Air conditioning in my first apartment

The first apartment that I ever had was a bit of a fixer-upper. The floors were slightly slanted, and the paint on the porch was peeling off. The kitchen sink always leaked, and the carpeting was old and worn down. Still, I absolutely loved it. It was the first place that was truly and completely my own. Because I was renting, I wasn’t able to make too many changes to the apartment, but there were a few little improvements that I could make. I hung up new curtains, and put a few plants in the windows. I even bought a few colorful throw rugs to brighten up the living room. Over the span of a year, I found myself making quite a few additions to the apartment. One of those additions was a new air conditioner. The apartment came with a furnace, but didn’t have any sort of cooling unit. My landlord refused to install central air conditioning, mostly because summers in that area were relatively short. Even so, sometimes the summer temperatures would get so hot and humid that I couldn’t sleep at night, and even being inside was unbearable! So, in an effort to make my apartment a little bit more comfortable, I purchased a small window air conditioner unit. I chose an energy efficient model, so that my monthly bills wouldn’t get too high. Once I finally had air conditioning, my apartment felt so much more homey and comfortable. Hanging up curtains and putting up other small decorations certainly helped make the apartment mine, but that air conditioner was what made me feel truly comfortable. Being able to sleep during the summer definitely didn’t hurt, either!

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These are the easiest HVAC tune-ups

Soon after I got married, I discovered that my husband is a huge sports junky.  I had never been interested in sporting events, myself. My dad took me to a couple of hockey games growing up, but I never had that great of a time.  For my spouse, though, football games with his dad was a common and wonderful experiences, and he only had good things to say about the crowds, the players, the food and the excitement. When we started dating, we also started attending games together.  I soon realized that is was kind of fun. Seated in the arena with a huge crowd cheering was sort of thrilling.  I liked the energy. The weather, however, nearly ruined it.  Football preseason is played during the summer.  We’d sit in the beating sun for hours without air conditioning. I don’t enjoy sweating in the heat without access to a thermostat.  There were days when it rained, and other days when the humidity was terrible.  I wanted to be inside with my air conditioner. The lack of air conditioning was just about a deal breaker.  Then, my husband got tickets for a lacrosse match at an indoor arena.  I liked this sport because of the HVAC system.  The time of the game, the weather outside, no longer mattered, because the arena’s air conditioning and heating equipment provided perfect temperature. The thermostat was set to a comfortable level and the rain couldn’t touch me. I could relax and enjoy the games because of the indoor protection and HVAC system.  I also noticed that the improved air quality allowed me to concentrate more on the game, instead of being distracted by the humidity.

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A power outage is a pain

Last night, a hurricane came through our area, and there were some incredibly severe weather conditions. My boyfriend and I prepared by buying bottled water and canned goods, just in case the power went out. At first, it seemed like a normal rainstorm with a little bit more wind than normal. We were actually standing out on the porch and watching the storm when suddenly, everything shifted. Shingles started flying off the apartments next to us, and tree branches were being ripped away. We quickly went inside, only to find that the power had gone out. We were a little frustrated, but we knew that we were prepared, so we lit a few candles, made sandwiches, and prepared to spend the rest of the night hiding out from the storm. Unfortunately, with the power out, we couldn’t use our heating and cooling units, either. The intense rain from the hurricane had significantly raised the humidity, and without being able to run the air conditioner, our apartment felt like a sauna. We thought about opening a few windows, but we couldn’t even do that because it wasn’t safe with all that wind! Instead, we used a few books and pieces of paper to try and fan ourselves and create at least a little bit of air flow. That night, we barely slept at all. The wind was howling outside and the rain was pounding so hard on the windows that we thought they might explode! Trying to sleep without air conditioning was the worst part, because not only we were scared, but we were terribly uncomfortable. When we woke up in the morning, the first thing that we did was turn the air conditioner on its highest setting!

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Here is what you should know about your HVAC unit

Soon after I met my boyfriend, I learned that he was a big football fan. I had never been much into football, myself. My father took me to a few football games growing up, but I never really understood the sport or the rules. For my boyfriend Bob,  those games he went to in his childhood were the greatest experiences ever.  He likes everything about it, including the the crowds, the games, & the food. When the two of us started dating, we went to games together.   I realized I kind of liked football. Being in the venue was exciting, and I got caught up in  the energy of the crowd. I didn’t like sitting outside in the weather.  During preseason, the weather is hot and humid and there’s no air conditioner in a giant outdoor stadium. I don’t like sitting for hours in the beating sun, sweating to death, with no access to air conditioning.  I could not get into the game when I was feeling overheated.  I preferred the night games, when the temperatures were cooler and we didn’t need air conditioning.  Then in the fall, it started to get rainy and cold and I wanted access to a heater.  I would have rather stayed home and watched the television.  Then I could adjust the thermostat.  Then, my boyfriend took me to an indoor venue with and HVAC system.  That was awesome! The weather or time of day no longer mattered.  The venue’s HVAC equipment kept me comfortable. The thermostat was set to the optimum temperature.  I didn’t need a coat or an umbrella.

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I’m glad this system is efficient

I can remember the time when one of my favorite bands breaking up. I ended up buying a ticket to an outdoor concert venue and I couldn’t go because they broke up right before the concert. We did end up having our tickets refunded. I was so upset when I heard about this because I was looking forward to seeing this band live for the very first time. 5 years later the band has come back together with a new album and has announced their world tour dates. I bought the album their concert tickets Finally the night has come for them to put on the show. The cheapest ticket that I could find were ones in the nosebleed section. It was really high up but I was still able to experience them play live. The huge downfall of having seats that high up was we were near the ductwork. There was a lot of rattling in the ductwork and the vents were right above us. Since there were thousands of people, whoever was maintaining the facility had the air conditioning up really high. It was extremely uncomfortable having cold air blast at you the entire time. I felt like I couldn’t fully enjoy the concert and I couldn’t find any maintenance people to tell them to turn the air conditioning down. I felt like they should have spread out the air registers and not have them all pointing at the people sitting in the top section. The next time I purchase tickets I’ll make sure I won’t be sitting near ductwork that is carry cold air.

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Looking for a puppy

I recently just accepted my first big-girl job in a brand new city, several hours away from my hometown. I’m super excited to begin this new journey in my career, but I’m sad about leaving my friends and family behind. I can definitely drive home for a weekend, but by the time I’ve worked 40 hours and straighten out my personal sanity, I don’t want to spend half my weekend driving home. Because I’m still new to the area, I haven’t made many friends. As much as I love spending my weekends relaxing at home, it can get lonely sometimes. In attempt to cure this loneliness, I’ve decided to get a puppy. I’m not sure which dog I’ll end up getting, but I’ve been doing a ton of research on the maintenance and time that they require. In all of the articles I’ve read, they’ve suggested finding a great air purifier for pet dander. This purifier will be great for any guests I may have who are allergic to most pets. The device is great for trapping all pet dander, dust, and hair within the air.  A carbon filter is also amazing at removing pet odors and odd smells from the home. Another great feature about an air purifier, is that most of the modern systems work remotely. I can hook it up to my iphone and activate it from wherever I am. I will definitely be purchasing an air purifier for my apartment because I don’t want to constantly be cleaning up hair and sniffing in weird dog odors. air-filter

The air conditioner is maintaining the temperature

Soon after I met my fiance, I learned that she was a huge sports fan. I had never been much into sports in the past. My father took me and my brother to a few baseball games growing up, but those were never all that fun for me. For my fiance, though, the games she attended with her dad were formative experiences.  She truly loved the excitement, the crowds, the games, and the whole experience. When she and I started attending games together, I realized I really did like it.  Sitting in the stadium was thrilling and fun because of the high energy level and excitement of the crowd. What I didn’t like was being seated in the Summer sun for hours without air conditioner. I am not a fan of the heat without climate control, and spending hours of the day in the beating sun wasn’t pleasurable. I could usually get over being a bit sweaty.   I stopped noticing the lack of air conditioning when the score was close. I definitely preferred the night games. Eventually, my fiance and I attended a game at an indoor stadium with HVAC and this was much better. The time of the game and the outside weather no longer mattered.  The venue’s air conditioner maintained the ideal temperature and handled the punishing mid-day heat. The thermostat was set to a comfortable temperature,  and both the seats and the indoor air quality were so much better than before. The improved air quality meant that I could focus on the game, rather than sweat and bake in the heat plus awful humidity. The cooling system made attending the various sporting events something I look forward to.


Air conditioning in the doctor’s room

Last month, I ended up getting quite sick and had to go see the doctor.  I really detest going to the doctor.  My health insurance does not cover the appointment, so it costs me a fortune, and I resent the huge waste of my time.  I knew that if I wanted to get rid of my cold, I needed to get a prescription for some antibiotics.  It was the middle of September and quite warm out on the day of appointment.  Because I had a fever, body aches, and chills, I dressed in long-sleeves and long pants.  I still wasn’t warm enough to handle the blast of the air conditioner in the doctor’s office.  My appointment was at eleven in the morning, and I arrived a bit early.  I sat in the waiting room, getting his with freezing cold air, for nearly an hour and a half.  I can’t imagine why the air conditioner was turned up to maximum capacity in the middle of September, but everyone in the waiting room was shivering.  We were all coughing, sneezing, and spreading our germs all over the place.  I finally went up to the receptionist’s desk and complained about the long wait and the temperature.  I needed to be home in bed, huddled under the blankets, not getting pummeled with air conditioning.  By the time I got in to actually see the doctor, I was extremely angry and feeling totally miserable. After that, I still had to visit the pharmacy and wait another half an hour to get my antibiotics.  At least the pharmacy wasn’t trying to kill their customers with the air conditioning.

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Lacking an air conditioner

Soon after I met my wife, I discovered that she was a huge sports fan. I had never been much into sports, myself. My father took me to a handful of games growing up, but those were never a big deal for me. For my wife, though, those games with her dad must have been formative experiences, because she seemed drawn to the crowds, the games, and the excitement. When we started attending games together, I realized I kind of liked them. Being in the stadium was thrilling and fun because of the energy and excitement of the crowd and. What I generally wasn’t too happy about, though, was going out in the tropical summer for hours without air conditioning. I don’t usually do too well in the heat without climate control, and spending large parts of the day in the jungle sun wasn’t really my idea of fun. I could usually get into it after a while, though, and after a while I stopped noticing the lack of A/C, especially at night games. Eventually, though, my wife took me to an indoor stadium with HVAC, and it was awesome! The time of the game no longer mattered, because the stadium’s air conditioning system could keep up with the punishing mid-day heat. The thermostat was set to a comfortable shirtsleeve temperature, and the games were much more comfortable than before. The improved air quality meant that I could concentrate on the game, not the baking heat and exhausting humidity. The cooling system made me more willing to do things with my wife that she enjoys.

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My new HVAC system works great

As a graduate student, I spend an incredible amount of time researching and writing nearly every day. It seems as though I am always getting a new project as soon as I finish one! Graduate school is definitely very rewarding, but those rewards come with a huge amount of work. I used to spend all of my time studying in the college library, but it can be really difficult to concentrate in there. I always seem to find a spot near a couple of chatty people, and the printers are constantly going off. With so much noise, I can never seem to concentrate, especially with the air conditioner running on high. Not only is it freezing inside the library, but the HVAC system is also really noisy. I’m sure it’s because the HVAC unit has to be really large to provide cool air for such a large space. There is this constant humming noise when the air conditioning is running, and the extra noise can be really distracting. For the past few weeks, I have started researching and writing papers at home. While it can be easy to get distracted, at least I have greater control over noise and air conditioning! Thankfully, the air conditioner in my apartment is very quiet, so I don’t have to worry about that loud humming noise. Being able to control the thermostat in my home also means that I don’t have to worry about getting too cold from the air conditioning! Being a graduate student definitely takes an excessive amount of dedication and focus, and a quiet and comfortable environment really helps. Now that I’m not getting distracted from noise and excessive air conditioning in the library, it’s been much easier to complete all of my assignments!