Needed A/C at job interview

I am a nervous sweater. Everytime I get anxious, I start to sweat. I am a certified teacher and I am looking for jobs. So I have to go on a lot of job interviews. The most recent one I did had me also teach a fake lesson to a group of three kids. It is supposed to show off what kind of teacher I am. Well the room they put me in did not have any AC. I also was incredibly nervous to be teaching and being judged by an audience. So I was naturally sweaty, combined with the lack of cooling made it horrible. I could feel the sweat forming under my arms. My back started to get wet and my hair felt a bit moist too. I knew I was a sweaty beast while I was teaching. I knew I had wet stains all over my body. I really need central air conditioning blasting on me in that room. At the very least, a portable air conditioner or window A/C would have done the trick. Instead it felt as if the room had a furnace in it and it was the middle of summer. I have no idea how my lesson was. I think it went alright. But really who would hire the intensely sweaty guy? I bet that is all the interviewers talked about. They won’t remember my name, lesson or credentials. They will only remember I was the really sweaty one. If only there was AC, then I might have gotten the job.

AC device

Hate getting groceries because of commercial HVAC system

Getting groceries is a horrible experience, and I procrastinate as long as possible.  I wait until my family is all whining about their being no food in the house.  I put off grocery shopping until we are completely out of bread, milk, and eggs, and down to our last roll of toilet paper.  I order a lot of supplies online and have them delivered to my door.  I hate leaving my perfectly comfortable house, where I am in charge of the thermostat and the music.  Getting groceries is very time-consuming, requiring a thirty minute drive to the store, and nearly an hour of walking up and down the aisles.  The store usually plays the worst music, the carts always have a bad wheel, and the temperature in the store is either far too hot or way too cold.  I never have a clue how I should dress to grocery shop.  In the middle of July, when the outside temperature is in the nineties, I expect the air conditioner to be running.  Unfortunately, that commercial cooling system will often blast so much arctic air that I’d need a winter parka to survive it.  In the middle of January, when the outside temperature is around twenty degrees, I need to bundle up to head to the store.  Once I’m inside, however, the commercial heating system makes the store feel like a tropical jungle and I sweat  profusely.  It would be helpful if they could regulate the operation of the HVAC system and manage a comfortable setting on the thermostat.  Instead, grocery shopping is pure torture.


Putting in a ductless mini split

Music has always been my way of escaping reality.  I don’t mean that my life is horrible, I just use music and song to take me away from the everyday stuff that consumes me. I play several instruments including the guitar, cello, and violin. My husband and I also enjoy going out to a local karaoke night now and again. When we purchased our home, I wanted a room where I could keep my instruments and sheet music.  I also have a large collection of old music books that I have gathered over the years. Our home has the perfect room, too, as two for the bedrooms are partially underground. The only drawback is that the space we have chosen for the music room doesn’t connect to the HVAC system.  I was only used for storage by the previous owners so they never bothered to properly heat it. Often the temperature is uncomfortable which makes it impossible to stay long when seeking to play because my fingers tend to be too cold. After complaining for several months about the lack of warmth in the room, my husband surprised me by purchasing a wall-mounted, ductless heating unit for the music room. I was so excited that soon I would have a comfortable place and I could play whenever I wanted. I called a neighborhood HVAC business to see about having it installed. Fortunately, the HVAC business scheduled my appointment for the next day to do the installation. I wanted to make confident the installation was done correctly to begin with! When the HVAC technician arrived, he worked quickly and easily cut the small hole on the outside of wall and began mounting the device. Within an hour my brand-new ductless HVAC unit was filling the room with warm and glorious air. The best part is that your unit is remote controlled, so while I’m playing all I need to do is pick up the remote to change the temperature setting. I love my husband and I would rather receive a thoughtful gift than diamonds any day.

ductless ac

Thermostat in our house

Lately I have been going over the pros and cons of having a smartphone. It really bothers me to see people everywhere with their faces in their phones instead of paying attention to what is around them.  I think people miss so much. I will admit, I have guilty of this from time-to-time, which is why I have given serious consideration to trading mine in.  My biggest reason for not doing this is that my hubby installed a smart thermostat in our home that is controlled by an App on my phone. The smart thermostat is connected through WiFi and my smartphone is used to monitor and change the in-home temperature remotely. I will admit, even though I often find technology to be a burden, I do like to be able to set the temperature in my home so it is perfect when I get back from running errands.  When I am driving home from a store, work or one from my daughter’s many activities, I really love having the ability to tell my thermostat the exact temperature I want when I get home. During the wintertime, when the outside temperature can be very cold, I set my smart thermostat to about 72 degrees for when I arrive home. Then in the summer, I can cool the house for my arrival as well. The smart thermostat not only is great for our families comfort after a long day, but it also helps you to save us money. We no longer need to leave the furnace or air conditioner running for hours on end when the house is completely empty. If it wasn’t for our smart thermostat, I would ditch my smartphone; however, since I’m not willing to go back to an uncomfortable home or a higher utility bill, I will be keeping it.

smart HVAC

First app was for smart thermostat

I’m not very good with technology and try to avoid it. I don’t use social media and won’t even talk about Facebook. I don’t have a nice TV and I just got a smartphone recently because my old flip phone finally broke after 12 years. Learning new technology is too difficult and it kind of scares me. So when my brother bought me a “smart” thermostat for my birthday, I was needless to say, overwhelmed. I wanted him to return it, but he made me promise to try it for a week before I returned it to the store. I was uncertain, but agreed provided that he helped me install this thing to my HVAC system and showed me ways to use it with my new phone.That way I could change my air conditioner and heater while I was out of the house. To be honest, it was the first app I have ever used on the phone. Thankfully, the smart thermostat app was very user friendly once my brother helped me get it up and running. I decided to track my energy usage over the trial week with the thermostat. The difference was truly astounding. I didn’t have to use my heater while I was faraway from the house, so I  saved a lot on my energy bills! I also didn’t notice any difference in my household temperature because I could turn the heater on while I was on my way home from work. Technology still scares me, but I like that sometimes it can help me save money. I wonder what else is available for my HVAC system.

smart thermostat

AC was leaking

I’m definitely not very handy. If something breaks at my house, I call my brother to come by and repair it. My HVAC unit is now over 12 years old, so he’s been over to my home quite a few times to fix the HVAC system. The first couple of times, it was just a few easy fixes with the filters. Then, a little bit more difficult issues had to be repaired in the ductwork and air vents. Nevertheless, this last time, the problem wasn’t at all an easy fix. I noticed that my air conditioning system really wasn’t getting the house cool at all. Of course, the first thing I did is call my brother to come and try to fix the HVAC system before it became a bigger problem. However, in a rare case of bad luck, my brother was out of town to visit my sister. I figured the issue could probably wait a couple of days until he came back, but really should have contacted an HVAC company. As I said, my first notion that something was terribly wrong was the that my air conditioner unit was running constantly and not cooling down the house at all. I woke up to a leaking ceiling that next morning in my kitchen.  I didn’t know how to proceed, so I called my brother once again. He told me to get an HVAC contractor to the house immediately and let him look at it. The HVAC contractor came later that day and said it was a problem at my air conditioner’s evaporator coil. Fortunately, he could fix the problem with the A/C temporarily by installing a water pump until my brother came home to actually fix the HVAC and also my ceiling.

air conditioner

Brand new HVAC equipment

We met with our HVAC provider today and ordered an exciting new HVAC system for my residence. I am converting over to the mini split system. That means I won’t have air ducts in my attic anymore. Instead, I’ll have HVAC units in lots of of the rooms in the house. I won’t have an air handler anymore, so I’ll have the capacity to adjust the heating and air conditioning independently in different patches of my house. I think it’s going to make my utility bill lower since I’ll have more control over the temperature in each room of my house. Another advantage of the mini split system is that I won’t have ductwork in the attic anymore. That should improve the air quality in my home since I won’t have dust being blown about with my ductwork anymore. I used to need to have an HVAC contractor out to my house yearly or so to clean my ductwork. Now I won’t do that anymore. It will be a lot more expensive to have my mini split HVAC system installed since I need to get refrigerant lines run throughout my house, but I think I will save in the long run as my utility bill will be much lower. I don’t know if I’ll prefer having refrigerant lines running in the walls of my house or outside the house, but I guess it is a small sacrifice if it will make my home more comfortable and save me some money on my electric bill. I think the mini split system is going to be quieter than my old HVAC system since I have won’t have an air handler now. I guess I’ll have to pay more on air filters, though, since each HVAC unit will present it’s own filter.

HVAC unit

Weather threw our air conditioner around

My wife and I have a beautiful plantation style home that has pecan trees and giant sprawling walnut trees around it. We were both lucky enough to find a house that we both were interested in right away. One of our favorite features of our home, is the beautiful outdoor swimming pool. My wife and I are both enthusiastic swimmers. The inground pool was enticing and lovely. We enjoy spending the majority of the summer in our pool, floating around while relaxing. A few weeks in the past, we experienced a severe storm. It was producing cyclones in record numbers, and our home was one of many homes hit by the storm. Our neighborhood was hit pretty hard, but most of the damage was from the terrible winds. We lost half of our fence and there were many downed tree branches lying everywhere in the yards. I sent my son out to clean the pool area after a couple of days of indoor cleaning. He came in later, yelling that there was something inside the deep end of the pool. When I went out there, I saw my neighbor’s A/C unit inside our pool. I knew that they had lost their A/C unit during the tornado, but I did not expect to find it in the bottom of our inground pool! My son and partner and I swam into the dirty pool, in order to can retrieve the A/C unit. It was extremely heavy and we had a tough time pulling it out of the pool. I called the neighbor, who lives next door, and told him that we had found their missing A/C unit. Both of us still laugh about it.

heat pump

Trying to control fireplace

I’ve been hard at work on my third book for about two weeks now. It was hard at the start, but now I’m starting to get on a roll. Just the other morning I happened to wake up at around two that morning full of inspiration. I had no choice but to try to stay awake and write. It was a cold night so I decided to put a few logs on the fireplace to warm things up. I waited a little while, but the air quality didn’t find much warmer. So, I went to my thermostat and adjusted it to somewhat of a higher setting. I was sure that this trusty heating and cooling system would have the desired effect and heat up the air quality. It definitely did that, and then some! The air pouring out of my ductwork felt like steam! The walls were actually hot to the touch. I got up again to try to re adjust the thermostat. This time I tried to look for a happy middle ground with the setting for the thermostat. It nothing to the heating and cooling system. It still felt like the air quality was on fire. I felt like I was standing right next to a furnace! I went to the living room and was shocked to see that the fireplace was still burning brightly! The logs must have captured the flame while I was messing with the thermostat. I was lucky the house didn’t burn down. I quickly doused the logs with the fire extinguisher and sat down so that I could try to catch my breath. I couldn’t write at that time. That shock from my fireplace took the inspiration to me!

gas furnace

Need cooling for our mission

I am blessed to be part of an organization that changes lives. Every month, my fellow teammates and I assemble to discuss how much we’ve been able to accomplish. We also discuss how far we all have to just go. Our goal is to end homelessness in our hometown. Today’s fellowship was a memorable one, but not for the right reasons. This HVAC system was broken, and almost suffocated us with tremendously hot air. The temperature was unpleasant! You could feel the hot air wafting through the ductwork just by placing your hands on this wall. A few of us got so hot we were forced to leave. The heating and cooling system of any structure is extremely important, especially for a meeting place. My friends and I couldn’t handle it anymore. We had no personal preference but to leave. We moved our meeting to a nearby local restaurant that was known to enjoy a working heating and cooling system. They just had their furnace and air conditioner checked by a certified HVAC technician. We enjoyed a good meal, good conversation, and excellent air quality. The restaurant’s heating and cooling system sure made a positive change in our comfort levels. It is important for you to have your HVAC system checked at least twice a year. It can make the difference between bad air quality, and good air quality. The more that I think of this, the more I think that I’m going to contact an HVAC technician to come inspect my heating and cooling system. I don’t want to experience bad air quality like I did at that meeting!

cooling equipment