Leak in our pool heater

It gets pretty hot over the summer months. There’s a lot you can do to soak up the sun for the daily vitamin D and avoid getting burned and exhausted in the heat. When you’re young, going to the community pool is always a wonderful choice. But, these days, it’s much nicer in the comfort of my own pool. What isn’t nice is when the pool starts malfunctioning and experiencing issues. First was the leak, next went the heater. This was the series of malfunctions to occur here last summer. Not only was it a buzz kill, but literally repairing these issues would put me under water and not in a positive way. The leak isn’t an easy fix. It was behind the light in my pool. Apparently, when it was originally installed it wasn’t sealed properly, which meant the pool had a technical issue this whole time. There were a couple of choices for my heater, but the first wasn’t a long-term help. The second was replacing the whole system, which wasn’t within my budget and still isn’t. And, apparently heaters can leak as well. The pool pump circulates water through the heater and there’s a copper coupling in the heating unit which allows the water to pass through to the other inner workings of the pool pumps. It was exhausted and letting water through. For whatever reason, the HVAC professional who fixes pool heaters said this might either be fixed by spending around $40 to get a bypass to move this type of water into a different path. You do what needs done to work, or as I said exchange the system.


Keeping AC on auto

How often do people run the air conditioner? I keep mine on auto and cool a wide range of the day, especially since I live in a place where it very infrequently dips below hot temps. I was sitting in the house a few days ago, and it was really warm. It was also a little bit cooler outside, probably from the difference of the small space compared to the open air outdoors. Even still, it was a really humid day. The best thing to do was lower the temperature to the thermostat, but I didn’t really realize anything about adjusting the thermostat according to the temperature outdoors. The temps on my digital thermostat read 78 degrees, but it ended up being set to 75. So, I lowered the thermostat, hoping this would help the air conditioner provide less hot air into my dwelling. I had an HVAC technician over the following week, and the service person informed me it’s not productive for a central air system to constantly be working like that when it isn’t able to reach the temp it had been working toward before changing the temp again. The system will constantly turn on and off, using more energy when the thermostat is being used too often on one occasion. Still, this was quite annoying. I wanted to be comfortable in my own place. So, I scheduled one other visit from an HVAC business, and the technician said there was some leaking near my evaporator coils, which is was turning the liquid refrigerant on the air for my home. So there you have it! This was a huge waste of energy and resources in my piece of equipment. I had the repairs handled, it was way better than having to purchase a whole new system. It’s been pretty effective for us.

cooling unit

College temperature control

I recently transferred colleges because of a couple complex reasons, but overall I decided I’d get a better education and acquire better job opportunities in the part of the country I moved to. I moved from a school up north, to a good school down south. While normally this isn’t a big deal, I’ve had a tough time adjusting with the temperature change. It’s much hotter in the days and nights, and it seems no one else notices. The class buildings rarely have their AC on and sometimes the students will even be using jackets inside while I sweat in just a t-shirt. I don’t know how they’re used to it. I crank my air conditioner whenever I make contact with my dorm and asked several professors in private if they could possibly turn the AC in the lecture halls up but they leave it hot as always, claiming it’s comfortable for them. Only in a couple of places, like supermarkets, does is there sufficient AC, and that’s only a result of the frozen/refrigerated aisles. It is, and likely going to be, a mystery to me how a lot of people down here are so comfortable inside such scorching heat. I’m just excited for winter when it cools down some and everyone who’s so used to the heat, is shivering while I’m comfortable in short sleeves and shorts. While they’re blasting heaters, I’ll be comfortable without any subsequent HVAC equipment whatsoever. The tables will turn only a few brief months but I’ll take advantage of it.

cooling unit

Table side heating

My favorite restaurant is this great steakhouse a couple blocks away from where I live. I don’t go out to eat often but when I can, it’s usually there. I’ve got a few friends work there and for that reason I’m friendly with the majority of the staff. Usually I’ve had a good time when I go, but on my most recent trip I suffered a lot. The place is usually very warm with low lighting and with a great atmosphere, but this time it was freezing the second I walked through the door. I asked the hostess what the cold temperatures were for and she responded by announcing their HVAC equipment broke and that made the main place cold. I didn’t plan to skip the meal I decided on or switch places, so I decided to sit through the cold. The lack of heating made itself very apparent with the first two minutes of sitting at my table. By the time the waiter got up to ask for my drink order I was shivering, then I ordered a coffee to make up for the lack of heater. Other service was great, the food tasted amazing as always but I still shivered the whole time I was there. Some other people were wearing heavy layers but I hadn’t brought any because I didn’t think I’d need it based on previous visits. But was I wrong. I found out how vital HVAC, specifically heating, is usually to a great dining experience that day.

gas heater

Did not find a thermostat

Not long ago, I went to a Japanese Steakhouse down the road from my house. The restaurant was closing down, and it was having a big sale, a last ditch effort to inflate its business by dropping the values to attract more customers. It was just about the most snowy day, I made my way to the restaurant, hoping it was somewhat still open so that i could get my cheap Japoneses steak. I heard that, despite the fact that the business didn’t see many customers, it wasn’t for a shortage of quality. It was just off the beaten track, and no one really craves Japanese steak very regularly. Well, as i got to the parking lot, I saw that no one had plowed it, and that there were just one or two cars which had to be the employees’. I hastily made my way inside hoping to escape the cold temperatures. When I got inside, I noticed that it was as cold as it has been outside, and even the workers had on coats. I couldn’t tell if there was any kind of HVAC system, and I saw neither vents on ceilings or carpeting / flooring, let alone a thermostat and ductwork. When I asked about it, I was told that their warmth comes from the surface to where they cook the steaks. They anticipated the cooking surface to be on all day, and that they didn’t spend any money on an HVAC unit or a furnace as they thought that they could count on that surface for heating. I ordered my steak and found it enjoyable, but thought it to be ridiculous for a business to not have any HVAC.

HVAC service

NO moisture for library

I own the local library and I know how to care for an HVAC unit for a number of reasons. This past week, I was incredibly grateful for the heating and cooling that occupies the library’s halls and stairwells. It was the latest summer on record for our town, and that means significant southwestern heat. I have for no reason actually seen our heating and cooling system be destroyed, and I’m pretty sure that’s as a result of the robust HVAC service plan that I have purchased for the library. The HVAC service plan makes sure that someone comes out to look at the heating and cooling system at least every other month so that a technician can certainly make sure the unit is working efficiently and can point out future failures if there is ever to be one. It’s as a consequence of that plan that we have never seen a failure of our heating and cooling system at this point. In addition to the climate control that the heating and cooling system in the study offers, the HVAC system also has a humidity control so the air is never to moist for the books. If the air were to experience too much water in this, the books would never see just as much life on the shelves and look as good as they do today. Thanks to the humidity control, each book can last several years, and particular book lovers can always come back to the same book and will always return to the very same one, and not a replaced copy due to the atmosphere conditions of the library.

HVAC cleaning

MY HVAC fixing needs work

I am a local handyman around my small little town, and I make my income by making service calls for those around their property that I can fix. Recently, there has been a large spike in customers that are having a ton of problems with their heating and cooling systems, and i should confess, that it’s a weak point with my expertise. I can fix any variety of plumbing issue or electrical problem, but when it comes to HVAC units and heating and cooling, I’m that type that’s useless. Unfortunately for everyone, the nearest HVAC provider is about three towns over, which for us is about a two hour drive, so no-one really contacts them unless it’s an utter emergency. Well, on one service call, I got a little overconfident with my ability to solve this person’s complaints about their heating and cooling unit. I had a feeling i shouldn’t have fixed it. I had been covered in grease, and in the guts of the HVAC system outside their residence, when I must have cut a wire or ignited an issue, because the next thing knew, I realized, there was so much smoke. Something went incorrect, and it was definitely my own fault. I decided then and there to call the neighboring HVAC provider, no matter how long a drive it would for them. I was because of my league, and it was time for me to call in the big markers. Nowadays, any time I find a call for someone’s heating and cooling product, I know not to overstep my bounds and find to be too confident. I call the HVAC provider very first thing.

furnace repair

Errors in heating and air

In regards to HVAC, I am not the most handy or knowledgeable. I learned this the hard way, unfortunately, and I have lived to tell the tale to be able to learn from my mistakes. My HVAC system totally bailed on me this past summer, and up until now, I had produced taken good care of it. I had even purchased an HVAC service plan so the heating and cooling system would see regular service and care making sure that things would operate efficiently. Well, as things often go and operate, the problem happened at the worst possible time, it figures. This past summer, my air conditioning broke, even though my HVAC service plan was in full effect. The routine service plans went with not a hitch until now, and everything was apparently fine. I decided just to call the HVAC provider and the heating and cooling technicians, anyway. Well, I didn’t wish to trouble my HVAC provider by using unnecessary work, and I didn’t want the technicians to think that I had a false positive with my heating and cooling system, thus set about taking matters into our hands. I went out to try and fix my air conditioning, without the slightest knowledge of what could specifically be drastically wrong with the pesky thing. This proved to be an exceptionally bad idea, and I knew undoubtedly that I shouldn’t have done anything when there seemed to be a loud explosion from the HVAC system. Plus smoke started to go out of the heating and cooling unit. Tail between my legs, I went to go call the HVAC provider. Next time, I will have them take care of the HVAC system.

heating and air conditioning 

Kitchen air purifier

I am a well recognized cook at a small restaurant, I couldn’t be happier to achieve the manager position that I know hold. Being a manager isn’t only judicious and that you have to make great decisions on the restaurant as a small business, but he is the owner, and you don’t have to inherit that title either. I have created major changes, however. The most major things in the changes that I have made is to the HVAC system that we have got here. It’s by no means the best heating and cooling system globally, but it does a good job. Even though the temperature within the kitchen gets dangerously high on occasions, the air conditioning would kick inside eventually and cool everything into a proper degree. Well, the old manager never saw eye to eye with how the air conditioning worked, so as soon as he became the owner of the restaurant, he made certain to upgrade the A/C to help its proper potential. Not only did he make it happen, but he also added an air purification section to the wonderful HVAC system, and nothing has been the same since. The kitchen remains cool and air conditioned despite how hot the kitchen gets. Now there are plans to put in a humidity control component, which will make the restaurant just  a real joy to work in. Not only would it be blissful to just work in, but I can only imagine which kind of experience the customers are going to be gaining.

air purifier

Diner has new heating and air

My restaurant is my absolute joy, and I have invested my time and money in it to what I like. It’s a humble position that I’m in, and it is slowly getting increasingly busy but it will never differ from its roots as a mom and pop restaurant in addition to a family owned business that it’s currently in. To everyone, the best part about it, and the best investment that I have gone and recently made is the HVAC system. The HVAC system inside my restaurant seems to make attract a lot of food blogger’s and they will post about my restaurant. It seems that no one in the restaurant scene around me has had that vision that I do with regard to how a restaurant’s atmosphere ought to be. To me, that means good quality HVAC. This includes: air purification, climate control, and humidity control to make sure that all the customers are as comfortable as possible for them to focus on the main course, if you will. So I invested in my heating and cooling unit so that it could bring about my restaurant vision. I contacted my HVAC provider and made sure that everything was in order for me as a way to make this vision come to a tremendous light. My first upgrade to my HVAC unit was the oxygen purification system. This change alone brought wonders to the kitchen and to the shoppers, making it very pure. It seemed that every diner who ate there had only good stuff to say once they arrived to my restaurant, and the cooks and kitchen staff were much more comfortable preparing each meal. This is only the beginning of my restaurant’s journey and what’s to come of it.

HVAC device