HVAC Problems Make Work Difficult

Every day, I work from home. Usually, working from home is a blessing. I can sit on the couch and work. I can do chores when I have breaks from my work. I can take care of my son and husband as I need to. All of this is possible because I can work from home. Some days working from home is really difficult. There are lots of distractions making it hard to get work done. Recently, I had an entire day where I got barely any work done. We had a scheduled appointment with the HVAC service for routine maintenance. They found a problem with our system. I had to stop working to listen to them explain the problem and the repairs. I also had to stop working when they turned off the air conditioner to do the repairs. They had to turn off not only the air conditioner but the power while they worked on the air conditioner system. It was too hot to sit and continue working while they worked. They were also pretty noisy as they worked. They had to take apart some of the HVAC unit to replace the part. Sadly it was a big part of the air conditioner. The repairs cost me quite a bit of money. Thankfully they found the problem before the problem caused us major problems. The major problems could have damaged our entire air conditioning system. I am grateful for our routine maintenance service, but I am also grateful that they are done so I can get back to work.  

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Catering so I need hydronic heating in the kitchen

Anytime the topic of heated floors come up, everyone wants them. Most people talk about having radiant flooring in their bedroom or bathroom. Forget that, I want hydronic heating in my kitchen. All of my home is carpeted, except the kitchen. I also am in my kitchen more than any other room. I work as a caterer and I also cook all the meals in the home. Basically sleep and exercise is when I leave the kitchen. I want to install this heating in the room I use most. We already own a boiler system and it is in the basement. The boiler connects with hydronic radiant flooring. Piping is installed inside of the tiles in the kitchen. The boiler heats water that goes through the piping and this heats your floors. It will be expensive heating installation. I consider it a hefty business cost. I need my work environment to be a good one. So that means I need access to quality HVAC. I do a lot of catering for holiday parties in the winter. So I need heated floors in the kitchen. I think the installation should not be too bad since I already have the boiler system. What will be a pain is the HVAC contractor will have to rip out my existing flooring. He then will install the piping and reinstall the floor once more. Electric radiant flooring would be cheaper, but it would not be as powerful. I am willing to pay more money for a quality HVAC system in my home. Let the heated floor installation begin!


Looking for new heating and cooling

I think it might to time to purchase a new HVAC system. Over the past few months, I have noticed a significant decrease in the air quality of our home. Over the past year, I have also seen an increase in the energy bills, that can only be contributed to the HVAC system. We haven’t been changing any of our habits, so I can only deduce that it must be the air conditioning and heating. I’ve been able to hear a quiet tapping sound from the air handler, that I don’t remember ever hearing before. In the house, some rooms are cooler than others when we run the air conditioner. I’ve definitely noticed a temperature difference between the kitchen and the master bedroom. Each of these rooms are located in different areas of the house. The kitchen is located almost directly next to the HVAC unit, while the master bedroom is located at the far end of the house. When the air conditioner is running, the kitchen is cool and comfortable, but the rooms near the back of the house are warmer. When it was still winter, the back of the house felt like an icebox, even when the furnace was running. I’ve spoken to my husband, and he agreed that we should have an expert technician have a look. I’m hoping that we will be able to have our system repaired, but it is almost ten years old, and it might be time to upgrade to a new HVAC system. I guess we will see what the HVAC company has to say.


Upgrading my HVAC

I have had the same heating and cooling units in my home for the last twenty-five years. I know the average life expectancy for HVAC equipment is around twenty years. I know I have been lucky when it comes to functional equipment. I have been saving for quite some time in order to invest in new HVAC equipment. I would like to upgrade my HVAC unit to a high efficiency system. I am planning to upgrade both my furnace and my air conditioner. For the furnace replacement, my local HVAC company recommended I upgrade to a high efficiency condensing furnace. This type of furnace will save me as much as thirty-five percent on my heating bill. For the air conditioner, I have done some research and consulted with my HVAC company. I am also hoping to install a smart thermostat with this big upgrade. I have been using the same system for so long that it seems a bit silly not to splurge and invest all at once on all of the latest, most efficient products. I am counting on my HVAC provider to install the best equipment they can find within my budget. I am also hoping that the technicians that are sent to complete the installation are highly certified and experienced. So far, my HVAC company has been a huge help to me, so I am confident that the technicians will be wonderful. I am so looking forward to completing this investment and indulging in a new, high efficiency HVAC system for many years to come!

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