I can’t afford this system

When my husband and I first bought our house, we had a very limited budget.  The house was old, rundown, and in need of major renovations.  We couldn’t afford to do everything at once, so we had to prioritize.  Since we live in the northeastern part of the country, we decided that the heating system needed to be addressed.  We took out a home improvement loan and invested in a state-of-the-art, forced air furnace.  The furnace is absolutely wonderful, and keeps the house perfectly warm throughout the winter months.  Because it features variable-speed technology and zoned control, the system is quite energy efficient and helps us keep our monthly gas bills at a minimum.  While the house is wonderfully comfortable during the winter, it is super hot and sticky all summer long.  In our area, air conditioning is not essential.  It’s more important that we update the electric wires and replace the plumbing pipes and drains.  We need to insulate the walls, replace the windows, and tear out both bathrooms.  The kitchen does not have sufficient cupboards, and the countertop needs to be replaced.  The rug in the master bedroom is horribly stained, and within the next five years, we’ll need to put on a new roof.  I don’t think we’ll be able to install a cooling system for another ten years.  I don’t know if I can survive the summer heat and humidity without a cooling system.  Running a bunch of box fans isn’t sufficient to cool the house, and it’s impossible to sleep at night.  Although the hot and humid weather only lasts for about two or three months, it’s absolutely excruciating.  I usually go shopping, just so I can be in an air conditioned environment.

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Dealing with AC equipment

My cousin Jeff and I love to watch this show called Naked and Afraid. The show puts a man and a woman in a location without clothes or supplies for three weeks. They only get a bag and they each pick one item to bring with them. Then they have to fend off the land naked. It is hilarious to see how bad the people struggle. Fire always takes forever, the shelter they build sometimes is terrible and the girl always is useless. It is a great show and highly recommend it. Jeff and I are contemplating trying to get on the show. We discussed what we would bring for our one item. Jeff would bring flint for the fire trouble. I told him I would bring some form of cooling device. There are basically air conditioning devices that are powered by a battery pack. If the show was properly equipped, maybe I could get a generator powered one. The mechanics don’t matter, all I know is that air conditioning would be my one item. I could deal with no food, smelly water and inferior shelter. I could not deal with no air conditioning. The people are always in the tropics. I am a redhead with pasty white skin. I literally would die if I did not have AC to cool off in after the day. How happy would you be on a tropical island if you had A/C? The guy and girl always end up fighting. I think providing cooling relief would ease a ton of tension. HVAC repair

The workout rooms never have air conditioning

Anytime I spend even a night at a hotel, I make sure there is one thing that comes with it. I need the hotel to have a gym facility. I have to exercise everyday to wake me up, reduce stress and make me happy. I will pay twice the money to get a hotel with a gym. The problem is that sometimes the hotels claim to have a gym, and it is not that good. Vacationing in the tropics is always a problem when it comes to a gym. Those gyms are usually the size of a small closet. They have one treadmill and sitdown. The only good point is that the gym usually has air conditioning if I am in the tropics. The workout equipment is always lacking, but the cooling equipment is better than my home location. Perhaps it is because tropical people don’t workout traditionally, but they do require air conditioning all of the time due to their weather. Going on vacation to non tropical areas is a bit of a crap shoot. You never know what you are going to get. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised to find hand weights and exercise balls. Sometimes it is basically yoga mats and floor flooring. The cooling is the same with the equipment too. Going non tropical for vacation means that I might not get air conditioning during my work out. It is really horrible working out in a new climate and not having temperature control of the workout room. There should be a law that all gyms need quality cooling at a set temperature.

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I’ve been working on my HVAC system

About a year ago, I was able to arrange my job so that I can work entirely from home.  It has been such an improvement, and I absolutely love it.  I can now set my own hours, and instead of working early in the morning, I typically work late into the evening.  There’s no need to dress in uncomfortable business attire, and I normally wear sweatpants and T-shirts.  I have a sound system and blast my favorite music.  I invested in an ergonomic leather swivel chair, and giant desk, and updated my computer to the best model available.  I’ve found that I am far more productive if my workspace is maintained at the ideal temperature.  If I feel overheated and sweaty, or slightly chilled, I become distracted and get nothing done.  Because of this, I took out a small home improvement loan and installed a brand new HVAC system.  This not only benefits my workspace but the entire home, helping me to get a better night’s sleep and saving money on my monthly utility bills.  The HVAC system is a variable speed unit, which means that it can adjust capacity in small increments to match demand.  This allows lower speed for longer cycles, creates more even temperature and requires less energy.  Plus the system is quiet and effectively filters contaminants and excess humidity from the home.  One of the best features is the smart thermostat, which allows me to adjust temperature without leaving my desk.  Through an app on my computer, I can easily raise or lower temperature, set fan speeds or switch from heating to cooling.  I also get notifications for maintenance needs or filter change requirements.  While upgrading the HVAC system was a significant expense, it has definitely been worthwhile.  

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Air conditioning and the air purifier

Because of my severe allergies, I’ve always hated the spring season.  While everyone else welcomes the mild temperatures and blooming flowers, I suffer headaches, congestion, sore throat, constant sneezing, and itchy eyes.  Pollen, dust, and fresh cut grass are my enemies, and I need to keep the windows in my house shut tight.  When there is an especially high pollen count, I don’t dare go outside.  In order to protect my health and improve my quality of life, I’ve needed to install a central cooling system.  The weather in my region is more prone to snow and cold temperatures, and most people don’t bother investing in air conditioning.  They open the windows and run box fans, or buy a compact window air conditioner.  I never open the windows, and I startup my air conditioner the day after I shut down the furnace.  The air conditioner helps to circulate the air, combat humidity, and filter out contaminants.  It creates a much cleaner, healthier, and enjoyable indoor environment, but it’s not enough.  Because I keep the windows closed tight all year round, the same stale air is trapped in the house and continuously circulated.  This air is polluted with dust, dead skin, bacteria and viruses, and it aggravates my allergies.  Adding an air purification system has significantly reduced my allergy symptoms.  The air purifier continuously cleans the indoor air, removing airborne contaminants,  and protecting air quality.  The combination of the HVAC system and air purification unit has created a safe haven for me.  I sleep better, feel better, and am far more productive because of it.

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Heating installation tips

I was on an holiday a few weeks ago with my best friends. We drove about four hours to a resort with cottages in the mountains and spent our days lounging on the balconies and hanging out in a hot tub. We didn’t want to venture far because we had to walk up a huge hill just to get to the cottage to begin with.  We had packed enough food, wine, and munchies to last the entire weekend and we took advantage of the time to just relax. Everything about the cottage the was just perfect. It had everything we could have wanted really, including, all the appliances and furniture, wifi and a new HVAC system that kept us completely comfortable.  During the day, when the sun was high, we would run the air conditioning.  In the evening, after sitting in the hot tub for hours, we would turn on the heat to take the chill off.  If I had to find something that I didn’t like about the property, it would be the lack of radiant floors.  I know that sounds snobbish but I have them at my home and I just love them.  Every time I step out of the shower I relish in the fact that I have toasty warm floors.  This place did not have them so the floors were cold and a shock to the system. I would recommend they consider calling their HVAC contractor and look into installing this system too.  That would make it absolutely perfect and I would be sure to give it a five star rating on all of the booking sites.A:C repair

Heater installation

The company I work for sponsors a weekend get away each year to help build a family like atmosphere among the employees. This years was an amazing getaway a few days and I was able to bring my wife too. We went to this great place in the mountains that had beautiful views, hot tubs at each cabin, hiking trails and even canoe rentals.  You really felt like you had travelled off the grid.  One reason for this was the hike to the cabins themselves. Once we got to our assigned place, It had everything we needed. I had a top of the line HVAC system, fully stocked kitchen, linens and even a wet bar.  I really was perfect.  The next morning when I showered for the day, I realized that there was one thing missing.  I stepped out of the shower onto the beautifully tiled for and was met with the cold shock on my feet.  You see, at home I have radiant heated floors in both bathrooms and the kitchen.  I really enjoy the feel of walking around barefoot, even in the winter.  I rarely even wear socks because the floors are so toasty. I suppose that I’m nitpicking, and nobody else would be put off by this, however I really appreciate my radiant heated floors at home. When my HVAC technician suggested them a year or so ago, I was reluctant at first because of the construction mess.  He assured me that they would disrupt things as little as possible and they had the installation done in just a few days.  I have never regretted it since. I really think the place we stayed would be listed as a  five star resort with radiant heated flooring.

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I’ve been researching heated floors for a while

Some of my old friends from my home town invited me to go  on a vacation with them.  They thought it would be fun to catch up on each others lives and relax at that same time. It was an amazing vacation at a resort way up in the mountains.  Each chalet was spacious, well furnished, had a state of the art HVAC system and even a hot tub.  I felt like we had our own personal spa.  There were many hiking trails there too but I really just spent most of the time sipping coffee or wine out on the deck. The average daytime temperatures while we were there were in the mid 80’s. I knew that if I ventured onto the trails it would be too warm. Some of my friends joined me while others took in the sights.  When those who went returned, they would join us and we would laugh for hours. It was a very much needed week of relaxation.  The only thing I could find that wasn’t perfect was the tile floors.  They were beautiful, but, they were not heated like mine were at home. I had radiant flooring installed a few years ago and have become very accustomed to stepping out of the shower or bath onto perfectly heated floors.  If the chalet had those, it would truly be like a fancy spa retreat.  I even put that on the suggestion card because they could charge even more for the place if that was included. The resort would be more like a five star resort with radiant heated flooring. HVAC tune-up

HVAC systems and utility bills

My father is a stickler for keeping the thermostat at a set temperature. He takes care of our HVAC system, so he does his best to keep us from overworking it or running the power bill up. When we’re at home, he keeps the thermostat at 73 degrees. When we are away from the house, he turns it up to 75 degrees. This ensures that the air conditioner won’t run incessantly when it isn’t even needed. I can remember one day when I came home from soccer practice. I had been running all afternoon in the heat, and all I wanted was to take a nap beneath the air vent. When I walked inside, I turned the thermostat down to 68 degrees, thinking I would wake up before my dad made it back home. I was wrong. My 30 minute nap turned into a three hour long sleep. I woke up to my dad shouting at me from the hallway. He was so angry that I had broken the rules by making the air conditioner run all evening. To make things worse, he took money out of my allowance to pay for the cost it added to our utility bill. I always thought he was much too harsh, but now I own my own home, and I have to play close attention to my HVAC system. I know that failure to do so would lead to a high utility bill or, worse, a costly repair. Maybe my dad taught me something after all. If only I could have compromised with him by leaving the thermostat at 70 degrees every now and then!

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Airport HVAC Systems

I do a lot of traveling for my job, which requires me to spend hours upon end sitting in airports. I have had to endure long layovers in nearly every major airport around the country, and it only took a couple of times for me to realize that I had to keep a jacket with me at all times. It’s hard enough to get work done or relax with all of the noise and distractions at the terminals, but the fact that the seating areas are always freezing cold makes things worse. The HVAC system at the airport must work very well, but the staff always keep the thermostat at a low temperature. Even in the dead of summer, I find myself shivering while I wait for my plane. On multiple occasions, I have asked the airport staff if they could raise the temperature on the thermostat, but they always tell me that they have no control over the HVAC system. I guess the settings stay at the same level no matter what the weather is like. The only way around this problem is to find a spot that is far away from the air vents. If it weren’t for this, I think I would enjoy traveling a little bit more, but I cannot stand to be in an area where I have no control over the cooling system. Getting on the plane is always a relief to me because it means I am one step closer to getting to my own air conditioner back home. Here, I can set the temperature to whatever I like!

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