My sis just got a new pad

My brother just relocated to a warmer area, and so far, he is loving the change. The two of us speak on the phone about twice each week, & he always has cool things to talk about. His city has lots of fun eating establishments & bars, so he has been going to new places every afternoon. The ocean is only about nine minutes away, & once the warm season crowds leave, people bring pets & allow them to run on the sand, which is really neat. Even though he isn’t living right on the ocean, palm trees are everywhere across the city and in front of his apartment. The cost of living is a lot lower, so he got a great loft for a really affordable price. I think the best part about his modern loft is that is has a central heating & cooling system, which is a really luxurious thing for my brother. When we were kids, we didn’t get to have any sort of air conditioning system. Rather than install central air conditioning, our parents had a couple window unit air conditioners situated around the house, but they were constantly breaking down! So far, my brother truly loves having such an advanced HVAC system. He said that there are air vents situated in each room, so the central air conditioning spreads really quickly. He also told me that the thermostat allows him to save certain settings for daytime and nighttime, which makes temperature control a lot easier. This is definitely the nicest place that he has lived in, because it sounds as though all his appliances are very modern! I am so happy that my brother is loving his new city, especially his new central air conditioning! air-and-heat

Finding a good fireplace

Camping is my favorite thing to do, even during the wintertime. I love spending a few days in a secluded cabin, with the sounds of birds and snow falling from the trees. The best cabin that I have ever stayed in comes equipped with a gigantic fireplace, located directly in the living room area. Since I found that cabin, I have been renting the same one for years, just because I love having a fireplace. I load up a bunch of small logs into the back of my truck, so that I have tons of fuel for the fireplace. I keep the fire going all day, and I love ending my day by relaxing next to the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate and reading a good book. Unfortunately, I procrastinated on reserving the cabin, and when I called to request it, the cabin was actually already booked. I was a little bummed about staying in a different cabin, but I figured they would all be the same. When I entered my new cabin, I was really annoyed to see that there was no fireplace at all! Instead of a fireplace, there was a thermostat on the wall that controlled the furnace. It was disappointing to not have a roaring, crackling fire, but I figured that any heating unit was better than not having a heating unit at all. I made a couple of adjustments to the thermostat, but after about thirty minutes, it became clear that there wasn’t any heat coming from the air vents. Having a broken furnace actually worked in my favor, since the property management put me into another cabin, and I finally got my fireplace back!   

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A cabin with a new gas fireplace

Camping is my favorite activity, even during Winter weather conditions. It’s so fun to stay in a cottage in the woods, with trees and snow everywhere. My number one cottage to camp in has a massive fireplace located in the middle of the living area. I pack a bunch of wood into my truck, so that I have enough to keep the fireplace burning all day. With the fireplace providing heat, the entire cottage is toasty and warm, and it makes for such a relaxing camping experience. Of course, I completely forgot to call for an early reservation, so by the time I did call, my usual cottage was already rented out. When I arrived at the new cottage, I was incredibly disappointed to see that there wasn’t a big fireplace! I figured that each cottage had a fireplace, but I shouldn’t have assumed that. Even though I was disappointed about the lack of a fireplace, it was cold enough that I needed to turn on some sort of heating unit. After I found the thermostat on the wall, I cranked it up to a high temperature setting. When the cottage still didn’t feel any warmer after about fifteen minutes, I realized that the heating unit must have been broken. Spending a winter night in a cottage without heat was not my idea of a good time, so I immediately called for a service call from a Heating, Ventilation and A/C technician. They got there quickly, but unfortunately, the technician said the heating unit was too outdated to repair. As a result, I got to stay in a different cottage, and the new cottage actually came with a fireplace!

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Getting the right cabin

I appreciate camping, even while in the Wintertime. It’s so unbelievable to be in a cottage in the middle of the woods, surrounded by trees and snow. My favorite cottage to stay in contains a big fireplace in the living room. I bring loads of wood along with me, and pile logs into the fireplace to keep it running all afternoon. The cottage is perfectly moderate and toasty with the fireplace, and I appreciate relaxing at night time and reading a book by the fireplace. This year, I forgot to make an early reservation, and I couldn’t stay in the same cottage. I was so frustrated to see that the cottage did not include a fireplace like my usual cottage does! I guess I shouldn’t have assumed that every cottage came equipped with a fireplace. At that time, the temperatures were getting chilly, and having heat was essential. Once I located the thermostat, I quickly turned it up as high as possible. I waited for about thirty minutes, but the cottage didn’t seem to be any warmed. I held my hands close to the air vents, and I could barely feel air coming through them! In fact, the air from the air vents didn’t even feel hot! I couldn’t spend the night in a cottage that didn’t have a working furnace, so I phoned property management and asked for a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair. The worker arrived in less than an hour, but the furnace couldn’t be repaired, since it was so worn down and old. Thus, I was relocated to a more modern cottage, and I was thrilled to see that there was actually a fireplace! hvac-service-plan

Finding a cabin with a fireplace

I love going camping, even during the winter. It’s so relaxing to be in a cabin in the middle of the woods, with trees and snow all around. My favorite cabin to stay at has a huge fireplace in the middle of the living room. I bring a ton of wood with me, and load up the fireplace so that it is running all day. The cabin is perfectly warm and toasty with the fireplace running, and I love relaxing in the evening and reading a book by the fireplace. This year, however, I didn’t make my reservation soon enough, and I had to stay in another cabin. I was so frustrated to see that there wasn’t a fireplace in this new cabin! I assumed that all the cabins in the area came with fireplaces, but I was wrong. It was already getting chilly, and I really needed to get the heat going. Once I found the thermostat, I immediately cranked it up as high as it would go. After half an hour, it didn’t feel as though the cabin was any warmed. I put my hands up to the air vents, and there was hardly any warm air blowing out of them at all! There was no way that I could stay in a cabin without heat, so I called the property management to request an HVAC repair. The technician arrived within the hour, but was unable to fix the furnace. I guess the furnace was so old that it needed to be completely replaced. As a result, I was moved to a new cabin, and thankfully, that cabin came equipped with a fireplace! In the end, having a broken furnace actually worked out really well for me.  

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Scheduling an HVAC installation

I have really been needed to schedule an appointment with an HVAC provider to get a new HVAC unit installed. My previous HVAC unit decided to die on me a few weeks ago. An HVAC repairman came out to look at it, and he said that it would be more cost-effective just to get an entirely new unit. I was disappointed that I would have to spend so much money, but I was happy to get a brand new HVAC unit. My old one had not been working well for months. The HVAC company said that it would take a little while to install, and that I needed to be home when they did. That was almost two weeks ago, and I still have not scheduled my HVAC installation! Every single day for the past two weeks, and every day for at least the next week is packed. Tomorrow, my brother has a basketball game all the way across town at 5:30. I do not get off of work until 4, and the game is at least half an hour away from work. Tomorrow will not work. Tuesday, my brother has a basketball game at 6, and my fiance and I are going to meet for supper really quickly before the game, then we are going to look at paint samples after the game. Wednesday through Saturday, I am going on a business trip. Sunday is always busy with church. Next Monday is my niece’s birthday party. Next Tuesday I have a doctor’s appointment and a piano lesson after school. It will be at least next Wednesday before I will be able to get my new HVAC unit!

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Our heating equipment broke down!

A year ago my stepdaughter had a band concert over the Christmas season, and it was completely miserable. She plays the flute and the concert piano. She is extremely talented, and practices every single day for at least three hours. Sometimes it surprises me just how disciplined she constantly is, when it comes to her band instruments. Last year, she was asked to do a solo on the flute, in addition to play the piano for part of the program. It was a few weeks before winter break was to start, and it was freezing outside. The air was cold and dry, and there were snow flurries whipping around in the air when we left for the auditorium. By the time we arrived, it had started snowing heavily, and we could barely see the road any longer. When we arrived to the venue, we were pleased to find it was warm and cozy inside. As the night wore on, the heat got quite a bit more intense. There was no denying that the furnace was broken, and before the end of the first song, half of the group of musicians were sweating. We had started to feel uncomfortably warm as well, but didn’t realize it was the broken furnace causing it. The principal ended up coming on stage, and informed us that the furnace was being repaired shortly, and to take a small break while we waited. They had refreshments, so it wasn’t too large of a deal. Once they were able to repair the furnace, the concert went on. My stepdaughter did a fantastic job, and I was so pleased to show her off! I hope she does that well with this year’s winter concert. Hopefully the furnace won’t be temperamental again!


My experience with washable air filters

I have always loved my mom’s dedication to her kids. I am a grown man now, but she still takes care of me whenever I need help. As a child, she was always there for me and she worked hard to make ends meet. When I came home from the park with grass stains all over my jeans, she would spend hours rubbing stain remover into the fabric to make them look like new again. Instead of buying me new clothes, she simply worked hard to make the old ones look new again. I may not have appreciated her back then, but I sure do now. In my house, I do the same things with the HVAC air filters. I used to throw the old one out every few weeks and replace it with another one. While they are not super expensive, they still are a pain to go out and buy every so often. Therefore, I made the switch to a model of air filter that simply needs to be washed every month. I realize many people have negative things to say about washable air filters, but I promise you that they have been a blessing for my household. I simply take them out each month, pick all of the dust out of the filter, run some water through it and they look good as new. Just as my mother used to make my jeans look fresh, I do the same thing for my heating and cooling equipment. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the other filters.


I’d love a new heater

I have been living in the same house ever since it was built in the 1980’s. I have never had any moisture problems in my home until recently. I was very suspicious because i just replaced my old natural draft furnace with a high-efficiency furnace. All of a sudden I was having lots of moisture problems. I first noticed condensation on the windows that had never been there before. Then, I experienced water spots on my hall around my skylights, which was because there seemed to be too much condensation in the attic. I called the HVAC supplier that installed my furnace and told them about the moisture problems. The installers came and checked everything and told me it was all working good. So why was I experiencing these problems? They told me that i had several options. I could purchase a continuous exhaust fan to take away air from my home, but I thought that will end up costing me more on my utility bills, because the warm air in my home would be wasted. We can also run a dehumidifier all of winter, but again, this could be cost prohibitive. My best option was to set up a heat recovery ventilator. This could constantly change out the air in my house, while at the same time get rid of the humidity. I wish someone could have explained this problem to me before I had a high-efficiency furnace installed. I thought I was going to save money on my utility bills. Instead I ended up having a bunch more problems, and still had to spend more money.

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Thermostat maintenance

A few weeks ago, I had some troubles that caused me a constant headache. I was very busy at work which stressed me out a lot. One of my co workers quit and so I am now responsible for all of her work on top of my own. The only thing I want to do after work these days is go home and relax by myself all night. I used to go out for drinks and dinner with friends after work more often but now I barely see them. I find myself always heading home right after I get out of work. In addition to the stress caused from work, I was having issues with my thermostat at home. I am not comfortable if the heating and cooling settings in my home are not to my liking, so this thermostat issue was a big deal to me. It was a strange issue I have never had with my HVAC unit. I would set my thermostat to a certain temperature in the morning but when I came home, it was set at a totally different temperature. I don’t live with anyone, so I know nobody is adjusting the thermostat. Actual heat and air conditioning was still blowing out of the HVAC unit so I know nothing is wrong with that. It is simply the thermostat. I called for HVAC maintenance and someone came to resolve the issue within a few hours. Since my thermostat was fixed, everything had become better at home and at work. Work is now less stressful and I am more comfortable in my own home.