Cleaning my home

I love the smell of a clean house.  Most Saturday’s are spent scrubbing bathrooms, vacuuming, and dusting.  Mopping floors and doing laundry are all on the list as well.  It is the middle of summer so some things are easier to do at this time of year.  One of my summer chores involves the carpets.  I love that we can open up the windows and allow the air to dry the carpets after they have been steam cleaned.  We scheduled the cleaning with a local company on a day that worked for everyone.  The only thing that did not work was the fact that it was extremely humid on the day of the appointment.  The carpets looked great but the air was so heavy that we were forced to close up the windows and put on the HVAC system to help take the moisture out of the air.  Luckily we had installed a stronger dehumidifier the summer before.  We put fans in the room and turned on the ceiling fans as well.  Between all three, the carpets were dry by the next day.  I do miss the fresh air aspect of the process but there was no other choice this time.  I guess we will have to wait until fall to air out the house.  At least then the humidity should be lower along with the temperatures.  My carpets are clean and I am very happy about that.  When we paid all of the extra money for the new system to be added to our HVAC units I never dreamed that this would be the reason I was thankful for it.  I only knew at the time that it helped us sleep better and the system run more efficiently.


Bringing home a new puppy

My family and I just decided to get a new puppy. We had a dog before but our dog got sick and did not live much longer after that. We finally got a new puppy though. We are so excited for this puppy and we have been loving every minute of having her. The only issue is that this dog has a lot of fur. Our house is rather warm during the summer too. Often our house may even feel warmer than it is outside. Our house can get and feel very humid. This causes an issue because with how much fur the dog has. The fur and the heat in the house probably makes the dog feel very hot and uncomfortable. We spent all of this money into getting a new dog but we also needed an air conditioner. We thought this was a necessity with having the dog now. We did not want our dog to get overheated. So, the air conditioning system was the best option for us. Soon after we had gotten the dog we called the HVAC company in town. We told them we were looking to get an air conditioning system for the house. We had an appointment to go over what we would like and to pick the right system. He helped us even more by measuring our house to let us know what size air conditioning system we might need. We ended up installing a central air conditioning system with vents. This was best to keep the whole house cool, manageable and affordable. .

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Having guests convince me that I really do need an air conditioning system

Can you believe the nerve of some people sometimes? I had some guests over to my house recently and they just kept insulting my home. I did not listen to what they said but they just kept going on about it. They had nothing nice to say and just kept bashing my home. I would never go into someone’s home and start doing that. Their biggest pet peeve was that I did not own and air conditioning system. I had some fans incase it was a rather humid day. They must live in luxury if they are really concerned that i had no air conditioning. All they kept doing was complaining about it. They kept going on and on about how great air conditioning is. They were saying how it keeps your home nice and cool. You never have to sweat in your own home. It keeps the bugs and the mold out of your house. No bugs will be making homes in your cool temperature of a home. Apparently there were so many benefits to living in the air conditioning. I did not say anything as they went off though. I just sat there and nodded my head. The more they went on though, the more I think they convinced me I wanted an air conditioning system. I kept listening and they started to talk about you could keep it at whatever temperature you wanted. No matter what you could get some relief from the heat. You never have to feel like you’re bogged down or lazy from the hot weather outside. I was just imagining my life like this and honestly, it did not seem too bad.

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Humidity and panic attacks

I’m a person who tends to suffer from panic attacks. There are things I just am not able to deal with like other people. I skip going to horror movies and I won’t ever be found on a cave tour. I have to watch my life and plan it out carefully so that I don’t find myself in a situation where I might end up panicking and end up having a panic attack. The weather around me has been getting hotter and finally it rained. Everyone seemed so happy about this fact, but when the rain ended and the day heated back up, I noticed the humidity was rapidly rising. It became hard to breath and I felt the coming of another panic attack. I hurried into my car and cranked the air conditioning and drove to a local HVAC store. I sat in the parking lot, taking deep breaths of the air conditioned air, knowing the humidity that awaited me outside of the car. I hurried into the HVAC store and was relieved their air conditioning was working and it wasn’t humid. I purchased a dehumidifier and hurried back home. I set the dehumidifier up in my home and turned it on before running back to my air conditioned car. I waited a couple of hours in my car, which probably seemed crazy to the neighbors, but it kept me from having a panic attack. When I finally decided to go back inside I was happy to see that the dehumidifier had done its work and I could breath without issue once again.air quality

Temperature control at a wedding

Last summer, I went to an outdoor wedding. It was my friend’s older sister’s wedding. They got married in their backyard and also had the reception later at their home in their backyard. The weather was terrible. It is sad because usually at home the weather is beautiful in the summer, especially in August but it turned out to be a terrible day. The wind was whipping and it even rained. Thankfully there was a tent that we were all under to keep us dry but I know the bride was very upset because the weather did not go as she had hoped. There is only so much you can do though for an outdoor wedding. You can not control the weather. It turned out being fun still since there was a tent. I have been to weddings that were indoors and honestly even worse than the outdoor wedding. The indoor weddings tend to be longer, and more boring. Also, the A/C system is usually on which is a nice thing but the bad thing is that is is always turned on way too high. I don’t know anyone that enjoys being feeling like they are freezing because the AC is blasting way too high. Everyone gets warm later from dancing and what not but it still always feels much too cold. I am so picky about temperature control. Someday when I get married I’ll make sure the temperatures are perfectly comfortable. I never want people to feel uncomfortable, too hot or too cold at my wedding someday so I will do whatever it takes to make everyone comfy.

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Enjoying the air conditioning

My family all rode motorcycles and wanted me to get one as well. I told them I wasn’t interested but for the longest time didn’t elaborate as to why. In the summer I tend to gravitate towards air conditioning. I run my air conditioner almost all summer and make sure I am always within the cold air produced. At my job I make sure the air conditioner is running nice and hard. In my car I definitely keep the air conditioner at full blast.The whole reason I didn’t want a motorcycle is because they didn’t have air conditioning. Over time I think my dad caught on to my air conditioning love and my reasoning for not wanting a motorcycle. My dad explained to me that air conditioning wasn’t needed on a bike because of the force of the wind and how cool it kept you. He did admit that I would probably feel warm wearing all the leather out to the motorcycle but he assured me it was worth it. I still had my doubts, but I also had a great deal of money saved so I decided to give it a try. My dad was right, I was wishing to be back in the air conditioning before we started our ride but once we got going, I felt nice and cool from the movement of air and forgot all about wishing I was in air conditioning. The ride was great fun and I could save on gas money as well. I decided to stick with riding the motorcycle every chance I got.

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Deciding on an air conditioner

I have finally decided that I want air conditioning in my home.  I am tired of feeling hot and sticky all summer long.  I don’t want to spend another sleepless night, sweating in my bed.  I don’t want to waste another day in a house that’s so hot I can’t hardly breathe.  I am now trying to determine what type of cooling system would best suit my needs.  My house is very small, so I don’t need anything all that big or powerful.  I have a forced air furnace, so it would be simple to add central air to the HVAC system.  The ductwork and air handler are already in place, and the upgrade to air conditioning would not be cost prohibitive.  I have also considered the possibility of installing a heat pump to provide cooling.  A heat pump would keep my house cool all summer, and then reverse operation to provide heating in the winter.  It would work in partnership with my furnace to significantly lower my energy bills.  The heat pump, as the more energy efficient option, would handle the workload until the outside temperature dropped below freezing.  At that point, the furnace would automatically take over.  While the heat pump would cost a great deal more than central air to purchase and install, it would save me money each and every month.  Eventually, the heat pump would pay for itself.  Another possibility is a ductless mini split.  If I decided to only cool select rooms in the house, a ductless split system would simplify the installation process.

Keeping the air conditioning system working during the summer

There are several ways you can stay cool during the summer. You can eat cold foods or ice cream. You can go swimming or have some type of fun with water. The last thing is that you can have air conditioning. Air conditioning is a nice thing to have in the summer. It is instant and long lasting relief from the heat. It will only remain that way though if you continue to take care of it. There are many ways to take care of it as well. You can call an HVAC company to come do regular tune ups on the system twice a year. You can have it fixed by an HVAC technician when it needs to be. You can also do small things around the house to help you keep the house cool. The first thing is to close your curtains to keep the sun out. The sun generates a lot of heat and can put a lot of warm air in your home. You also need to use the dryer and the dishwasher less. Both of these will create warm air in your home. By adding extra warm air to your home, you are making the HVAC system work much harder than it ever should work. This can cause it to break down. So if you are looking for long lasting relief, get an air conditioner. Make sure you can take care of it properly to keep it working. Once you have it, you will not want to be without it.

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Looking at old HVAC equipment

When I was 18, I worked at a bar the entire summer. When I say that I worked at a bar, I do not mean that I was making cocktails or serving food, the bar I worked at was abandoned. The building was falling apart and I don’t think it had been open for at least five or six years. It was not the best looking place in the world. With that being said, this guy hired me to go in there and rip everything out. He was a cheap dude who just wanted a bare building without all the mess that was in there at the time. I had fun that summer. However, tearing down the old HVAC equipment was the least fun aspect of that entire project. I was literally standing on a ten foot ladder with a crowbar, knocking the air ducts off the ceiling and watching them crumble to the ground. It was definitely the sort of work that a professional should have been doing and not some 18-year-old kid straight out of high school. The guy paid me a lot of money to do all this for him and I think he ended up having a really nice building after it was all finished. He even hired a professional HVAC technician to come in and install brand new air ducts with state of the art HVAC equipment as well. I think he turned the place into an ice cream parlor or something like that. Whatever it was, it sure did have nice heating and cooling equipment.

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Looking for an air conditioned venue

When I was a senior in high school, I was on the committee to plan our prom.  We wanted to make our prom a really terrific evening, and so we went looking for the perfect venue.  We didn’t want to end up holding the prom in the high school gym.  The gym is not air conditioned, way too big, and far too ugly for such a special night.  With all the girls wearing long gowns, and the guys dressed up in tuxedos, we needed a more elegant setting.  Since everyone would be dancing, the place could get overheated quite easily.  We knew that no one would have a good time if they were hot and sticky.  Plus, we’d all look terrible in our photographs if we were wet with sweat.  We were hoping to find a place that would have adequate space for dancing, plenty of tables and chairs, and a modern HVAC system.  While there are quite a few local venues, most of them did not meet all of our requirements.  In the area where I live, the weather can be really unpredictable.  We hold the prom in early May, and the weather is traditionally very hot and humid.  Unfortunately, we’ve had years of pouring rain, and even temperatures in the low forties.  While we expected to need air conditioning, there was also a chance we’d need a heating system.  The venue we selected had both a heating and cooling system, and was within our price range.  We were very relieved that it was available for the date of our prom.commercial HVAC