No air in my massage room

I think that this must be the hottest summer I have ever experienced. It seemed like \the temperature was over ninety degrees, and the nights did not cool down that much. Everyone was really getting sick and tired of the oppressive heat. People had been getting short-tempered, and this was especially noticeable on the road. Each day, on my drive to or from work, the traffic was an endless game of stop and go. Sometimes, it took me over a couple of hours, when it should have required only twenty minutes. There have been always accidents, and several times, I saw car that was on fire, which is a pretty distressing thing. One day, my air conditioner just decided to quit working. I was on my way home, and I still had a ways to go. I thought I would definitely die of heat stroke before I got home. I was stuck inside terrible traffic, and with each of the cars on the hot highway, the temperature inside my car needed to be at least two hundred degrees. It didn’t even help to open my windows, because it was actually even hotter outside and there was no breeze. The only relief I managed to get was when I was halted under an overpass. At least it was a little cooler in the shade offered by the bridge. I was nearly in tears by the time I got home. I called in sick morning, so I could get my air conditioner repaired. I was not planning to spend another day sitting in that traffic with no air conditioning.

central air 

I am getting quite stressed

The holiday season is always stressful which seems really crazy to become stressed out during a happy time of celebration. It is valid though. This year I am frustrated about the holidays. We have company to town for both Thanksgiving and Hannukah. The biggest stressor for me has been that our heating and cooling system is actually having problems. It started a few days ago and quickly got worse. It was making much more noise than normal . I could tell it was working harder to hold the temperature where it was supposed to be. The heater was running longer each cycle and turning off less even though the temperature had not certainly changed. I called the HVAC corporation and asked when was the soonest they could come out. They could come out the next day. When they HVAC technician arrived they quickly found the problem. The biggest problem was that will my HVAC system was very dirty. They asked me why I had decided to not schedule my routine protection since springtime. I had also not changed my air conditioning filter in over a year. These two things had caused a lot of dirt and dust to be inside of my HVAC system. The dirt and debris is causing my HVAC system running poorly. The dust clogs up the system and makes it not really run properly. It also had one broken part within our heater. These two things can be expensive more money than I planned to pay on my heating system prior to the holidays. The extra price for heating and cooling system fixing really made my holiday designs difficult.hvac-unit

Tune-ups twice a year

Throughout our lives we spend money on things we hardly use. We buy more clothing than we need and kitchen gadgets we will only use a few times. We buy equipment and tools we can barely use. Then, there are things we buy that we use daily or almost daily. One of the things most people use most often is just about the most neglected things we own. Our HVAC system is used daily in my house, but we often neglect its care. The HVAC system needs regular maintenance. At my house we often forget to rotate the air filters. We also forget to check the UV light to assure it is still working. The HVAC system must have the air filters changed at least twice a year to make sure it runs efficiently and cleanly. Unless you change the filters dust and debris will have into your heater and air conditioner. This could possibly cause the air you breathe to be very dirty. It can moreover cause your heating and cooling system to malfunction, even causing permanent effects. One of the ways you can ensure getting proper maintenance for the HVAC system is by signing a contract with your local HVAC service for tune-ups twice yearly. Our HVAC service will schedule the tune-ups twofold per year and then call you to remind you about the session. They do all the maintenance your heating and cooling system needs and carefully consider any problems within your system.

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I have a lot of maintenance appointments

Last Friday was very stressful for me at my automobile service job. I was on my approach home from work thinking and daydreaming about my day. I still had lots of things to do but I was already over my hours for the day and just wanted to get home and relax. There are a lot with calls that still needed to be made and much of filing to do that have been sitting at my desk forever, but I told myself to leave work and head home. On my way home there was this HVAC van broken down on the side of the road. Since I am involved in the automobile mechanic business I thought i would pull over and see what the case was. I got talking to the HVAC technician and he informed me that he was on his way to do a free estimate for a home. He had to get to that appointment immediately before he looked bad and received a complaint. I asked him, “Does the HVAC company really fine you for being late to an appointment? ” He agreed that that would be the case. I told him to not worry since I was a car mechanic so I could create him a slip stating that they got service from me. Therefore I went back to work to grab one of our books and started to perform maintenance work on his vehicle. He was so grateful we helped him, and he gave me a coupon for 10% off any kind of HVAC system service. The HVAC technician also handed me his business card and explained that he is available every day of the week as the HVAC provider has 24/7 emergency service. I thought this was cool how they were available on call any day at anytime of the week.

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HVAC repairs made easy

I’m able to remember senior year like it was subsequently yesterday. Senior year was one of the most easier years in my book. During that year I knew which college I would definitely be going to and what major I really wanted to study. During the end of senior year there was these two senior trips. On among the list of senior trips we took a big luxurious bus down south to the  beach. Since we were right on the beach we stayed in this really lower price Motel. This Motel was something I might have never picked. The cooling in the college accommodation didn’t even work and the hotel staff was lazy about the situation. I do remember it being such a great day on the beach and coming back into the hotel room and seeking to relax and cool down just by turning down the thermostat so the AC would kick on. Even so the thermostat didn’t even work. I called the front desk and said someone would be up within 10 minutes. We called the desk again and just after 10 minutes there was still no one who came out. The front desk said they would have to call an HVAC technician to be sure of the issue because all of their maintenance men were busy and had no time to fix an HVAC problem. Once the HVAC technician showed up, we pointed him to our thermostat on the wall in our room. He said that the only problem together with the thermostat was that the batteries needed to be changed and it would be good to go. He was upset since it was a waste of a trip for him since it was such an easy fix. He let the front desk know the easy issue, and we were able to return to our activities for the day.

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Showering in bad water

At our house, we do not have the option of city water.  Instead, we rely on a water well.  It is a nice cost savings that we do not pay a monthly water bill.  We are lucky to have a plentiful supply of water.  We never are faced with the problem of running short.  However, we have seriously hard water, and this creates a constant problem.  The water at our house is high in mineral content, such a lime and calcium, and it is a brownish color.  It tastes really bad.  It smells really bad.  Even worse,it causes a lot of property damage.  I can expect that my washing machine will only work for a couple of years before it starts to act up due to an accumulation of mineral deposits.  My white underwear and towels will certainly turn yellow because of the integrity of the  water.  I use a lot more detergent to get satisfactory lather, and there is no way I can use bleach.  The bleach and the hard water react and turn a bright orange, which then stains everything it touches.  I frequently need to replace the fixtures in the bathroom.  The shower head gets clogged with rust, lime and calcium until there is no pressure.  The sink and tub faucets get tarnished and unsightly.  I continually need to clean the aerators because they clog.  I bought a dishwasher.  I had it installed when I renovated the kitchen.  I was a waste of money. Our water leaves so many spots in addition to stains on all the dishes and water glasses, that I just rewash them.  The water is so gross that we don’t drink it.  We have a company deliver spring  water that we use for drinking in addition to cooking.  The water also causes dry skin, frizzy hair, and  stains on our teeth.

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This is new in plumbing

My shower is not something I want to talk about. The walls of my shower are not looking so hot. The siding looks as if it is about to just fall down on me, then my hubby had to seal the walls back in the shower. My water is so awful that the showerhead is all grime filled and rusted. Also the floor of the tub is stained an ugly yellow color. The water pressure is no good due to the fact that I never call for plumbing repairs. Awhile ago I noticed a new thing to my shower time. The water had a bad smell. It smelled just like rotten eggs. My hubby and I did not get what the deal with it was. How could the water suddenly turn odory? Did both of us need a water softener or some other kind of water cleaning products? After some hunting online I found out that it is the issue with our water heater’s anode rod. The anode rod is a bar that is in your water heater. It is responsible for catching debris, rust and bacteria in your water. The water catches all of the awful particles before they get into your water. Then you are supposed to have good and pure water. However my family has well water so the bar does not do its job. There are so many gross and grime filled particles in the water that the anode bar does not rest a chance. So it tries and then eventually gets gross. This then results in the smell of rotten eggs. I guess that means it is time to call a plumber to see if he will rip out the bar.

water heater 

All this time the roof has been leaking!

My wife and I bought our first house about twelve years ago.  As soon as we moved in, I made it my mission  to make improvements.  My wife is fairly unconcerned when it comes to  remodeling.  Unless the project is essential, Mary doesn’t want anything to do with it.  I just loathed the roof over our screen porch, and couldn’t wait to tear it off.  Since the roof wasn’t leaking or a problem, Mary insisted that the project was a waste of time as well as money.  Because, I couldn’t stand the appearance of roof, it had to go.  It was metal and showing its age. Although I tried painting it, nothing helped.  As soon as I’d saved up some money, I got in touch with a roofing contractor and hired him to replace the metal roof  with black shingles.  The job led to a giant mess in our backyard.  I picked up nails, bits of wood, and pieces of shingles all over the site.  Mary’s flower gardens got trampled.  Mary and I were relieved when the job was complete.  It ended up being way more expensive than I thought, but the roof looked good.  I was content with my investment until the first rain shower.  My shingle roof leaked.  Mary thought this was just too funny.  I did not share the joke. I called the roofing guy to complain, but couldn’t get him to answer his iphone.  I tried to call him over and over again, but never got in touch with him.  I learned how to fix the roof myself.  I had to buy supplies, and climb the ladder, but I got the job done right.   

roofing seal 

I want a quality cooling system

Come early july, I have decided to make a huge change as to buying and selling domains to cool my home. I have always used a window equipment air conditioner, mostly because it is the cheapest type of a / c unit. I usually keep a small number of fans situated around the air conditioner in order to get cool air that can spread throughout my house a little easier. Still, even with the fans surrounding the air conditioner, the window cooling unit is actually not enough to keep my own entire house cool. I would have to buy at least three more air conditioners for us to have good temperature control during the summer, and those cooling units are so bulky and heavy we can’t even imagine installing anything additional. Having a portable air conditioner spent some time working fairly well for the past few years, but I have experienced enough. Summer has barely commenced, and already the heat and humidity is unchecked. I can’t even walk beyond the borders of my house without instant excessive sweating. I have never cared excessively about air conditioning before, but today I find myself craving that. I haven’t been able to sleep very well for the past couple months, and I know that having a better air conditioning unit would definitely help. I think that perhaps it’s time to put central air conditioning straight into my home. I know it’s certainly more complicated and costly than having a portable air conditioner, but I would like having an evenly cooled dwelling. Even better, I would love not having to drag that heavy air conditioner between every single summer!

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Bad temperature control

My son is basically involved with several activities in school. Recently he had some sort of after school activity. He was going to attend a robot club meeting. He called me and asked me to please pick him up early coming from his meeting. The air conditioner within the school had quit working and they were sending the kids home early because the device was too hot to stay for the meeting. When I went in to get my son picked up, he was covered with sweat. The extremely hot day with the lack of air conditioning at the school made my son uncomfortable. I was pulling away from the institution when the HVAC service truck was attracting. The next day when my son arrived at  school the air conditioner was working perfectly. He was so happy that the school surely could get things fixed quickly. A few weeks after this incident the school despatched a message to all parents that school would be canceled that Monday. They were having to replace the air conditioning system. The sole reason was they had completely dead machinery therefore could not be replaced right up until Monday. The school was too hot to be safe for the kids. It’s annoying that they cancelled school owing to HVAC problems, but I am glad they care for the safety of the young people. On Monday the school labeled us again. They said the HVAC system was finished and school would be closed again on Tuesday. Finally on Wednesday the air conditioning system was installed and working well and so the school was open for students again on Wednesday. I was so glad that school was finally in session. My son was even happier than I was that the air conditioner was