Adjusting the temperature

I’ve always been middle of the road, when it comes to heating and cooling a room. I don’t get bothered much by changes in the outside temperature, so I’m not frequently uncomfortable with the weather. I don’t believe in cranking the thermostat way up or way down, regardless of the temperature outside. Going from one temperature extreme to the other is nauseating, not to mention that level of air conditioning and heating, can’t be good for the HVAC unit.  Not to mention the cost of the electric bill to maintain such extreme temperatures. Expect that AC unit to need repair and replacement parts from an authorized HVAC company, frequently. I prefer it to be standard room temperature of 74 degrees in the summer, and 68 degrees in the winter, so it doesn’t feel like a furnace, or a cooler. This is especially bad during the winter months when the air is so hot, that you have to take off the heavy snow jacket you are wearing immediately, when you come inside. If I’m already wearing a warm jacket, why turn up the thermostat, and cause the furnace to make it feel like it’s summertime? I know heating and cooling is important to some people, but if you turn the temperature too far in one direction it’s just as uncomfortable as the weather outside you are trying to mask. There’s a huge difference between heating and cooling, versus scorching and freezing. By not going to extremes you’ll save money on air conditioning service calls, and get more life out of your HVAC unit. If you change the filters every month, you can also get more life out of your system.

Leaving all my windows open

Tree houses are all the rage right now. If you watch any home improvement TV shows or read popular magazines, you’ll notice that these tree houses are being built all over the world. Everyone is dying to get his or her hands on one! Some people are having them built for entertainment, for their kids, or for their actual homes. It’s mind-blowing how creative some of these builders can get while creating a tree house as an actual home! When my husband and I were in the middle of planning our next vacation, we found a tree house that you could rent for several nights! The pictures displayed breathtaking views and a really cozy interior. We immediately booked the tree house for the week! When we arrived, the entire place looked exactly like the photos on the website and we were super impressed. The only thing we didn’t expect or plan for was the lack of heat and air. We really didn’t need any heat, but we could’ve killed for some air conditioning. We had all the windows open during the day and night, hoping for a breeze, but sometimes it wasn’t enough. All of our nights were restless because it was too hot to fall asleep. Every morning, we would wake up in a layer of sweat and immediately need a shower. I don’t think either of us has ever needed so many showers in our lives. If you’re ever planning on staying in a tree house, do yourself a favor and ask about heating and air. If nothing is listed, it never hurts to bring your own fan. We will be writing the owners a letter, suggesting they install an HVAC system.

Dealing with intense weather

My entire life I have lived in areas that experience all four seasons.  While I prefer the warm weather of summer, I have grown to appreciate the winter.  There are many fun activities one can do to keep themselves busy in the winter months, personally I love spending time playing hockey, snowboarding and spending time outside playing in the snow with my young nieces and nephews.  The holidays too are a special time of year and in my opinion it just wouldn’t be the same without the cold and snow.  Spending a lot of the time in the elements however can take a toll on the body so I always looking forward to coming inside after a while and warming up in the comfort of my home.  Last winter I noticed early into winter that my heating unit was not working as I’d come to expect, my bills were higher and my house was not holding heat like it used to.  This was concerning as the weather was continuing to grow colder and more fierce.  The last thing I needed to worry about was being comfortable and safe in my own home.  I called my HVAC provider and they immediately sent over a licensed HVAC technician to look over my heater.  My heating system was a mere two years old so I was anxious to find out the problem.  The heating technician told me that the furnace igniter was not installed properly and that he just needed to replace it, a simple and easy fix that should restore everything back to normal.  He also examined the flame sensor to make sure that was in working order.  Now that my home is comfortable I can return to my favorite winter activities. air conditioner

Reasons to get heated floors

I don’t know about you, but I hate carpet. I personally think that carpet is one of the most disgusting inventions humanity has come up with. Not only does carpet trap dirt and dust, but it also houses mildew in the form of every drop of anything you ever spill on it because the moisture seeps into the pad underneath and never fully dries. This can lead to really poor air quality and an unhealthy environment.

That’s why I use flooring everywhere in my home. The one drawback? Barefoot. Flooring, whether vinyl, tile, or hardwood can be cold, especially in the wintertime. That’s why we have heated floors installed in all non-hallway floors.

This was not a difficult decision, because we have tile in both the bathrooms and the kitchen, and tile is traditionally the coldest feeling floor of all the hard surface flooring.

This may have been the best decision we have ever made as homeowners. You simply do not know what comfort is until you’re walking on it all of the time without slippers or ever socks.

Heated floors even help keep the heater from working overtime in the winter.

Another great part about heated floors is that getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom has gotten to be a pleasure. No more fumbling around for slippers so your feet don’t freeze, causing you to not be able to fall back asleep. Those days are in the past for us! Even our dog sprawls out everywhere on the heated surfaces. He loves it!

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A/C equipment

My father always controlled the thermostat in our house. It was a newer model home with central air conditioning and heating. Our furnace and air conditioner were up to date and could run very strongly if needed. Our dad traveled a lot for work and would be gone for several days at a time. During these times we would get to adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and let either the air conditioner or furnace run strong depending on what season it was. We had to remember to turn the thermostat back to the temperature our dad likes the thermostat set at. We had to do this at least a few hours before our dad arrived to allow the house to either cool down from the furnace running or heat back up from the air conditioning so that our dad wouldn’t know we had adjusted it. Luckily our mom paid the utility bills so that my dad never found out. There were a few times where our dad showed up early or we just forgot to reset the thermostat and we were caught. We had to listen to lectures from our dad every time about how it affects the utility bills and that he didn’t think it was all that good for us to become accustomed to heating and cooling because he felt we never knew when we might have to go without it. Our dad had us convinced for a little while about his beliefs, but after dealing with the climates we dealt with we would go back to adjusting the thermostat when he was away.

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My dance club

My buddies and I always go to the club. It is what we do every Friday night. We have tried several different clubs but there was one in particular that we liked to go to. We would go and have a good time drinking, dancing and flirting with women. We always dress our best and dress to impress. We have a great time and couldn’t see ourselves doing anything else on a Friday night. I’ll admit, we spend way too much time on our hair but we have to have everything perfect about us when we go to the club otherwise women wouldn’t talk to us and our time wouldn’t be anywhere near as good. This is one of the reasons we like to go back to the same club. If we were to get all sweaty dancing, our hair would be ruined and girls wouldn’t talk to us. This club employs a solid air conditioning system. We can be intoxicated and moving on the dance floor and still remain cool. The air conditioning isn’t overbearing either. The air conditioning seems to be the perfect temperature. Our clothes don’t get sweat stains and our hair stays perfect. It’s amusing that the air conditioning system ends up being the perfect wingman for us when we talk to women at the club. I know sooner or later that we’ll start dating some of these girls we talk to and the fun will come to an end. Until that time though, we will continue to have our fun in this perfectly air conditioned club.

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Making sure my thermostat is set right

My sister called me the other day and told me that she wanted to redecorate the guest bedroom in her house. She said that it was beginning to get old and boring. She and her husband just moved into the house two years ago and she never spent any time in the guest bedroom, so it seemed silly to me to redo it, but that was what she wanted to do. She asked me to come over and help. I never turn down my sisters when they need me for anything, so I went over after work one day to assist her with the process. When she said redecorating, she really meant redoing. Completely redoing. When I got over there, the house was freezing, which was really unusual. The thermostat was set to sixty five degrees and the air conditioning was blowing hard through every single vent in the house. I found my sister upstairs, huffing and puffing, trying to drag a queen sized mattress out of the guest bedroom by herself. I watched, horrified, as it kept falling over on top of her. I ran over to help her and asked why it was so cold in the house. She said that it had to be that way when she was working because it got hot. Over the weekend, we ended up repainting the entire bedroom, changing it from a dark blue to a light gray. We moved dressers, nightstands, bed frames, and large rugs. We definitely broke a sweat and by the time the room was completed, I completely understood why she had the air conditioning so cold and appreciated it.

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Trying to save on energy

Growing up, my mom was a stickler for electricity. With a rowdy household of three kids, she wanted to keep the electric bill down as much as possible. As a kid, I knew what she was saying about the electric, but I could not have cared less about it. Not my bill, not my problem. At least, that was my thinking back then. So I left the fans running (our living room had two) and I turned the lights on as I walked from room to room but did not turn them off, even after running outside to play. I got yelled at for both of those time and time again. But I got in trouble most for the air conditioning. My mom was stanch in her decision to keep the house on seventy seven degrees at all times. I did not see the harm in turning the temperature down to seventy six or seventy five degrees and did so, often. When she saw the temperature turned down, though–and she always did–she would scold me and turn the temperature right back up to seventy seven. I informed her that the air conditioning was not actually on and working at seventy seven. I told her that if the house was ever going to get cool, the temperature was going to have to be set lower. She was not convinced and refused to budge. Sometimes, after spending a great deal of time playing outside, I would come inside the house, exhausted and overheated. Then, I would turn the temperature down. To seventy. I let the cool air flow through the house and sat back in delight, enjoying the air conditioning blasting on me. That was when I really got in trouble.

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Electric HVAC options

Did you know there are HVAC units you can install yourself? Most people do not think they have the necessary skills in setting up a heating and cooling system. You can actually set up a few types of HVAC units with no problem at all. For cooling, a ductless mini split air conditioner is easy to install. All you need to do is drill a few holes in the wall. The holes are drilled and then you feed copper wires and refrigerant tubes through the wall. These items then are fed to the outdoor air compressor unit. The two units should be about fifty feet away from one another. That allows for easy and successful installation. For heating, electric radiant flooring is really easy to set up. Hydronic heating calls for a boiler system and tubing. The boiler heats water and then the water flows through tubes within your floorboards. Electric heating is electric mats that are fitted underneath the floorboards. It is a one day procedure that any homeowner can easily install. You might worry about thermostats for your units. Thermostats are not hard to set up. You need to mount them on the wall and then set them appropriately. A smart thermostat will eventually learn your heating and cooling behaviors and set your home for you. Just adjust the thermostat for a week and then it will do it all on its own. It really is quite easy to do. Think of the money you can save just doing it yourself for the installation. You also will ensure it is done right.

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The air conditioned liquor store

I have to go to the mall tomorrow and I am dreading it. I am going with my mother and my grandmother. Going to the mall with the two of them is quite a spectacle. My grandmother always makes us stop at her liquor store before we even get to the mall. The liquor store run is the worst stop because it takes so long. You would think that a little old lady would not require so much booze. But my grandmother stocks up on Gin and Jack Daniels like the apocalypse is coming and the booze is going to be destroyed first. She has enough liquor that she would have been very popular during prohibition. Now I have nothing against her extreme drinking, I just hate the liquor store. It is always so heavily air conditioned. They do not need to cool any of the liquor bottles. Why would they waste money on air conditioning? Most people who shop there are just picking up a few things, except my grandmother. They do not need an active cooling system working on their temperature control. Really the business could save quite a bit of money on their monthly heating and cooling. They do not need any type of cooling at all. How about going with less air conditioning? They really take their A/C seriously that they always drive me right out of the store. I just do not think that liquor customers need cold temperatures to shop around. I’ll have to ask my grandma and see if she likes it.

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