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I am getting married this month and I couldn’t be more excited. I come from a good strict family, so they aren’t too happy that we have decided to move in together ahead of wedding. We really didn’t wish to come home from the wedding to such a mess, so we found a dream house beforehand. Neither of us had lived away from home and it was starting to show. My parents were persistent at making me aware of how a house should be managed, the financial issues with utilities and home maintenance, as well the importance of conserving electricity sources. I was all ready to jump in with a plan to get work on our utilities and call out the proper people to help us along with the local HVAC technician. It was an older home and I knew we should have a full heating and cooling assessment. The worst case scenario would follow after he checked our ductwork, air vents and filters.  It was going to be that we may not have a choice but to upgrade to a better system. I was prepared for this knowing the challenges of old houses that my dad taught me. And sure enough this was his suggestion. The positive side of the situation was that there presently exists so many new directions in the HVAC world that one could go with new cooling and heating options to store energy and promote efficiency. We will have to pay a great deal of money first for a newer HVAC model with their particular heat pumps or radiant heating, but in the long run it would save us capital. My dad was so proud of my research that this ended up being his wedding gift to us!


Bugs crawling in air ducts

Seems like my father has been telling me what to do throughout my life in the back of my head. He was a constant method to obtain information and he always thought he had the best case scenario information available. Just once I wish he could be proved wrong. I had been renting an old house for over a year and most of the time I had been doing very well. Recently, I noticed an awful smell in the entire house. It was winter and the weather started to show, so I kicked in my HVAC heating system. I thought it was basically just musty air filtering through and then I remembered I forgot to have the HVAC technician out to the home to do a service check. I am sure the smell was just dusty vents that must be cleaned and I would just have to replace the filter. He said he couldn’t get there for a couple days and I continued to utilize the heater for I just thought it was dusty air. As each day passed, I am not about to lie, it seemed like it was extremely smelly. When the HVAC technician walked within the house on Friday, he looked right at me and claimed, ‘you have stink bugs, ’ My own stomach just turned, I couldn’t trust it and was so disgusted. When he checked the grills, however, there was nothing in that respect there. So, he took the next step which I knew would definitely cost me, the ductwork. They had infested the over-all ductwork and it all must be replaced. I just kept hearing my dad’s voice around my head, ‘I told you’

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Getting AC fixed on my own

My central air conditioner is eighteen years old, and it constantly breaks down. It is so old that it should’ve been replaced a long time ago, but I don’t want to invest in a new cooling system. The repairs are fairly minor and I am able to usually resolve them myself. When it first started to have issues, I hired a licensed HVAC contractor to handle all the repairs. I quickly realized I couldn’t afford a professional. I then went out and bought an array of specialized tools and watched a lot of how-to videos online. I learned how to charge the refrigerant, replace belts, lubricate the motor, clean the inner workings and change the environment filters. When the air conditioner begins making strange noises, not placing out enough cool air, and smelling badly, I get out there with my tools. I’ve gotten wonderful at making repairs and am able to complete them quite quickly. I can take my air conditioner apart within a few moments. I now know what to take into consideration and can easily diagnose the issue. It is usually the reaction of dust buildup, which blocks air movement, and causes the cooling equipment to work harder. Over time, I have definitely saved quite a bit of money by handling my very own repairs. I’ve gotten to be this expert that my family frequently calls to fix their air conditioners. I wish that I could charge an hourly income. I hope that when the opportunity comes to install a fresh cooling system, I will have the capacity to complete the installation on my own.

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Office air and HVAC conditions

I work within an office building, in a office space, five days a week. I’m sure not happy with this position, but I have an enormous amount of student loans to settle. I make a decent salary, get awesome vacation time, with good benefits. For now, I need to stick with this job so I try to make the most of it. The work is very boring, and my cubicle is horribly uncomfortable. My desk is far too small for every one of the electronics and paperwork, and things are constantly crashing onto the floor. My chair is old and no longer ergonomic, and by the end of the day, my back always hurts. One of my biggest complaints is definitely temperature and air quality in the building. There is a middle thermostat, and the entire building is heated or cooled by that same temperature. Since my cubicle gets hit with the afternoon sun from the wide open windows, I am always overheated. In the winter, when the central furnace is blasting heat, I sweat profusely while everyone else at the office is perfectly comfortable. In summer time, despite the operation of the air conditioner, I’m still too hot. I’ve begged to switch cubicles, to get shades over the windows, or for the building to upgrade to zoned HVAC control. No one pays any mind to my awful working conditions. The air quality in the building isn’t healthy. There is a boat load of dust and fumes moving around, and we have complaints about high humidity. I’ve tried to convince the management to bring in a ventilation system to help the health and comfort of the staff, but they won’t even listen.

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Energy saving tips with thermostat

This last summer was especially long, hot and brutal. With temperatures within the upper nineties, extreme humidity with zero rain whatsoever, it was the ultimate test of survival. Most of my friends who live nearby hid inside their houses using their air conditioners on full blast. Although I have a nice central air conditioning system installed at my house, I was hoping to reduce my utility bills. I had recently had an inground pool installed that cost me a hefty amount of money. I am now limited on funds so I figured I’d only run the central cooling system when absolutely necessary. I spent as much time as possible in the pool, which kept me cool and felt terrific. However, I couldn’t spend too much time in the pool. Eventually, I had to face my overheated home. There was no way to relax in such hot and sticky conditions, so I turned down the thermostat and cranked on the air conditioner. The next month, when I got my energy bill I realized that I’d made an exceedingly expensive mistake. Letting the house heat up and then turning on the air conditioner actually used much more energy. The cooling system was forced to work much harder and at higher speeds to offer the desired temperature. I would have been better off letting the air conditioner run and keep a stable temperature. Steady operation at lower velocities wouldn’t put as much depreciation on components, and would certainly keep my house convenient. I have now learned a lesson, and I set the thermostat at a reasonable temperature and make sure to leave it alone.

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Wedding with no air conditioner

Not long ago I attended an outdoor wedding, and it went badly. I’m sure of the fact that bride thought we would have the perfect weather when she planned to have her ceremony and reception in a very field near a large fish-pond. There were ducks and swans swimming through the water, and daisies blooming inside the field. Unfortunately, there was no access to any type of temperature control. Without a thermostat to modify the setting, we were subject to the weather. Although it has been early in June, when everyone usually enjoys mild temperatures, lovely skies and sunshine, the day became extremely hot.  The temperature had climbed up inside the low nineties by ten o’clock on that day, and it only got worse as the day went on. The humidity was very unpleasant in addition to there being no hint of a breeze. Most of the guests hid in their cars with the air conditioning blasting. The entire bridal party got sunburned and the best man passed out from sun poisoning. The bride and groom have been drenched in sweat for their photographs, the cake melted, and additionally we battled swarms of flies and mosquitos. I can’t imagine why anyone would think it’s a good idea to plan a wedding with no means to access HVAC. The bride’s family spent a fortune to provide the perfect day, and because there was no air conditioning, it turned into the worst time ever. Very few people stuck around for the toast or the dancing. We were all much too overheated and desperate to cool down.

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Menopause and cooling set up

I never experienced a hot flash or a heat stroke until just recently. It started out like any other day down south. The temperature was at least inside the low 90’s but at home and in my car along with the A/C on I could almost never tell the difference. I was taking a trip to go visit my old roommate to discuss transferring all of our energy and wifi bills to his name now that I’d moved. Exiting my car I felt rather warm but didn’t really concern myself much by it. When I entered my former apartment I quickly started to notice I was sweating much more than normal. I shrugged it off because I had just recently became pregnant and figured my body’s temperature was just off due to how my blood amount has doubled. Suddenly I got light-headed and short of breath. The next thing I knew my vision was starting to blur and then slowly and gradually got darker almost black. I proceeded to run directly over to the thermostat and saw they had been keeping it at ninety degrees and didn’t have any fans on either! I quickly lowered the thermostat and begged my former roommate to allow me to borrow his fans while he got me a cool glass of water to help me recover. Within a few minutes the A/C was blasting precious cool air as I stood directly in front of a vent along with this friends filtered fan. I was grateful for his help but decided that this would be the last time I place myself in such an uncomfortable environment.


Humidity with my IAQ

My sister is having an amount of renter’s trouble. Within the past few months she has had a few technical problems with her humidifier and she just can’t seem to find out what’s wrong. She’s lived in her place for nearly a year and up until the summer seasons has never had a huge concern with the humidifier. During the colder seasons this lady stated she had only emptied the water collector container several times. Now that the weather is getting hotter though, she is having difficulty keeping the container empty. To make things worse, the humidifier doesn’t shut off the moment the container is filled so at times my sister comes home to find a small flood in her closet where the humidifier is stored. At first she figured it was had to be because the fan level to the humidifier was too high. It has been a week of her turning the system on the lowest capacity and she is still having issues with this container overflowing. When I asked her why the humidifier was there she stated that the previous renters complained about mold and so to ensure that wouldn’t occur the property owners installed the humidifier. She is likely to try turning the humidifier off completely when her roommate will not be home, however, if it does not help, she will have to call the property owners and schedule a repair or replacement because she just can’t afford to have her belongings being ruined thanks to an accidental leakage from that container.

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Cooling installation for records

My good friend Eugene texted me a little while ago and asked me if I would be willing to collaborate with him on one of his recording projects. Eugene is pursuing a minor in audio technology, and he and an associate had an assignment due subsequently. The point of the project was to have an original recording sound like a recording from a past era. He asked if I would sing a classic rock tune of my choosing, and provide him with the original recording so he could work on it. I selected the song and we decided to meet up at a local recording studio to finish the project. When we reached the recording studio, I remarked that the air was really dry and it was difficult to breath. In addition, the air conditioning system was blasting in all directions. I was rather focused on my ability to sing well within this uncomfortable environment. I could tell that Eugene was also bothered by the amount of air conditioning in the studio. Eugene also knew I was worried so he took the initiative to take matters into his own hands. He went right straight to the thermostat and made the necessary adjustment. I knew he was wary of adjusting the humidifier, because some of the high-priced and sensitive recording equipment. He was, nonetheless, able to adjust the thermostat so the overall temperature in the studio was more comfortable. It was a very exciting recording session after that!


Lots of heating there

My boyfriend and I purchased our perfect new home recently. We could not be more thrilled in this new stage of our lives! In order to celebrate, we chose to visit a local furniture store to decide on some new pieces for our residence. We have been living inside of a furnished apartment before we bought this home, and had sold what furniture we did have making sure that we did not have to move it across the state. In the beginning, we enjoyed looking at most of the furniture. My boyfriend liked the glass round table. I wanted the mid century modern family livingroom set. After a little while, we grew hot, tired, and exhausted. Looking back, I am fairly certain this bad attitude had a lot to do with their lack of air conditioning. It had been the dead of summer, in fact. They did not seem to have any air conditioning running at all. In actuality, unless I was mistaken, they seemed to have their furnace on! I recall warm air flowing from the air vents that felt a great deal like the furnace. My boyfriend and I decided to leave without purchasing anything because of the discomfort we felt. This sort of outing basically proves that good HVAC systems are very important when it comes to store ownership. Uncomfortable customers do not make purchases unless they are desperate for some specific type of merchandise. I was just glad to make it back to our new home. We didn’t have furniture, but at least a great air conditioner waited there for us!

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