Cleaning my home to make room

It sounds sort of silly to say this, but I have actually never had brand new furniture. The prices for couches and chairs are always so outrageous, and all throughout college, I never had enough money to afford it. Additionally, I had so much credit card debt when I was younger that I couldn’t even get on one of those payment plans that furniture stores offer. I always got used furniture, either handed down from family and friends, or purchased at a steep discount from a secondhand store. Now that I have finally graduated and gotten a good paying job, I am finally in the position to buy my first brand new furniture set. I was so excited for my new couch and loveseat to arrive, and I spent all morning cleaning the living room. About ten minutes into my cleaning, however, I started sweating. I thought that I had turned the air conditioner on, but there didn’t seem to be any cool air coming through the air vents. I walked over to the thermostat, made a few adjustments, and kept on cleaning. A few minutes later, I still couldn’t notice any change in temperature. I had just picked up the phone to call my HVAC technician for help when the doorbell rang. The delivery men were here early to deliver the furniture! They had to carry my couch and loveseat up two flights of stairs into my apartment, sweating the entire time. I felt so bad that the air conditioning wasn’t working, and apologized over and over. I wish that I would have noticed that my air conditioner was malfunctioning before I had delivery men moving heavy items up stairs and into my apartment!


Found dog-he stays inside since it is cheaper with HVAC

I have a five year old son that really likes animals. I have always despised animals and refuse to own a pet. I do not know how his love of animals happend but I have tried to discourage it. Nevertheless, whenever he spots a cat or dog he bursts with excitement. The other day my son found an abandoned dog near our house. The dog was huge, old and smelly. My son cried and begged me to keep the dog in the house, so, as a loving mother, I got it washed, watered and fed. I looked for a home for the dog, but I found one way too late. My son is attached now and has named the dog Sam. Sam apparently is now here to stay. I think my son would really freak out if I tried to give Sam to someone else. Now I have to decide if he is an indoor or outdoor dog; I would really prefer to keep him outside though. This would work great in the summer but in the winter what would I do for heating? My garage is not heated, I would have to add a heater to it. I would need to buy at the very least three space heaters. Or I could invest in radiant flooring to warm the cars and the dog. I honestly think it would be cheaper to keep the dog inside. That way our heating and cooling costs would be the same. The dog would just be another person to benefit from my superior HVAC system. That problem is that I don’t want a huge, gross dog inside of my home.

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low water pressure

I try to visit my parents every two months. During the major holidays I always go down to visit my parents and I’ll bring my family with me as well. I moved out of my parents house when I was 23 years old. I moved away for a job and settled down and started my own family. When my wife and I first bought our first house there was a lot of things that needed to be done to it. The entire walls needed to be repainted and the carpeting needed to be reupholstered. Not to mention we had to change all of the faucets and the shower heads because they were so outdated. We had a plumber come in and check out our water pressure and he told us that we hardly had any water pressure coming out of our showers. Low water pressure meant there was some kind of build up either in the shower head or the piping. He was able to fix the situation and even replace a shower head for free. Now our low water pressure in our shower is fixed and we can continue in enjoying a nice high pressured shower. However when I go to visit my parents house the pressure in their showers are terrible. It takes me about 20 minutes to take my shower. Because I have to get all the soap out of my hair and on my body. I don’t like to stay at my parent’s house for more than two days because of the water pressure, I cannot stand it.

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We really need a good HVAC system

When my daughter was a little kid, we discovered that she is allergic to heat. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Officially termed heat-induced urticaria, her body reacts to heat the same way it would react to say, pollen, for example. So, as a youngster at school, it was very awful for her to go out for physical education or recess. The doctor did give her a prescription for antihistamines, but we usually would try to have her take less medicine rather than more. We soon discovered that the best medicine for this condition is air conditioning. A good HVAC system is the best antidote. We live in the southeast, so avoiding heat is difficult, but once inside, almost everyone runs their HVAC unit, so that is very helpful. Later, when my daughter grew up and began to go more places, we discovered that it is not just heat that gives her urticaria, it is also cold weather. Her boyfriend has family in the midwest where it gets very cold. She went there to visit with them, and she was broken out in hives the entire time. It was much worse, there, actually, probably because she had a reaction when she went outside, because it was so cold, but she also had a reaction a lot of the times indoors as well. Why? Because the heaters would be on and would heat the air so much. The furnaces are very efficient in lots of midwestern towns, and so the poor girl suffered no matter whether she went outside or stayed inside.

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I want to hire a plumber

When I finally stopped renting apartments, and bought a home, I was not prepared for the amount of maintenance.  Living in an apartment, I had a landlord and a maintenance crew who handled all of that for me.  I had no idea that there were air filters in the HVAC system, a lint trap in the dryer, and that I should drain my water heater.  I had no idea what to do when I suddenly had very little water pressure in the shower, hardly any hot water, and all of my drains were moving super slow.  My mother recommended that I call a licensed plumber for annual maintenance.  I was a bit reluctant to hire a plumber when nothing was actually broken.  My plumbing wasn’t working at its best, but I could live with it.  I put of contacting the plumber for another month, but the issues steadily worsened.  When I noticed that my toilet was running all of the time, I finally scheduled a maintenance call.  The plumber was extremely professional and efficient.  He checked all of the pipes, drains, and faucets in the house.  He inspected and serviced the water heater.  He found obstructions in the drains, leaks in several of the pipes, and a buildup of sediment in the water tank.  The whole service only took a couple of house, and it certainly improved my everyday life.  I know have an ample supply of hot water and plenty of pressure from my faucets.  My drains are working perfectly, and I no longer have a consistent damp spot near the tub.  I was so impressed with the results that I enrolled in a plumbing maintenance plan.  My plumber will come to the house every year and make sure that every aspect of my plumbing system is working properly.


Loving the furnace after the football game

My son is the starting quarterback on the school football team. We are so proud of his achievements because neither me or my husband were athletic in high school and it is simply amazing to see our son flourish on the football field. We had no idea how good he was until just a year or two ago. His attitude and body has changed so much since then. He is truly a wonderful young man. While I enjoy watching my son play the sport that he loves, I must admit that these late evening games in the fall can be tricky. When you arrive, the sun is still up and the temperature is okay. However, by the middle of the game, it is so darn cold that I can’t wait to get home and enjoy the furnace at our home. The last game they played went into overtime, so I had to sit out in the cold even longer. I just wanted someone to score so I could go home and utilize my HVAC equipment. My body was not made to survive temperatures like this without a central heater. Some of these kids go to the games with no shirts on and paint letters on their stomachs. I could never do that. I love my son, but I would rather read a book under a blanket and know the heating equipment is treating me right. He only has one more season left. After that, my Friday nights will involve less football and more of my furnace. I am looking forward to that very much.

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Providing climate control

My home is rather old. I love that there is so much history in our old farmhouse and that most of my ancestors lived in the same house over the years. We tend to keep the same traditions and decorations around the house to maintain the historical significance. However, I feel like it is time to update the decorations and restore a lot of things in the house. One of them being the furnace. We have had the same heating system my entire time living in the house and it is certainly time to get an updated version. Of course we have no problem heating the house throughout the winter, but I worry that the smallest issue may turn into a big one. We have had to call the fire department on several occasions because our furnace was smoking from the basement. Of course, there was nothing to worry about because it just happened to be old dust burning off the main equipment. Luckily, we caught it before anything bad could happen, but it only makes me nervous about what could happen in the future. My father swears that the furnace and all equipment is in perfect shape since he has had it serviced by a certified HVAC technician for over ten years. But, after so many years, I feel like there is not much that the HVAC company can do to prevent a fire from happening. The only way to ensure that the furnace is safe and not causing a smoke detector to go off is if we replace it with a new one.

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Hydronic heating was a wise investment

Have you ever heard of heated floors and/or hydronic heating? I must admit that as a woman who grew up in the deep south, I never really gave heating systems all that much thought. Every person I have ever knew either used a wood stove as an HVAC system or little plug-in space heaters for their winter heating. Soon, though, I will be moving to the northern part of the country. As part of the move, I will be renovating an old farmhouse I inherited. It gets super cold there, so I have to give a lot of thought to the type of heating and cooling system I will choose to install. Right now, there is an ancient oil furnace, which is typical, I suppose. My father-in-law recommends I look into a hydronic heating system. From what I understand, hydronic heating uses water to heat your house. That seems like it might be a wise investment because water is definitely cheaper than oil. But, the water has to be heated by something, and I am wondering if that process is energy efficient or not. Typically, I suppose, the water is heated by a boiler, and then the water is sent through pipes and into the radiators. I do not know how the boiler heats the water. In this method though I have heard that the water is superheated by one of the new fancy tankless water heaters. It all seems really fancy to me and I know little about these yankee winters I will let my husband deal with it


I’m really liking this air conditioner

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had a fire in your home? I have. There was a big and dangerous fire which started in my kitchen and spread to several of the rooms in my condo. No one was hurt, but it caused all sorts of problems. The water from the fire trucks ruined almost all of my books and my furnishings. However, the worst damage came from the smoke. It filled my condo with tiny particulates. Soot, dirt, dust and debris filled the air. Even though the fire happened several months ago, the air quality in my condo is very poor even today. I wanted to make sure that my family’s lungs were safe from disease like asthma and allergies. So, I called the best local HVAC provider and asked them to come and inspect my condo. They sent out their top certified service technician. He examined my property and took samples of the air in my home. He recommended that I install a powerful, professional air purification device. This device will attach to my existing HVAC system. It will continually clean and filter the air as it flows through the ductwork. Whether the air is heated or cooled, it will still be purified. The HVAC technician says my home will smell better and my family’s health will improve. Attaching such a device to my home heating and cooling system will be expensive. I think it is worth the cost. I would do anything to protect my family, and give them clean air. Wouldn’t you?

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All kinds of HVAC equipment

I met my fiance several years ago.  I quickly discovered that he was a big soccer fan. I had never paid much attention to soccer. My father took me to a game once, but I was little and don’t remember much about it.  For my fiance, however, soccer is his passion.  He plays soccer on a men’s league and loves to attend games whenever possible.  It’s not just the sport but the whole experience of  the crowds, the players, and the excitement. When the two of us started attending soccer games together, I started having fun. I liked being in the stadium and hearing the cheers of the crowd. It was easy to get caught up in the excitement.  Unfortunately, in my area we get lots of bad weather during soccer season.  I don’t like going  for hours without air conditioning.The heat and humidity really gets to me.  I prefer to be indoors with access to a thermostat.  I like to have control over my climate.  Spending the heat of the day in the beating sun, sweating like crazy, wasn’t particularly my idea of fun. I would always suggest that we stay home and watch the match on television.  We could make snacks, get comfy on the couch and run the air conditioner at max capacity.  That sounded fun to me, but no my fiance.  He doesn’t care if there’s no thermostat, if there’s blazing sun, or pounding rain.  He just loves to see the games live.  Eventually,, my fiance found a soccer team that plays in an indoor stadium.  This is perfect because the venue has an HVAC system.  It’s never too hot, too cold, or too wet in the studium.  The  time of day doesn’t matter.  The HVAC equipment keeps me happy. Because of the temperature control I am always willing to attend the games.

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