Dreams of big money

My family’s finances are distressed, to say the least. Every time I start to save money, an emergency arises and my bank account gets depleted. So, I’ve decided that someday I will win the lottery. Since I can’t afford to buy lottery tickets,they will come in a Christmas card from my Dad, or something like that. The main idea is that I will come into big money someday. I don’t have big plans to buy a big house. I’ll buy a house big enough for my family plus a guest room or two. My big plans involve an air conditioning and heating system. We currently live in the deep south. Summers can get unbearably hot and winters still get pretty cold. Right now, we depend on window air conditioning units for summer and floor space heaters for winter. My big dreams for my big money involve purchasing a geothermal heat pump to heat and cool the home I plan to buy or build. A geothermal heat pump uses the heat below the surface of the Earth to heat the home in winter, and returns the heat to the Earth when it cools the home during the summer. It is environmentally friendlier than other traditional air conditioning and heating systems, especially the ones we use now. It’s also easier on the electric bills, and will be even more so when I have the solar panels installed on the roof of the house I plan to buy or build with the big money I win. And, I can finally get rid of my window air conditioners and space heaters.

Getting my air conditioner checked out

Wherever you go, whatever you do, it is essential to know what you are getting into. You should always do your research before purchasing an item or paying for a service; otherwise, you may end up unhappy with your purchase or service. I learned this lesson the hard way just last month. I recently moved to a new town. Moving to a new town meant that I had to find a new place to live and had to learn about all of the places around town. I found a new place to live, but I failed to learn about the places around town once settling in. I bought a small house on a nice piece of land. The house seemed to be in good condition. However, the air conditioner was not. A week after moving in, I noticed that it did not seem to be working properly. I was busy trying to get my house in order, so I quickly looked up a heating and cooling company to have my air conditioner checked out. The man I spoke to on the phone seemed a little too eager for my business, but I had no time to think about that. He came over that day to look at my air conditioner. After he claimed to fix it, I paid him, and he left. Something did not seem right, though, and suddenly my air conditioner was not working at all. I called back the company, but no one answered. I tried calling other heating and cooling companies, but got an answering machine. My lack of research forced me to live in misery for the rest of the week until a legitimate technician came out to fix my air conditioner.

Building a new home

When I first moved out on my own, I did not really know what I was doing. I looked at many different houses in my price range, but none of them seemed to satisfy me. Maybe I am too picky, or maybe I just knew all along that I was not going to end up in a house that was already built. After house hunting for six months, I realized that I would be much happier just having a house built. I shopped around for land and ended up getting a nice property that backed to a stream. It was perfect for me. I got in touch with a general contractor and had some blueprints made. I enjoyed customizing my home. Since I was starting from the ground up, everything was done the way that I wanted it. I was able to make decisions about everything, from the size of the closets to the amount of windows and the type of air conditioning and heating system that was installed. That was my hardest decision because I did not know much about them. I spoke with many different HVAC companies to see what would be best. I eventually settled on a ductless air conditioning and heating system because my house was small. It was also much cheaper than any other type of system and offered many benefits such as energy efficiency, temperature control, and low maintenance. I was completely on board after I did my research. I have now lived in my house for two years. I have enjoyed every single season in my house, too, and I love my ductless air conditioning and heating system. It is perfect for my house and perfect for me.

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Autumn is finally on it’s way

It has been a long, torturous summer this year in my small southern town. We had no spring to speak of. Summer started early. We went straight from running the heat to running our air conditioners. We rent our home, and, like more than half of the homes here, there is no central heat or air conditioning. In fact, our house came with no heat or air conditioning at all. Since we aren’t foolish enough to pay to have air conditioning and heating installed in a rental, we purchased several less expensive window air conditioners that block my windows. Although this is supposed to be the hottest month of the year, temperatures outside are already slowly starting to drop, and I’m really opening for an early, and long, autumn. I can’t wait to take these window air conditioners out of our windows and open them wide to the fresh autumn breeze! I will definitely have a ductless mini-split or other air conditioning and heating system installed when we finally purchase our new home, but, for now, we are stuck with these noisy window units and space heaters.But, oh, after such a brutally hot summer, I look forward to when I can turn on my heaters. We bought a new one last year that looks like a fireplace. Much to our surprise, it heats the whole house! Of course, for privacy reasons, we will need to use space heaters in our bedrooms at night. But, right now, I don’t mind. I’m tired of triple digit temperatures.

HVAC tune-up 

It’s time to get a new HVAC system

As the youngest child of three, I was the last to move out of the house. After I left, my parents made a few home renovations. The porch and front door got a fresh new coat of paint. My dad took my brother’s old room and made it into an office, with rows of bookshelves and a nice new desk. It’s nice to see that they are adjusting to an empty house. I like all of the changes that they have made in the house, except for when it comes to their HVAC equipment. We always had air conditioning growing up, because the summers can get extremely hot and humid. I guess that when I finally moved away, my parents decided that they didn’t really need air conditioning any more! A few weeks ago, I came home for a week over summer vacation, and when I walked inside the front door, I was completely overwhelmed by heat and humidity. The temperature inside the house actually felt hotter than outside! My mom was waiting in the living room for me, sitting in front of two box fans. She said that the air conditioner had stopped working, and because the HVAC unit was so old, they would have to completely replace it. Instead of replacing the HVAC unit, they had decided to live without air conditioning. I could never live without air conditioning! They seem just as happy, even though they sweat through their clothes every day, but they should really have air conditioning. I think I am going to ask my brother if he wants to contribute some money towards purchasing a new HVAC system for our parents. After putting up with us for so many years, they deserve it!

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Don’t forget to check the furnace

Fall is the most beautiful time of year, it is also time to prepare for winter. I have seen first-hand what can happen during the frigid winter’s in our area, if the heat fails in your home. Last winter, during a cold snap, my elderly neighbor, Ms. Greenbaum, almost lost her life. Ms.Greenbaum lived alone and the temperature outside averaged 4 degrees. When the old woman stopped answering my phone calls, I decided to walk over and check on her. I knocked and shouted, before letting myself in. Ms. Greenbaum’s tiny house was ice cold and deadly silent. Why didn’t she have the furnace heat turned on? I continued calling her name, until I found her shivering on her bedroom floor, wrapped in layers of clothing and blankets. Ms.Greenbaum tried to speak, but her words came out too slurred to comprehend. I called 911. After unsuccessfully trying to turn on the furnace, it was apparent she had a faulty heating system. Imagining the little, old lady trying to warm herself in this freezing weather made my heart sink. The EMT said she had signs of hypothermia, as they laid a warming blanket over her. At least she would have plenty of heat in the hospital. I called her landlord to report the faulty equipment and went home to check on my own heating system. After assuring myself the my heat was actually working, I called a heating and air conditioning service provider to schedule a maintenance check. You can never be too careful in this frigid weather.heating

I want use a heat pump all year

My goal is to someday move to an area with a mild enough climate that I can get by with a heat pump.  In my opinion, a heat pump is the ideal form of temperature control.  In the summer, an electric heat pump acts just like an air conditioner.  It draws excess heat and humidity from the house and pumps it outside, creating a cooling effect.  It works almost exactly like a refrigerator, and completes the process very efficiently.  A heat pump runs quite quietly, does not introduce dust and other allergens into the house, and does not cost much to run.  In the winter, the heat pump reverses direction to provide heating capacity.  It finds ambient warmth in the outside air, compresses it to a much higher temperature, and pumps the heat into the home.  Switching from heating mode to cooling mode is quick and simple, and the heat pump can raise or lower indoor temperature very swiftly.  Because the unit runs on electricity, rather than burning fossil fuels, it is an environmentally friendly form of temperature control.  Since there is no combustion process, there is no worry over possible carbon monoxide poisoning or fire hazard.  The only drawback to a heat pump is that it is not effective for heating once the outside temperature drops below freezing.  My answer is to live in an area that never experiences temperature below thirty degrees.  Since I really hate cold weather, I will be happy to relocate to a temperate climate.  Although the heat pump will be quite expensive for me to install, it will save me money on my energy bills every month.

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Fall heating service

As I sat on the school bus, I blankly watched the leaves fall from the tall trees. I knew fall had finally arrived, and the cold temperatures will soon follow. The days filled with beaches and sunshine were just a memory now. I walked off the bus and began my walk home. I kicked up the leaves in front of me, as if it gives me some sort of enjoyment. I begin to wonder about the months ahead, dreading the thought of thick clothing and hiding indoors. A cool gust of wind swept over me, only confirming my predictions to be true. Right as I began approaching my driveway, I then did notice a utility truck with HVAC printed on both driver’s doors. I quickly remembered that my mother told me that the HVAC technician’s would be doing an annual check and preparation for the cold months ahead. The HVAC technician’s cleaned the furnace, and all of the air ducts. A few times they came in the kitchen to check the thermostat, and they were very friendly! One of the HVAC technician’s explained to us how important it is to get these annual checks to prevent hazards, and repairs. The HVAC provider in our area has many technician’s, but we’re defiantly glad we got them! I felt warm air fill the room, and began to feel very grateful. Being stuck in a house all winter is bad enough, at least we don’t have to worry about hazards. Leaky ductwork also promotes high energy bills. Performing ductwork sealing probably saved us so much money this winter season.

Preparing a gas furnace is easy

I really love winter. From the feeling of fresh snow falling on my cheeks to a house filled with the odors of a baking pie, I just love the season. The comfort of the furnace keeping me toasty and cozy is the best.  I think I like it so much because I   was born in a north-eastern state.  Because of my job, I  moved to a southern state.  Down south, my air conditioner is my priority.  Now that I am located in the lower part of the county and experiencing a southern climate, I no longer am exposed to cold temperatures.  When it finally does turn  a little chilly, it is typically accompanied by severely windy & stormy conditions. I really prefer to relocate north for the months of winter. I take a great deal of pleasure in running the furnace, while  it’s cold and snowy outside. I rent a small place near the lake with an effective furnace so that I can enjoy a perfectly comfortable living space.  From growing up in the area, I know that the  heating system is an essential part of the household.  I enjoy stepping inside, and knowing my house will be just the right temperature.  I  can look through a window, and see a charming snowy setting. It also becomes crucial for pipes not to freeze. Frozen water pipes can quickly turn small heating issues into a major all around emergency. I recommend having the heating system serviced prior to when the freezing temperatures are coming. The HVAC specialist can identify any problematic areas and resolve them early on. This prevents the majority of issues, and avoids a sudden furnace repair in the future. Through the years, I’ve taken the time to have my air conditioner & furnace professionally maintained by a local HVAC contractor.

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Dinner with a broken air conditioner

I really appreciate the winter weather.  I look forward to fresh snow and a home filled with the smells of baking bread.  I love  the comfort provided by the furnace.  It keeps the house toasty warm. I was born in a northern state.  Later in life, I moved to a humid and hot southern area. In this part of the country, the air conditioner is an essential part of daily life.  Where I am located in the lower section of the the country, the weather conditions rarely get very cold. When it does turn chilly, the conditions are usually very windy, rainy, and stormy. I honestly prefer to head north for the winter months. I enjoy running the furnace and staying indoors.  Every winter, I rent a small home with a great heating system so that I can enjoy the snow and cold. I am aware that  these conditions require a properly operating furnace. To be comfortable, the house needs to be kept at just the right temperature. I like to look through a window, at the snow, while I am inside, all snug and warm.  The furnace also helps to prevent the water pipes from freezing and bursting.  Frozen pipes can quickly graduate into major damage in the home.  To keep everything running properly, I recommend servicing your furnace prior to the start of winter. An HVAC technician can identify any problematic areas in the home early on.  This helps to avoid  an expensive furnace repair in the future. Through the years, I’ve made sure to have both my air conditioner and furnace serviced by an HVAC contractor every year.