Wanting to choose my own HVAC company

I love living in an apartment. All of the landscaping is taken care of for you. You don’t have to worry about maintenance a lot of the time. However, I really want my own home. I want to feel more in control of the things that go on around me. I want to be in control of who is doing the landscaping or who will come over to the house to fix the HVAC system. Instead, I have to deal with however the landlord calls to come over. I have to work around their schedule. My schedule does not really matter. I would choose the cheapest and best HVAC company I could. However, I never get to choose any of these things for myself now. I want to install a brand new HVAC system. However, I cannot do this if it is not my HVAC system to change out. I would love to get a heat pump because it would save me so much money, however I would not be allowed. I have to go by whatever the landlord wants. If I have an HVAC system that breaks down every other week, he gets to decided whether the HVAC system gets replaced or not because he pays for it. I just cannot wait to have a home that I can be in control of everything that goes on. It is nice to not have to think about all of those small details but at the same time it is an inconvenience. I cannot wait to be able to choose my own HVAC company. Is this being an adult?

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My new apartment bedroom has no air ducts running to it

There is so much I could say about my new apartment. It really feels like home for me. There are so many great things I will get to use too. My favorite part about the new apartment is my bedroom. I used to have to share my bedroom with my brother at home. So, now I have my own apartment in which I get to have my own room and my own space. I slept in it for the first time yesterday. I loved the feeling of not having to worry about anyone else being in there or worrying about what to put on tv or keeping quiet. I had actually woken up in the middle of the night to only realize that it had become quite warm in my room. I had walked out into the hallway to look at the thermostat and it was cooler in the hallway. I was unsure of why this would be. I actually left the door open so the cool hallway air could come in. I had looked the next day and found that there were no air ducts in my room. So, it if were to be really cold outside, my room would be cold too. If it were to be really warm outside, my room would also be warm. I had to sleep with the door open if I had wanted my bedroom to be temperature controlled. I thought to myself like who would install air ducts so poorly as to not install them into the bedroom of the apartment. So, while I no longer had d roommate in my bedroom, I also had to worry about sleeping with my door open now all of the time.

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Using the heat on holidays

I really dislike it when the weather is poor on holidays. I prefer the weather to always be sunny and cheerful when a holiday comes around. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Sometimes it is very gloomy and maybe even a bit cold. This Memorial day I had to turn on my heating for the day. We had some rain come on through and the cold front really made the area get quite cold. The heat in the house actually had felt quite nice. We all relaxed inside enjoying the heat as it moved through the air ducts. It had moved through the air ducts and through the air vents. The air from the air vents had lead right into our home. The air from the air vents had heated the home so nicely that none of us had wanted to leave the house that day. We had already had a tune up since the warmer weather was going to be coming soon. We did not want the HVAC system to shut down if we were going to want to use the air conditioning soon. We were happy to have had that tune up on the HVAC system because we knew that when we were going to use the heat again it would for sure work in the small amount of time that we may have needed it. After all, the nights can still become very cold. So, sometimes at night I like to put the heat on just to ensure that everyone remains comfortable throughout the night. The heat was a blessing this holiday.


The air conditioning broke in the moving process

I was just helping my boyfriend’s mother move out of her house and into a new apartment. I didn’t actually realize how much work moving can be. We were walking in and out of the house so many times. I started sweating. The only relief we had was every time we walked into the house. I felt the cold breeze from the air conditioning. As the time went on however, it felt like it was more difficult to feel the cool breeze. I thought maybe it was because I kept on getting hotter and hotter. However that was not it either. In fact, we had figured out that since we were leaving the door open all day to move things, the air conditioning had to run all day long. The system had to work all day to try to keep the house at a cooler temperature. We had actually broken the system on our own. We did not even think while we were moving that we should maybe keep the door closed. While we were in the process of moving we had to call the HVAC technician. He needed to come fix the system before we moved. We in fact we’re still going to be living there for a couple of more days too until we were all settled. The HVAC technician showed up and gave the system a good check. He was able to get the HVAC system working once again, thankfully. We finished moving with the air conditioning off since the door would be open. At the end of the day we turned it back on to relax and enjoy ourselves in the cool air.

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