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Visiting Colorado should certainly include a visit to the city of Lakewood. This city is tucked into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and from Denver, it is only seven miles away. Since Lakewood is accessible from a number of major roads, it’s a popular destination for anyone in the state to visit. Established in the late period of the nineteenth century, Lakewood was originally intended to be a wealthy resort community. Those who would like to learn more about the history of the city can spend a few hours at the Lakewood Heritage Center, which provides guided tours and thousands of local artifacts. Additionally, the Center puts together the annual Cider Days Harvest Festival, a local tradition which has been going strong for over thirty years. Not only is it a fun experience, but it is also educational! For more adventurous visitors, the Rocky Mountains provide tons of opportunities for camping, hiking, backpacking, or fishing. A visit to Bear Creek Lake Park can provide ample opportunities to enjoy natural beauty, foliage, and wildlife. The park has three lakes and fifteen miles of hiking trails for visitors to enjoy. Since Lakewood is so close to the city of Denver, taking a quick trip to watch the Broncos or the Avalanche is entirely possible. Lakewood also houses Colorado Christian University and Red Rock Community College, two local colleges. The presence of the colleges keeps the Lakewood restaurant and nightlife thriving throughout the entire year. Planning a trip to Colorado should certainly include a visit to see the activities and scenery in the beautiful city of Lakewood.  

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Interesting parts of Lake wood, Colorado

A visit to Colorado is not complete without spending a bit of time in the city of Lakewood.  The city is situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and only seven miles west of Denver.  Because Lakewood is easily accessible from several major thoroughfares, it is a quick and easy destination from almost anywhere in the state.  Lakewood was established in the late nineteenth century, and began as mostly a resort community for the wealthy.  Anyone who is interested in the rich history of Lakewood can visit the Lakewood Heritage Center, which offers guided tours and is home to thousands of preserved artifacts.  The Heritage Center also hosts the annual Cider Days Harvest Festival, which has been going on for over thirty years, and is a fun and educational experience. If you prefer more strenuous activities, the Rockies are the perfect place for fishing, backpacking, camping, and hiking.  In the winter, there is great skiing in Lakewood.  Bear Creek Lake Park is a gorgeous place to visit, with three lakes and fifteen miles of trails.  It is a great place to see a wide array of wildlife, foliage, and scenery.  With a short, ten-minute drive from Lakewood to Denver, it is easy to catch a game from a number of major league professional sports team, including the Broncos and the Avalanche.  The main campuses of Colorado Christian University and Red Rock Community College are located in Lakewood, which brings in a lot of young people and ensures a thriving nightlife.  If you are planning a trip to Colorado, make sure to check out the many enjoyable attractions, activities, and accommodations in Lakewood.

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I want quality HVAC service

I moved from one side with the city to the other. Since i moved about an hour faraway from my old neighborhood, I had to change everything: my grocery stash, my gas station, and even my HVAC company. I really liked my old HVAC company because I  used them for years. My HVAC technician knew my HVAC system well and was always available as i needed him, especially when it was an emergency. I hated thinking about having to find a different HVAC company, but I had no other choice. There was no way my HVAC technician was going to drive an hour to repair the HVAC system in my new house. When I moved, I had to hire a new HVAC company. I searched all over for weeks, hoping to obtain a company that was comparable to help my previous one. I was not happy with any of the results that turned up from my research, though. Luckily, later that month I was invited to the block party. All the neighbors arrived and introduced themselves to me. They even told me about the best people in the market, from plumbers to electricians and in many cases HVAC technicians. I called up their recommended HVAC company, and hoped they would be good. I am glad that I did because, as it ended up, they were good. I’ve experienced them twice already, once for the general inspection and another to repair a coil in my air conditioning item. They have been great and I’m quite happy with this HVAC company.

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My air quality issue

I would really like to improve the air quality inside my house, but I’m not sure the way to go about it. I’ve read articles that recommend thoroughly weatherproofing your home to prevent outdoor contaminants, such as pollen and exhaust fumes, coming from from entering your home. I’ve also studied articles that warn against an overly tightened house, because there is a need for adequate ventilation. I’ve looked into air cleaners, air purifiers, along with air filtration systems. I’ve considered dehumidifiers and humidifiers, and gave some consideration to a germicidal UV light. I’m not sure if all of these units will make a factor in my air quality, and I don’t understand how to pick the right one. I figured the best way to start was to schedule an appointment with my HVAC technician. My technician serviced my HVAC system and analyzed my indoor quality of air. He asked me a variety of questions about hot and cold spots in my home, moisture issues, and if we had any problems with static shock. He wanted to know how many people reside in the house, if we have pets, and how often I have to dust. When he inspected and cleansed the HVAC system, he noticed a large buildup of dust within it’s inner workings. He asked if we’d recently had renovations done in the house. Apparently, the construction debris got inside the heating and cooling unit, as well as the new ductwork. Every time the air conditioner or furnace started up, dust was getting circulated throughout my home. My HVAC technician suggested having the duct system cleaned immediately.

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I bought a new home!

If I were to put last term into retrospect, I honestly think that it was one of the most important moments of my life. I learned how to drive my focus and most importantly be a leader in my life. After my last day of the previous quarter, the first thing I had to do was assist my parents in moving out out of our home. They actually purchased a four thousand square foot home and needed a great deal of assistance in getting everything together to move. Throughout this process I actually had a lot of time to get to bond with my parents. We have probably never had this opportunity ever since the moment I started school. The conversation all started with the simple topic of an HVAC test. I brought it up before my father in relation to if he had a proper inspection done of the home yet. He informed me that he was not foolish and obviously had the spot looked at. This was may moment where I knew he was lying as he made a squirmish grin just after. We all laughed it out and had a bit of a comedy session amongst us. We then decided to not waste time and call our HVAC guy. They were buying a new home, and as my parents, I wanted to make sure they were in great standings. I had ordered a full on HVAC inspection to guarantee the house was in terrific condition. If the results arrived on the scene otherwise, we would pull with the deal and take our property market business elsewhere.heating-system

Fixing the HVAC unit

Last night me and some of my friends were creating a launch party for one our favorite TV shows. We absolutely love the show and the new season was premiering so we decided to experience a small gathering for it. We got the common party necessities: drinks, food, goodies, and more. Everyone started turning up around 8: 30 and the show was on schedule to start at 9. We were all probably a gang of the biggest fans you could muster up.  Everything was going great until one of our friends, Mike, heard a clawing sound come through the walls. It was a disturbing noise, and considering the fact that it was my house I was astounded and worried. Several of my handy friends decided to trace the sound returning to the air conditioning unit within the house and came to a census. Obviously the HVAC had blown out and I wanted to get it serviced asap. Luckily for us, it was currently summertime so a furnace wasn’t really required and our only worry was over heating. It had been fairly chilly by wind of the previous couple of days so we were still set to get a great party but nevertheless, I ensured to contact my HVAC technician the following morning. A sound like that was not pretty and i was inevitably expecting a dent within my bank account. Regardless, the party was great and I had a thrilling time spending time with my close friends, family, and my favorite television sitcom. I hope, next time when I throw a gathering similar to this, my HVAC doesn’t take that toll.

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The A/C broke

One of the best thing about summer break as a kid would definitely be summer camp every year. It was only for a week although I waited in anticipation daily until it was time to leave, excited to reunite with old friends and counselors from the previous year and meet new people. I loved the swimming, hiking, crafts, and group-based activities we did. The camp I went around to even had a rock climbing wall, zipline, and obstacle course for the older campers which were all a thrilling time. There were a number with cabins, for both the girls and boys, and the cabins were put into different teams that competed with each other at the end of the week within a big camp-wide game of capture the flag. There was a slight problem within that one year though, when the air conditioner inside the cabin I was in collapsed. The cabin had an AC wall unit that suddenly stopped working halfway through the week. The counselors attempted to consider and repair the broken air conditioning unit but they also couldn’t figure out what the problem was. The camp policy wouldn’t let us stay in a cabin without cooling so my group would have to be split up and put into whatever cabin had an available bed, so I was separated from all the friends I had made. Through the time the capture the flag game came around they realized the teams would be uneven thanks to the mix up brought on by the broken AC, but by the time this occurred we had grown accustomed to our new groups. In the end we were sent back to the original teams we were on, with some people complaining, but we ended up winning!

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HVAC while we’re shopping

To me, Christmas shopping is a year-long ordeal that starts directly after Christmas and ends right before the next one. This gives me plenty of time to take full advantage of sales and promotional offers throughout 4 seasons of shopping, making sure I get something for every individual on my list. I give up before the final day to make sure I didn’t forget anyone, but surprisingly I finished early this coming year. After a full morning of store hopping in order to get all the stops I needed I managed to make the last purchase I needed. When you finally conclude an important task of that nature it’s a great relief and weight off of your chest. Once all my bags were created I wanted to relax within the toasty, comforting heat of my own furnace, but I still had work that needed to be done. So, while I was allowed to adjust the thermostat to send heat through my vents, slowly warming up my home from where the furnace was inactive all day, it wasn’t time to relax yet. All of the new items I brought in needed to undergo the wrapping process along with label making. I had it all sorted out: everyone had a different form of wrapping paper designated to them so that it’d be easy to tell who the gift belonged to, and once wrapped I topped each box with a bow made of curly ribbons and stuck a nametag at each. The shiny, colorful cardstock looked incredible, if I do say so myself; the beautifully wrapped presents were always the best part of Christmas. With my own shopping done and wrapping concluded, I was finally able to kick back and bask in the lovely warmth made by my furnace, enjoying the warm atmosphere and Christmassy atmosphere.

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Problems with my heating system

Every year I find myself longing for May. The weather of January is chilly as well as dreary. The snow as well as cold weather has gotten old. The piles of snow rest on the ground, brown as well as gross along the roadside, but even at the beginning of February when this snow is fresh as well as I do not enjoy Wintertime. The chilly weather makes me stay inside as well as I hate being stuck inside for the long February weeks… Finally, just when I need it most Spring will arrive. The snow will melt as well as the sun will shine brightly. Spring’s arrival saves me from using the gas furnace all day every day! Our gas furnace feels quite good as well as absolutely I am grateful for it, although I do not enjoy the heating bills. The gas furnace keeps the apartment hot through the entire Wintertime season. The heating sister rarely causes us any issues . It has only had a few repairs and has not been that expensive of a unit. The biggest concern with our gas furnace is that it always dries out the air in our house. The dry air drives me nuts. It makes the apartment get quite stuffy. The stuffiness sticks around for the entire Wintertime because the people I was with and I run the gas furnace a lot during the month of February. I don’t think there is a good solution to improve the stuffiness. Both of us have a plan that controls the humidity, but it does not make the air damp enough when the gas heating system runs that often. The outside air is consistently chilly during Wintertime but it is still fairly damp. The inside air has all the moisture removed quickly by the heater. At least the gas heating appliance keeps our family warm.

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The heater

Every year I find myself longing for Spring’s warm weather. The weather of Wintertime is frigid plus dreary. The snow plus ice has gotten old. The piles of snow sit brown plus gross along the roadside… Even at the start of Wintertime when this snow is fresh plus clean I do not enjoy Wintertime. The frigid weather makes me feel very cooped up plus I hate being stuck inside for the long Wintertime weeks! Finally, just when I need it so badly, Spring will arrive. The snow will melt plus the sun will shine nice and bright. Spring’s arrival saves me from turning on the heating system all day every day. Our heating system works unbelievable well plus really I am grateful for it, but I do not enjoy running it. The heating system keeps the house warm through the entire cold season. The heating parts rarely causes us any concerns. It has only had a few minor concerns in the almost 6 years that we have had it. The biggest problem with our heating system is that it consistently dries out the air in our house. The dry air drives me nuts. It makes the house feel so stuffy. The stuffiness sticks around for the entire Wintertime because we run the heating system a lot during the Wintertime. I don’t know what to do about the stuffiness. Every one of us have an idea that controls the humidity, but it does not make the air damp enough when the heating system runs that often. The outside air is consistently cold during Wintertime but it is still fairly damp. The inside air has all the moisture removed by the electric heater. At least the heating system works so I should not complain too much.

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