the heating and cooling settings in each and every room. They are very excited because of their new baby-to-be, and they are also ecstatic about welcoming their child into a home which is very comfortable and suitable!

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Acting up HVAC

Having some troubles with your heating + cooling system? Heating + cooling systems can be a confusing issue to face. Most of us do not suppose how to service a heating + cooling plan and also are afraid to solicit the service of a professional Heating and A/C corporation in fear of a large bill at the end of service. The truth of it is, identifying troubles with a heating + cooling plan early can help to prevent an enormous bill at the end of the service. Here are a few common indicators that it may be time to call a Heating and A/C corporation:

  1.    The heating + cooling plan is making strange noises: This may be an indication that there is a minor malfunction with the equipment itself, like the coil, motor, or belt, do not stress! But, also, do not try to fix this yourself, it can make the concern worse.
  2.    The heating + cooling plan is not heating or cooling the residence properly: This can be a taxing issue. Not only are you overly hot, you are also wondering if your bill is going to increase as you continue to heavily use the temperature controls. If this is the case, there may be an issue with the system fan. This is not something an untrained handyman should even try to attempt, however reach out to your nearest Heating and A/C contractor to get an estimate for a trained professional.

3.    The air in your residence feels ‘dirty’: This may mean the air filter is dirty plus needs changing out. This is something anyone can do! Inspect the current filter. If it is dirty, replace it! Most filters cost between only $20-$50 each.  If the filter is not very dirty, it may be the entire equipment that is dirty. If this is happening, do not try to wash it out yourself. Schedule annual routine cleanings with your local Heating and A/C service shop to prevent buildup.

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New animals and cooling

My husband + I decided to take the plunge + get ourselves a new pet… All of us took a while to decide exactly which pet both of us wanted. I had legitimately always desired a cat, while my husband was a more of a dog person, and finally, both of us decided on getting a pair of kittens. All of us realized that a dog would be too much work + both of us didn’t have the energy for such a commitment… Cats, on the other hand, were low energy pets; So, both of us picked up our pair of little fur babies + brought them home. When the both of us walked in the door, we noticed it was quite unusually hot, meaning the a/c must have been on the fritz again. All of us couldn’t figure out what was wrong with our central a/c, wen one hour, it was finally working perfectly fine and the Next hour, the central a/c would seem to just die out totally. Occasionally, all either of us had to do was adjust the thermostat a little bit. In these instances, the a/c would simply come back on. These times were however getting fewer + farther between. Considering both of us just brought these pets home, both of us decided to contact a professional Heating and A/C corporation to come inspect our a/c once + for all. All of us didn’t want the delicate baby critters to suffer from this excessive summertime heat. So, I looked online + found a local Heating and A/C business. I contacted them, + they told myself and others that an Heating and A/C repair team would be available to come to my residence the following morning, now that was quick service! The next day, the Heating and A/C corporation team arrived bright + early; They abruptly found the concern with the air conditioner unit, + had it repaired quickly.

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Nervous to run heating equipment

Last cool season, the weather began to turn entirely cold by the end of Fall.  Our Fall season was so small that there was a small opportunity to get set for winter.  I didn’t manage to rake up all the debris or winterize the pool before there was already was cold on the ground.  I was hastily in a large rush to have the Winter stuff put onto our car, make sure the snow shovels and rock salt were available, and get out the heavy snow boots, coats and hats.  I totally forgot about scheduling a good repair for our furnace.  I normally contact a local Heating and A/C company and have the heating component respectfully washed, adjusted and tightened.  With uneven temperatures going into the thirties, I had no other option but to start up the furnace.  When it stunk like burnt hair, I was concerned about it making it through the winter.  I assumed that the component was tired with dust, which would clog airflow, cause larger utility bills and possibly lead to a break.  When I finally got around to calling an Heating and A/C company, they were completely stoked up, and I couldn’t get a date for multiple months.  Although the furnace continued to work well, our lake house was not totally good to live in.  There were icy spots in certain rooms, and the furnace seemed to run always.  There was absolutely far less heat coming from the supply vents than what I wanted.

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Flooding and HVAC problems

This past hot season, the area where I am from got hit by a vicious storm.  The temperature climbed real hastily, and there was harsh wind, rain, and lightning.  The water, combined with snowmelt, led to tons of flooding.  The entire area lost electrical power, and it was nearly a week before the power lines were fixed.  That was a bad week.  Because there was no power, there was no access to lights, running water, Heating and A/C or the sump pump.  The water made it impossible to use the windows in the lake house and get some good air.  With no kind of air conditioning the heat and humidity was excruciating.  The lake house felt damp, icky, musty, and was simply uncomfortable.  Since there was no electric, I was also unable to run our sump pump and our basement leaked.  There was really not a thing that I could do about it until the electric was fixed.  After the sump pump started up again, I was able to go into the basement and assess the problem.  The rugs and furniture were completely destroyed.  I was worried about mold and fungi growth, and potential corrosion to our washer, dryer, water heater, Heating and A/C component and HVAC ducts.  When I spoke with a certified Heating and A/C professional, she told me that I need to install a dehumidifier to help combat the excessive moisture.  The dehumidifier not only hoped to dry out the basement but reduced the workload of the air conditioner.  By using the dehumidifier with the cooling equipment, I was able to set the thermostat a bit more and still effectively chill down the house.

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