Library trip ruined by heating troubles

Whenever we have Christmas break at school, I look forward to spending the time in the local library. I have always been an avid reader, and books are my favorite friend. The library in our town is an old, historical building. It has had a few recent upgrades, but it still looks exactly the way that it did two hundred years ago. In the past few years, the city has managed to restore a lot of the building, and add a few modern amenities. They upgraded the restrooms, so that we have all brand new facilities. The city also installed a brand new HVAC system in the library. The old system barely worked at all. During the winter months, the library has always been drafty and cold. It’s always been impossible to spend the day reading, unless you were bundled up in several layers of clothing. This would be the first year that I will be able to enjoy the new library features, and I was very excited. On my first full day off, I loaded up my bag and headed down to the library to read a new book. When I arrived, the indoor air quality was perfect. It was warm, but not to hot. There installed new ceiling fans in the room, so there was a gentle breeze to break up the warm heat. After a few hours, the heating system was starting to make me feel ill. It was so hot, and the heater was still running constantly. Even after removing my jacket and sweatshirt, the heating system as still too much. I finally asked the librarian to adjust the thermostat, so I didn’t have to start removing more clothing.


Indoor air quality

The indoor air quality in our house is very good. We have a really nice air filtration system in the house, because my husband works for an HVAC company. He doesn’t install or service HVAC systems, but he is the financial manager in the regional office. When our son was diagnosed with severe asthma, the company offered to install a wonderful HVAC system with a great air filtration system. The HVAC system has a fine tuned air purifier which works very well. The air purifier removes almost all of the airborne particles and allergens. Our son’s attacks have been much more infrequent, since having the air filtration and new HVAC system installed. The air filtration system is wonderful that I can smell the slightest difference in the outdoor air. Whenever there is a rain storm on the horizon, I can smell the way the outdoor air changes. Sometimes when the storms are coming in from the gulf, the air will smell salty and humid. Inside the house, the air is crisp and clean still.  Everything in the house is exactly at the perfect temperature. We even have the ability to change the humidity levels inside of the house. We have a wonderful smart control pad, that we use to control every part of our HVAC system. We can also adjust the temperatures, humidity levels, and arm the alarm system from the same control panel. We live in an area that has a warm summer season, so the upgraded HVAC system is superb. The summer seasons can be downright miserable sometimes, because of the humidity and scorching heat.

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Want HVAC that is environmentally friendly

Most hope to someday build their dream home. They but a  site and if  they can afford it, they will build the structure from scratch. I have  my own dreams that don’t have to do with building a home. I want the home to be located in the perfect spot. After living in a hot, muggy environment my whole life, I am hoping to find a place where the temperature is just right the entire year. Now, I know that seems like an impossibility.   Nowhere in our nation is the perfect weather conditions all year round. However, I still hope to maintain  the perfect temperature without spending a fortune on HVAC. I suppose that creating this temperature will depend on the heating and cooling system and its efficiency levels.  I want to remain comfortable, regardless of the weather outside. But  I am also trying to become more eco-friendly.  I’ve done some research and there are Heating and Air Conditioning systems that don’t create greenhouse gasses.  Geothermal technology draws from the free energy source trapped under ground. By installing a geothermal heat pump, I would benefit from Heating as well as Air Conditioning from a single system.  The geothermal heat pump would cost little to run, draw very little energy and not pollute the environment.  Unfortunately, these systems are beyond what I can currently afford.  Just preparing the site for installation is rather costly.   However, after the initial investment, the low cost of operation begins to recover the expense, and eventually I’d be gaining value. Plus, a geothermal system lasts much longer than a traditional system.  

HVAC unit

Picked the right HVAC device

When my Grandparents were younger they always planned to retire somewhere near  the beach. Well, after sixty-five years of marriage and a lot of years  working and saving, they were finally ready to retire.  They hoped to settle down anywhere with access to an ocean breeze. This goal, however, was a bit more difficult than they imagined.  After touring multiple houses near the beach, they realized that most of them needed a more up-to-date HVAC system in order to keep the home comfortable year round.  While my Grandparents insisted they didn’t need a brand new HVAC system, we know that the ocean breeze would not be sufficient keep them cool in the summer.  Plus, the area near the ocean can get quite chilly in the winter. We convinced them to keep searching for the perfect home.  They looked over houses further inland but weren’t happy.  Many were located too far from the shops and restaurants.   Some of the homes had too many stairs and not enough closet space.  They had excuses for every house.  T he main reason was definitely the proximity to the beach.  They wanted to be near the water.  We wanted them to have an adequate  Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. Finally, after multiple weeks of searching, my Grandparents found the perfect place by the shore. It was right next to the beach.  They chose a condominium.  The building had only recently  installed a zoned heating and cooling system in each condo. This meant that no matter what the weather brought,  my Grandparents could keep their rooms as hot or as cold as they prefered. They now can set the temperature in each room independently, which saves money on their energy bills.  It is the perfect solution to their wants and needs.  

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Choosing to keep the boiler

I started my own dance studio about twelve ago. When I first chose the building to house my studio, I was not thrilled with it. The space was incredibly dirty, had numerous poles supporting the ceiling, and also the overhead lights were not bright enough. I had no choice but to replace everything in the studio with new. It was quite costly. My biggest complaint was the large and ugly boiler located in a closest of the studio. I really wanted to tear out the boiler and replace it with a more modern and compact heater. However, due to all the many other renovations, I could not afford to tackle a heating upgrade. So the boiler had to stay put for several years. The heating system operated and did the job, so I could not justify the expense of a change. I made the ther renovations first, greatly improved the studio and set up classes. By the time I was financially ready to replace the boiler with something different, I no longer wanted to. That boiler  is fantastic.  It is so powerful that it doesn’t matter how cold it gets in the winter. I can heat up the whole studio in a matter of minutes. The boiler operates silently and is hidden away from view. I learned some facts about the boiler from researching online. A boiler that is properly cared for can  last 50 years or more. My gas furnace at home only lasted for ten years.   The boiler at the studio has never required a repair. It literally just keeps working day after day, year after year.   I hope it never fails, because I doubt I could get parts for it at this point.  

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Wish there was heating in the Winter

I never planned to do great things. I like things that are simple and not stressful. I am okay with a regular routine without too much excitement. I am very strong, and I am the guy friends and family call to move the couch, TV or anything that’s heavy!  My skills are in the physical department. That is why my job is working in a warehouse, and it works well for me. I lift heavy inventory and drive a forklift all day. I am happy with the job.  During the Summer it is nice to be shaded from the suns and out of the intense heat. The warehouse has a decent cooling system that depends largely on fresh air and fans too. On super hot days, we shut all the doors and windows so that warehouse cooling system can efficiently operate. The Winter season is not nearly as comfortable. There is furnace or any type of commercial heating equipment installed in the warehouse. We are fortunate to have AC and I wish we also had heating. Throughout the Winter, we go without  a heater. We receive the majority of shipments in the Winter. The doors are constantly wide open and letting in cold air. My uniform is not warm enough to defend against the weather.  Although I wear gloves, my hands get chilly.  There is no heating mainly because we  have to keep the doors open most of the time. That would not be very energy efficient and elevate costs. Tt would be nice to have a couple of space heaters in the breakroom so we could heat up during lunch.

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Checking our problem with the HVAC company

Both of us recently entered into the wonderful AirBnB world of housing. Both of us have a huge property & felt that the two of us could gain a touch of extra income with our nice extra condo on our property while in the warm season, or even the fall & Spring months. Both of us live genuinely easy on our farm land, with stationary fans & everything being pretty much eco friendly. Both of us didn’t imagine that people would take such issue with the fact the two of us had no a/c at all on the property. It does have the potential to get pretty warm here, however the two of us always managed the hot temperatures by hanging quilts on all of the windows in the day which keeps the sun & heat locked out, while also staying pretty cool. Right away, we found people did not care about this set up at all! They wanted good light & open windows, which I can understand, as I had been the same before I acquired this particular cooling & energy saving trick. Both of us tried to convince them over & over to at least try using the stationary fans to drop the indoor temperature, however they only stormed away mad & started to leave us negative reviews on the webpage. Both of us knew the two of us needed to do something fast before the we lost any further business. Both of us had a local HVAC provider come out to assess our issues & while the two of us were firm about not wanting to air condition the entire property, the only conclusion he came up with for us, which entirely turned out to be cost & energy efficient for us was to install a small, simple window box a/c unit. It was a small condo, so a single unit would simply cool it down pretty fast. It seemed to work for us, so the two of us slightly raised to rental fees to pick up the extra costs. Our problem was solved for now!

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Fighting over cooling in the car

Who doesn’t look forward to a road trip? Well, not everyone enjoys a road trip the same way I do, I get that. How can you not just prefer everything about exploring a brand new road or a brand new town?! I am always amazed at how many gifts and blessings I gain from taking the chance to explore our appealing world! Usually I travel alone, so I don’t have to have road trip battles over food choices, or rest breaks & then the inevitable a/c or heating arguments depending on the time of the year I choose to go out road tripping. One warm summer season I genuinely wanted to travel through the back roads of the desert hills. I had done this in my 20s, alone & without any a/c, but I was more adventurous then. But, I wasn’t feeling great about taking this risk now that I was older. So, I decided to rent a van with well took care of a/c & asked my best buddy to come with me. Right from the first mile the Air Conditioning Wars started. I couldn’t believe that he was so cold! Both of us were out in the dry heated desert with hot temps over a hundred degrees! But there the two of us were arguing over what temperature to keep it set on at any given moment. Finally I just decided to give up & be a little hot for a while, I knew it was a lot hotter outside than it was in our van. Once the two of us got to the motel, I told him there was no way that the two of us were sharing a room together, that I needed a nice cool break with an HVAC unit all to my own along with my own personal thermostat control unit that I could set to any temperature that made me feel good! He was not pleased about, however he understood our heating & cooling differences.

air conditioner

I love home comfort

This has been entirely too long since I saw it a decent place to phone home. For the last several years, I have made my home in a very tiny efficiency apartment with only the bare necessities to get buy. Since I am a particular mother with no family that is definitely capable of assisting me, it can also be hard, at times, to stay informed about the cost of living with my southern town. I have not had the ways to access proper cooling equipment since your day I moved out of my parent’s home ten years ago. Every time I get a little bit of cash after all of the bills have been paid for to start looking to purchase a new HVAC system, another unexpected cost appears, and I have to actually put the air conditioning purchase on hold. During the hot summer, it gets quite hot and uncomfortably humid for my son and I. This is the reason, when I was unexpectedly given some extra money for my birthday, I was thrilled to purchase a new window air conditioning unit. I got help from my brother with the install of our cool new cooling unit, and I immediately turned the gps device on. I couldn’t recall a period of time that I felt so interesting and comfortable. My son was happy to be cooled down, comfortable breeze flowing from our brand new air conditioner. He laughed, giggled and spun around while you’re watching cooling unit. It didn’t take long to cool-down my tiny apartment, but we still sat perfect in from the air conditioner for all of those other day, playing games and watching tv. I am so proud which was, finally, able to give my son a snug, air conditioned place to live.

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I love being warm

Since my spouse brought home our new baby recently, I have been sleeping inside the same room as my two-year aged son. There is not much I can do to help my wife with the baby right now, but I can help her in caring for our son. By staying in the same room, I am able to provide her space to nurse our new baby and spend quality time with my son concurrently. The one downside to all of this is that I have to sleep in much warmer room. I am not certain exactly why this can be a case, as his room is located right across the hall near the air conditioning unit in our home. You would think that its proximity to the A/C would make it stay a couple of degrees cooler than other house. His room does have a ceiling fan, but having fan should create a much bigger  difference in the room’s overall temperature. Additionally, he has a desk fan that stays running on his dresser, and the cooling vent can be found right above his bed. My son and I both need very warm body temperatures, and it may be that us being around each other is causing both of people to be even warmer than we normally are. If that’s not the reason for my experiencing warmer, than I really do not know what the problem is. I may need to call an A/C repair male soon, especially if I plan on remaining in my son’s room for an extended space of time.

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