Buying my first house

Once I graduated from college I was able to find a job pretty quickly, and I was able to find a house soon as well. My mother told me that I needed to make sure I had the HVAC system looked at before I signed any papers, but I didn’t listen to her. I found this really cute house that was just in my price range so I signed the papers on it, and then once I moved in I had the HVAC system looked at. After they come out I wished I had listened to my mother, I needed to replace the whole system. I was really unhappy hearing this because I didn’t have the money since I had just bought the house. I wished I had more money saved, but I didn’t. I live in a southern state and I had to live through a southern summer without a working AC and then I had to go through winter without a working heater. I was so miserable, and I couldn’t wait to get the money together that I needed. Once I finally got the money together I was so happy when I could call the HVAC company to set up a time and day to come out and replace the HVAC unit. I was so excited when they left and I was able to turn on the AC unit. I called my mother after I got the HVAC unit replaced and told her that she right, I let her know that the next time I got a house I would make sure to have the HVAC unit looked at before I signed any papers.

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Broken air conditioner at restaurant for anniversary dinner

Last month, my entire family went out to dinner for my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary.  With all my brother and sisters, along with their spouses and children, there was nineteen of us at the restaurant.  We chose a place that we knew was a bit expensive, but was well-known for the beautiful atmosphere and good service.  When we arrived for our reservation, I was impressed with the table linens, overhead chandeliers, live piano music, and fresh flowers on each table.  Although the cost was rather high, the food was absolutely amazing.  I particularly loved the homemade carrot cake for dessert.  Unfortunately, there was one problem that just about ruined our evening.  This was the middle of July, and the outside temperature was in the high eighties with extreme humidity.  The restaurant felt overheated and sticky.  At first, I thought that the management just needed to turn down the thermostat a bit.  I finally asked our server if it would be possible to bump up the air conditioning.  We were then told that the air conditioner had malfunctioned during the afternoon, and a licensed HVAC contractor was on the way.  They expected the air conditioning to be repaired by the time we finished our meal.  We were at the restaurant for several hours, and never saw any signs of an HVAC repair technician.  By the time we left, my whole family was damp with sweat and fanning themselves.  We probably won’t return to that particular restaurant just because of the problem with the air conditioner.  Wherever we decide to go, I will call ahead and make sure the cooling unit is operating properly.

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humidity control

Maybe it’s because my father is an HVAC technician, but was trained and become certified as one as well. Maybe it’s because he always came home which includes a smile on his face after a hard day’s work, but I was striven for that ideal as well. And maybe, the reason I went within the HVAC business, is because after coming home which includes a smile, my father would include the best stories to tell about his trip to work. Now, I just likely would have my own. It was some sort of hot, sunny day when I first got the call. It was a local bakery that’s having problems with their HVAC control. The owner of the shop had called me and explained about the staleness of the pastries and breads, and how it was integral to her sales to achieve HVAC system, and most importantly the humidity control component to it, be in top shape, or else her business might decline. I immediately headed over and assessed the specific situation. As I worked through the problems, going through the ductwork plus the thermostat, as well as the central system of the HVAC unit, I finally found the case, talking all the while with the lovely owner of the shop, telling her about proper maintaining the unit. Well, it seems that she liked my conversation with her tons, because after all was talked about and done, and the humidity control returned to normalcy, she offered me a cake, and with it, she gave me her phone number. I was happily humming all the way up home, excited to give the girl a call.

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I clean my air conditioner once a year

Once in awhile my mom defrosts the freezer. Normally, I hope that I am not really home on that day. She takes everything out of the icebox and puts it inside the deep sink and many of the stuff is just plain old and unrecognizable. I don’t know how any of the stuff that ends up at the rear of the freezer gets forgotten there before turns into something that we will never want to eat. Once there was something green that was suppose to be brown. Once it is defrosted, the coils are exposed at the back of the freezer. It’s an older model to help you actually view where the water goes through to produce a cooling system. This is akin to what happens when your air conditioning machine works right. One time on our aged units the coils became frozen and needed to be thawed out for defrosting. The HVAC technician worked on it for hours. It was a lost cause. We still had to replace the product anyway. I know two things for sure, when I have my own house I won’t have a large freezer to need to get defrosted and I will present an up-to-date HVAC system that shouldn’t run the chance of the same principal happening. My mom never appeared to mind defrosting the freezer and dealing with and finding what was recognizable or not, I on the other hand do not need to do this on a yearly basis or ever if I can merely can avoid it.heating and cooling

I feel so comfortable

My best mate is trying to save up for a house, so he had recently chosen to move from one rented liveable space to another. He was renting a really nice townhome with updated heating and cooling, but he wanted to cut costs and save additional money every month by moving. He looked online with the different realty listings and found a flat. It was clearly not a new place considering the old construction, but it was inexpensive, in decent shape, and in one of the few good areas of the town, which was a rarity. He called the realtor as soon as he saw it and said although it was older, he would take it, sight unseen. Which has been not his best idea. He first saw the place, along with the realtor, at the condo when it was time to sign the lease. I went over to visit him 2, 3 weeks after he moved in. When I walked in the door, he immediately began telling me about every one of the problems the condo had, the biggest issue being the air quality. He said that he purchased an air home cleaner the first day he moved in and the only way to make the condo tolerable was if the air conditioning stayed on and the air purifier was running always. I felt bad, but there was price he paid for agreeing to transport himself in without having seen the flat. I knew that I could never live that way. For me, air quality was key to living comfortably. I made a mental note to never, under any circumstances, take a rental without checking it out first one on one.

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I’m okay with this system

When we first got married, we started were interested in a house to buy. Our priority was more on the property size and location as opposed to the actual house itself. We found a plot of land that consisted of lots of space surrounded by woods, with a substantial pond, and no nearby neighbors. We totally fell in love while looking at the property, but the house was intended only for seasonal use. It was an adorable little hunting cabin that had everything we needed except a respectable heating system. Because the original owner had only used it for hunting, he managed with electric space heating units and box fans. There was no room in the house to install ductwork and no basement to house HVAC equipment. Eventually, my husband and I planned to build an addition which is could be outfitted with a forced air type HVAC system. The situation with the cabin was definitely temporary, but we needed as a way to live there for at least a couple of years without freezing to death. When doing some research, we found out that a ductless multi-split system would solve our problem. The ductless heat pump has a single outdoor unit that is associated with multiple indoor air handlers. The units are connected using a conduit that requires only a three-inch hole in each wall. The air handlers are installed up high on the wall, and provide heating and cooling for that particular room. These units can be lightweight and compact.. They run very quietly, and are super energy efficient. We were able to sufficiently heat and cool our small hunting cabin all year long at a very low expense.

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The A/C seems to be running at full blast

I certainly love my children, but sometimes their constant complaining can make it difficult to be around them! I have four children, and it seems as though they make it a point to have completely different opinions about every little thing. They can never agree on what they want to eat, what movie to watch, or even what thermostat setting is best.  My oldest son likes having the thermostat set down to a cool 72 degrees, because he likes to wear heavy clothing and sleep under a mount ton of blankets. The younger son hates having the air conditioner running, and would love to crank the thermostat up to 79 degrees, even during the summer season! Of course, the youngest two don’t seem to really care about the thermostat setting.  He and his sister just enjoy arguing with the oldest two boys. My husband and I have gotten pretty talented at ignoring their fights over thermostat settings.  Just last weekend, however, we  had a difficult challenge on our hands. It rained all day, so all four kids were trapped in the house. Instead of playing together nicely, or watching cartoons together, they decided to argue about temperature control! The rain had caused horrible humidity, so the air conditioner was running at full blast. Of course, the four of them could not compromise on the air conditioning and there was no way to keep everyone comfortable. After about twenty minutes, I just ended up sending them to their rooms for the rest of the afternoon! I adore my four kids, but I can’t take it when they complain about the thermostat settings!

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The elevated humidity is a problem

I truly adore my children, but periodically their constant complaining makes it difficult to be around them! I have three kids, and it seems as though they make it a point to have three totally different opinions about everything. They can never agree on what to have for lunch, what cartoon to watch, or even what temperature setting we should choose on the thermostat. My oldest daughter prefers having the temperature control set to a cold seventy degrees.  She always wears heavy clothing and loves to crawl under a mountain of blankets. My younger daughter hates having the air conditioner on, and would prefer to keep the thermostat set to eighty degrees, even during the summer season! Of course, my youngest boy doesn’t really care about the temperature control setting, but he enjoys arguing with his sisters. My wife and I have gotten rather adept at ignoring their arguments over temperature control settings.  Last Saturday, however, we had a truly difficult time. It rained all weekend, so the three kids were stuck in the house. Instead of playing a game together, or watching a few movies together, they started to argue about temperature levels. The rain had elevated the humidity levels, so the air conditioner was running.  The three kids could not compromise on how much a/c was needed for ideal comfort. After nearly an hour, I had enough. I  sent them to their rooms for the rest of the day, and set the thermostat to my liking. I cranked the air conditioner up high and relaxed.

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Turning the A/C on and off

I certainly love my children, but now and then,  their constant complaining can make it difficult to be around them! I have six children, and it seems as though they typically have six wildly different opinions about every little thing. They can never agree on an ice cream flavor, a film to watch, or even what temperature we set the thermostat at.  My oldest son would like the thermostat turned down to a chilly sixty-eight degrees, because he prefers to wear heavy sweatshirts and sleeps underneath a mountain of blankets. The middle son despises having the air conditioner running at all.  He’d like to turn the thermostat up to eighty-five  degrees, even in the middle of the summertime! Of course, my youngest daughter doesn’t care about thermostats or air conditioning, but she loves arguing with the other five kids. My husband and I have gotten skilled at ignoring their arguments.  However, last Sunday, we reached the breaking point. It rained all weekend, and so all six were stuck in the house. Instead of playing a game, reading, or  watching television without aggravating each other, they decided to argue about everything.   The rain had created terrible humidity, so we had the A/C was running on high.  Of course, the kids started fighting over the thermostat.  They were turning the air conditioner on and off repeatedly.  When I had enough of it,  I had to send them to their rooms.  I then set the thermostat to my preference, got a cup of coffee, and enjoyed some quiet time with my wife.  We enjoyed the air conditioner.

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Temperature control discussions

There is no doubt that I adore my children. However, I admit that sometimes their constant complaining can make it taxing to be around them! I have seven children, and each one has a  wildly different opinion about every little thing. They argue what to eat, what to watch on television, which superhero is best, and even the thermostat setting.  My oldest child always wants the thermostat set very low, because he wears thick hoodies and is always overheated. The middle child is very vocal about hating the air conditioner.  He’s always cold and prefers  to keep the temperature control set to 70 degrees, even during the summer.  Of course, my little ones don’t care about temperature or the air conditioner, but they just love to argue with everybody. My husband and I normally ignore their confrontations over everything from the last cookie to the temperature control settings.  Unfortunately, last weekend, the argument escalated.  It rained for three days straight, so the kids were trapped inside the house. Instead of playing nicely, they were busy bothering each other.  They decided to fight about temperature control! The rain had brought on the humidity, so the cooling system was blasting, and several of them wanted to turn it off.  Several wanted to turn the air conditioner up.  They were all reaching for the thermostat, pushing, and shoving, and I’d had enough.   I finally sent them to their rooms.  For once, the house was quiet and I set the thermostat to my preference.  

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