Heated Floors Hotel

This past weekend, I stayed at a hotel for a business trip. This is one of the great perks of my job. I get to travel all the time, and the company always pays for my accommodations. This hotel was one of the nicest I have stayed at. It had a huge pool, massage services, a jacuzzi and a lot more. It was awesome, and it makes me love my job even more than I already do. One thing I noticed about this hotel was the excellent heating system. It was located in a very cold city, there was a lot of skiing and hiking around this area and it is famous for its sub zero temperatures. When I asked the concierge how they heat the building so efficiently, he told me that they have heated floors. He explained to me that this is a much more efficient way to heat any building, and it is becoming increasingly popular in homes. With heated floors, the building is heated from the ground up, which makes sense because heat rises. This way you do not have to keep changing the temperature gauge, the heat keeps your entire body at a consistent temperature without having to touch the thermostat. It is excellent. And it keeps your feet warm throughout the day which is great especially during the bitter cold of winter! Especially during a ski trip it is nice to come home to a nice warm hotel with floors that even keep your feet warm. This means I can walk around my hotel barefoot with no problems at all!

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I arrived early to work this morning.I am a secretary at a real estate office and our monthly sales meeting is scheduled for 8:00 in the morning.  Of course, I would want to be there earlier than anyone else. I need a few minutes to get the coffee pots brewing and of course, we can’t forget about the bagels.  But everything is good on timing because I’m running early this morning.  It takes time to get everything laid out on the table.  At least two pots of freshly brewed coffee, or maybe three. The bagels and other pastries, juices, utensils and, of course the reason why we are all coming together this morning. To talk about sales. These meetings don’t​ just happen on their own.  Not only do I need to distribute the sales information for the month but I still have to make my copies. But I still have plenty of time. It’s going to be a great day today and we’re all going to have an excellent breakfast meeting.  I pull into the parking lot and my eye is immediately drawn to the HVAC trucks parked near my parking space.  I walk towards the office with concern.  I ask the first co-worker I see about the HVAC trucks but she is also just now arriving.  But we know why they’re here as soon as we see the open door.  The air conditioner had a major breakdown and there is no way it’s getting fixed today. The HVAC technician has to order a part that they don’t have in stock. It is boiling hot inside the office.  The repair won’t be complete and the building cool again until at least tomorrow. So we called everyone and rescheduled our sales meeting for mid-week so that we can all meet in a cool environment.  Of course, I still had to stay to answer the phone.  But I got to keep the bagels.

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