Too high electric bill-the AC?

After finding my electric bill to be in excess of four hundred dollars this month, I have decided to start cracking down on the electric consumption.  It is summer time, so the electric bill is always high, but I can’t afford to keep paying this bill every month if our energy usage doesn’t change significantly. I have asked the children to keep all the lights off, unless they are in the room.  This won’t save a lot of money, but it will help the electric bill if they start doing this every time they leave a room.  I have turned the temperature on the thermostat from 72 degrees, to 74 degrees.  Again, this won’t make a huge difference right away, but we should see a difference over the months.  The other thing I did was schedule a maintenance service for the air conditioner and heating unit.  A coworker of mine said that after she had her A/C serviced, her electric bill dropped forty dollars the next month, because it is now running at it’s peak, and that is a huge difference. I called the HVAC company she recommended, and scheduled service for the next week.  When they arrived, the HVAC technician was very knowledgeable and friendly.  He explained the entire process to me as he worked.  He lubricated all the moving parts, checked the thermostat, and checked all of the electrical connections. He also changed the air filters, and cleaned all of the vents. He also gave me a few tips on techniques to help save money, and ways to keep my unit running effectively and efficiently.

AC tune up

Giving air conditioning to my mom before I head into the military

There is never a good time to say goodbye to someone you love. You just have to do it. Sometimes people give presents and hugs. It is a way to show them we love them before we go off someone. As I headed into the military, I left my mom with a very special gift. I knew she would be worrying about me all of the time and she was going to miss me. I wanted her to be as comfortable as she could be while I was away. I gave her the gift of air conditioning. My mom was hard working but she could never afford to have air conditioning in the house. This was my chance to give back to her. It was my hope that she could be comfortable while I was away. I hope that the air conditioning fills her home and makes her comfortable while I am away. I planned to return soon but it is never soon enough. The air conditioning will fill her house with a central air conditioning system installed. All she has to do is pick one temperature and her house will be filled with temperature controlled air. She is used to this with the furnace in our house. Air conditioning is a brand new concept to her. I provided her with the HVAC business’s phone number in case anything ever went wrong or she had any questions. There is no better feeling than giving back to your parents who gave you everything. Air conditioning has been the best present to her so far.

heating and air conditioning

Air conditioning at the zoo

We have a fantastic zoo here in my town. Our zoo has lots of animals with really well done exhibits. They have created the exhibits to look as much like the animals natural habitats as possible. This makes the animals happier which makes the zoo’s visitors happy. My favorite exhibit at our zoo is the tiger enclosure. The tigers are always active when we go. They are walking around and playing and eating regularly. You can walk along this huge enclosure outside and see a lot but they also have an indoor section so you can stand inside and look through the glass windows. The best thing about the indoor section of our zoo exhibits is the air conditioning. It gets extremely hot here so having lots of places with air conditioning is essential. The AC in this exhibit and others allows people to enjoy the animals and be very comfortable. The temperature in these rooms is always perfect. The heating and cooling unit circulates the air well. Even with doors opening and closing regularly as people go in and out, the temperature is nice. You can stand here in the shade enjoying the animals and cooling off. The air conditioned sections in many exhibits are one of the many things that make our zoo my favorite. The air conditioner allows everyone to be comfortable and allows the zoo keepers to give talks and tell people about the animals. In most zoos during the summer you rush through because it is too hot to stop and linger. The A/C allows you to linger and learn about the animals as you watch them interact with their environment. The air conditioning may cost the zoo more money but because these heated and cooled rooms let people stay longer they are probably making more money as well.  

air conditioning

Getting the oil furnace ready for winter

I really look forward to a typical winter season.  I like the sight of fresh snow and the smell of a crock of chili on the stove.  I enjoy the comfort of the furnace keeping the house toasty warm. I was born and raised in a north-eastern state.  After college, I moved to a hot and humid climate.  I now live in a southern state, where an air conditioning system is essential.  Now that I am located in the lower section of the US,  I don’t normally get the same enjoyment from the winter weather.  Although it does turn chilly, it is typically accompanied by very windy plus stormy conditions. I actually prefer to travel north for the winter months. I look forward to running the furnace on a cold winter night, and feeling all snug in the house.  I rent a small cottage with a great heating system so that I can take advantage of the northern climate for a few months a The heating system  is entirely essential to combat the cold during the winter months.  When the outside temperature drops below zero, I can still maintain just the right temperature.  I love to stand at the window and watch the snow fall so quietly. I do worry about the  pipes freezing in the basement. Frozen pipes can quickly turn small heating issues into a major all around HVAC and plumbing emergency. I make sure to have my furnace professionally serviced prior to the start of the freezing temperatures of winter. My HVAC technician will then identify any problematic areas with the HVAC system early on; This helps to prevent a sudden and costly furnace repair in the future. Through the years, I’ve made sure to have my air conditioning system and heating unit in both houses regularly inspected by a licensed HVAC contractor.

oil heater 

Friend has mold in apartment, poor IAQ

Living in a cute, historic part of town allows you to have the option to live in old, stylish apartments or homes. My friend used to live in a dual dark red-bricked quad apartment that he rented out. It was truly adorable. His apartment was very charming and suited his tastes quite well. The hardwood floors were a selling point for him. It was a well sized one bedroom that he had to himself. He had it decorated so neat too. It was truly the hangout spot. One day while he was staring at the ceiling he noticed some small speckled black dots. He didn’t think too much of it and he never even thought to call his landlord. After a few weeks he noticed that the small black dots were now large blobs and then thought that it was clearly an issue. He then phoned his landlord and explained the situation. The landlord called a HVAC technician and had the mold properly handled before it was a severe risk to his health. The HVAC technician needed to inspect his window air conditioning unit. After doing so he explained that it needed to be replaced because it was not holding temperature and therefore the room’s humidity levels were at constant odds. This created a perfect mold environment, especially since it was the summer time when this occurred. The air conditioning window unit was replaced and the mold was treated. Since the replacement the mold has not returned. I suppose he was lucky that it did not turn into something far worse than what is treatable.

Indoor air quality

Preparing my furnace for winter

I really enjoy a cold and snowy winter.  From the sight of fresh snow on the ground,  to a home filled with the smells of baking cookies, to the comfort of the furnace keeping us toasty and cozy, it’s my favorite season. I was born in the north-eastern part of the county. I eventually moved to a humid and hot southern area, where cooling and humidity control are  essential.  Residing in the lower part of the US and in a southern climate, I don’t get much opportunity to enjoy cooler temperatures.  When it does get a little chilly, it is typically accompanied by really windy and stormy conditions. I definitely would prefer to relocate to the north for the winter time. I missing running the furnace and watching the cold weather from the window. I would love to rent a small house with a reliable heating system so that I could enjoy a warm and comfortable living space. I know firsthand, that heating in cold weather conditions is really important. Stepping in from outside, having just the right temperature is the key to a welcoming home. I like to look out the  window, and see the snow falling. There is always the worry about the water pipes possibly freezing. Frozen pipes can quickly turn small heating issues into a major disaster in the home. I recommend having your furnace serviced prior to the start of the cold temperatures. You can identify any problematic areas with the HVAC system early on, and prevent a really difficult and pricey furnace malfunction in the future. Now that I live down south, I make sure to have my air conditioner inspected by an HVAC serviceman.

Smart Thermostat

It’s interesting how so many items in our daily life are controlled with a remote. TV’s, music, keyless remote cars, even my Christmas tree has a remote. We are all trained to believe we shouldn’t have to get up or walk across a room unless absolutely necessary. So, when I heard about a smart thermostat, I knew it would be a big hit. My neighbor got one awhile ago and loves it. He has been telling everyone how much he loves it and how much money it’s saving him too. The thermostat in his house interfaces with his smart phone through a simple app. He can change his setting from anywhere there is a wifi connection. So, he can make sure the setting is appropriate if the house is empty, for example. I don’t know many times have I left the AC on while gone for the day. I know this was money down the drain every time it happened.  If I had the smart thermostat, I could turn it off from my car on the way to work. He has also said the feature he most likes is using smart thermostat from his phone while in the house. He said he has gotten up from bed many times to change the setting because his kids like to set it lower than he likes. Before he turns in for the night, he just hits the button on the phone, and doesn’t have to trek all the way downstairs to the living room. He can check the setting anytime he likes and from anywhere. I haven’t checked into it yet, but this thermostat is going to be my next purchase for the house.

temperature control

Preparing the heater for winter

I love the winter. From the feeling of fresh snow to a home filled with the smells of stews, to the comfort of the furnace keeping us toasty and cozy. I was born in a north-eastern state, but subsequently moved to a humid and hot southern state, where cooling and overall control of your air conditioning is essential. Being located in the lower part of the United States and a southern climate, we don’t get that much enjoyment of the crisp, cool temperatures. When it does turn chilly, it is typically accompanied by very windy and stormy conditions. I actually prefer to relocate north for the winter months. I enjoy running the furnace and hiding from the winter. I rent a small home with a good heater so that I can enjoy a toasty and cozy living space. Heating in these conditions is certainly essential for the cold winter months. After taking a cool bath, you can step out into a cozy home with just the right temperature. Yet you still can look through a window, and see a beautiful snowy setting. It becomes crucial also for pipes not to freeze. Frozen pipes can quickly turn small heating issues into a major all around home emergency. I recommend servicing your heating system prior to when the freezing temperatures are coming. You can identify any problematic areas in the home early on. This could prevent a very difficult and costly furnace repair in the future. Through the years, I’ve made sure to have my air conditioning and heating units regulated in both houses by a HVAC technician.

heater service 

I really should service the heater

Everyone warned me, my mom and dad, neighbor, my sister Ellen, and even my Gran, a woman whose greatest tech accomplishment was figuring out how to work the TV remote. They all warned me. But I didn’t listen. It started in fall, my favorite time of year. A blistering summer had forced its way into early October, showing no signs of stopping. I feared I’d be denied the blustery chill of an autumn breeze and the changing of the leaves. But finally it came. I got to see the changing leaves, the golden harvests, and an amber-blanketed ground. My dad warned me that I had to call our provider and have the heater serviced. I did not believe my dad that now was the time. I felt that autumn just hit! Also a late summer means mild winter. I thought heating service was going to be overrated this year. My mother then warned me that my furnace could all of the sudden quit on me if I did not get it serviced. She said I really needed to get the heating and air conditioning looked at soon. Then I had my neighbor telling me how sorry I was going to feel when my heater breaks down in the middle of the holidays coming. Then my sister and Gran did a double attack on how furnace service and cleaning can save me money. After being told to do something so many times, I didn’t listen. I was too busy enjoying my autumn. Well everyone in my family got to enjoy a nice, warm, HVAC serviced house. Mine became an ice box after the first week in winter.  HVAC service

Summer and winter

Owning your home can be one of the most wonderful investments you can ever make.  They are only a few investments in our lifetime that have the importance of our home.  Cars and boats are nice, but you live in your home, and make memories there.  It’s the one place that you and your family are safe and happy. After paying all that money, it’s important to take care of your home by keeping all of your systems updated, and running smoothly.  One of those systems is your HVAC system. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and cooling.  It is the major reason why your house is cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.  If you are unsure about the proper maintenance and care for the system you have installed, you can contact your local HVAC contractor. They can send out a maintenance technician twice a year to make sure that your unit is running safely and efficiently. This routine biyearly inspection will include checking the air filters for dust , debris, or holes, and changing them if needed. The HVAC technician will also check all of the electrical components, belts, motors, and safety switches.  They will also check the gas pressure and refrigerant levels.  Having your system inspected by a professional can help to identify small problems early, instead of waiting for a huge problem to arise. If you take care of your HVAC system, most systems can last at least ten years, depending on the model and make. Proper maintenance is key to a long lasting HVAC system. air and heat