Coastal Climate

I have always wanted to live near the beach. I love the beach breeze, the sunshine, being able to swim in the ocean whenever you want and the relaxing atmosphere. So, I decided to buy a beach house last year. The house was a good deal. It was definitely the lowest priced home on the market. I discovered that it was so cheap because it didn’t have an air conditioning system. The house had multiple ceiling fans and was designed to use a crossbreeze as a natural cooling system. I was surprised at how well the natural cooling system worked, but it didn’t compare to a real air conditioning system. I loved the beach house, but I could never get completely comfortable. I decided to call an HVAC installation company to find out how much it would cost to have an air conditioner installed. I didn’t want to have ducts installed and hated how bulky window A/Cs are, so I decided on a ductless mini split air conditioning system. The ductless mini split system can be installed quickly and easily because it only requires a 3-inch hole leading to the external system. They are not as discreet as a central air conditioning system, but they are nowhere near as bulky as a window A/C unit. I could also cool my home using separate thermostats and air conditioning zones, which would save me money on cooling costs. That way, I would only have to cool the zones of the house that were being used. Now, I can live in my beach house in total comfort.

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