Air quality

I have been involved with community service, activism, and servant leadership ever since I was a boy. In the boy scouts I held fundraisers in order to raise money to buy HVAC systems for the local food shelters. You see, I am from the deep south where our HVAC systems are very important to us in the summer. In fact, I now represent the state with the largest amount of HVAC system manufacturing in the entire country. I am not saying that my job as an elected government official is particularly great, but the perks are pretty nice to say the least. For instance, every week the CEOs of the largest HVAC system manufacturing company come to my office and take me out for lunch. Isn’t that great? Nothing makes me happier when I am able to meet with the executives of large corporations to discuss their needs in terms of policy. This really works out nice since the HVAC system manufacturing company actually hosted my family on a vacation last year! Ever since I have been trying to find more legislation that I could give a boost to HVAC system companies. After all, the gains for the CEOs of HVAC system companies are clearly good for the citizens of my state, as that wealth will trickle down in the form of more jobs and better pay! So naturally when the climate change alarmists started spreading the rhetoric I reminded that American people that having an HVAC system is the only sure way that your family can be protected from the toxic chemicals outdoors. Ever since I pulled that string the profits of the HVAC systems manufacturers in my state have risen by over 15%!

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I’m loving this air quality

In the my area, the springtime weather is a huge relief after the long, cold winter.  It feels wonderful to finally open the windows and welcome in some fresh air.  Unfortunately, there is a great deal of pollutants in the outside air.  The combination of pollen, dust, and exhaust fumes aggravates symptoms of allergies and asthma.  Instead of enjoying the spring weather, I often end up sick with a runny nose, headache, and itchy eyes.  I finally installed a central cooling system in my house, so I could keep my windows firmly closed.  While I miss having the fresh air blowing through my open windows, I don’t miss the bugs, pollen, and contaminants.  I enjoy being able to set the perfect temperature throughout my house.  The air conditioner maintains ideal humidity levels, circulates the air, and filters out airborne particles.  Recently, there was an air quality warning in my area because of the high pollen count.  The Environmental Protection Agency warned people to avoid strenuous activity and to limit their time outdoors to no more than four hours.  I spent those few days hiding in my house, protected from the outdoor pollution by my air conditioner.   Instead of feeling miserable, because of my allergies, I was comfortable, happy, and healthy.  I run my air conditioner from early spring all the way until the end of fall.  I don’t shut my air conditioner down until it’s time to turn on the furnace.  It provides far more than simple temperature control.  My air conditioner keeps my home cleaner, protects my air quality, and makes my life so much more enjoyable.  air conditioner

I love my new A/C

I do not have air conditioning installed in my home.  Most of the time, it’s not a hardship.  Where I live, we concentrate on our heating system.  We need a heating unit that can handle subzero temperatures and a winter season that lasts nine months out of the year.  We are often trapped in the house for days at a time because of the brutal wind and snow.  It is extremely important that our heating system is both reliable and energy efficient.  If the heating equipment were to malfunction, we would either need immediate repair or be forced to move out of the house.  There’s also the concern over water pipes freezing and bursting.  Once summer arrives, we get by with opening the windows and running some portable fans.  The last couple of days, however, have made me want air conditioning really bad.  Our outside temperature has suddenly jumped up into the high eighties and the humidity is brutal.  Without air conditioning, it is impossible to feel comfortable or get a good night’s sleep.  Today, it finally rained, and I was hopeful this would cure the terrible humidity.  Unfortunately, the rain made it impossible to open the windows and let in fresh air.  My house felt like a tropical jungle, and I was sweating just sitting still.  When the rain finally quit, I think the humidity was worse.  I am strongly considering calling up my local HVAC contractor and begging him to install a cooling system straight away.  If the entire summer is this hot and humid, I don’t think I can survive with a few portable box fans.


Warm weather

My brother enjoys torturing our family with pictures of where he lives. He is the adventurous one that got away from our bad weather. I live in the north where it is freezing cold all year long. The ice and the snow are a constant. We get below freezing most of the year and our furnace is our best friend. My brother moved to a warmer climate that is moderate all year round. This means in the dead of winter I will get a picture of my brother at the beach. He will be working on his tan while I am sitting at home in front of my heating system. In the summer it is just cruel what he experiences. We get maybe a month of decent weather. We never get hot enough where a cooling system is required. I have never owned an air conditioner because of how low the temperatures get. My brother either is at the pool in the sun, or in his workout room with air conditioning. He will sometimes complain of how hot he is during the day time. I remember vividly one day my area was getting hail and severe wind. My brother sent us a picture of him by the pool with a beer. It is just not fair how much better his climate is than ours. He uses his air conditioner most of the time and does not own a heating system. He does not even own a wool coat. I would love to burn my coat and live in the high heat.

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Thermostat frustrations

It gets very cold where I live at least fifty percent of the year. Our bodies become accustomed to the cold and while our summer months boast temperatures that people in warmer climates would scoff at, we find ourselves sweating and running air conditioners. However in the winter we are very reliant on our furnaces keeping us warm and helping us to survive during those winter months. Our utility bills in the summer are generally more comprised of electric bills while in the winter many of us find that it is our gas bills that are daunting. I am a person who likes to save money so I researched ways to do this with my utilities. It seemed like a smart thermostat was the way to go. I had them installed by a local HVAC company. The price wasn’t bad for that. Yet I find it amusing that they call it a smart thermostat because I feel you need to be smart to work it. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t seem to get the thing to do what I want. I know the features it has but I have no idea how to access them. I want the thermostat to run the furnace more just before I get home from work until around the time I go to bed. I want the furnace to kick on a little before I get out of bed and to turn back off around when I leave for work. I did figure out how to change the temperature from my smartphone, but it is a pain having to adjust it all the time. I think I will need to recall the HVAC company to come out and set it for me and perhaps give me a lesson on how to work it.HVAC unit

Battling problems with humidity

My HVAC system does a decent job of keeping my house at a comfortable temperature.  I run the furnace throughout the winter months, and rely on my air conditioner in the summer.  The HVAC system, however, is no help at all when it comes to humidity.  During the colder months, the furnace sucks moisture from the indoor air, and my house becomes overly dry.  In the hot summer months, the air conditioner cannot combat the excess humidity, and my house feels sticky.   I am sort of obsessed with maintaining ideal relative humidity levels.  I have a problem with psoriasis on my elbows and knees.  Psoriasis is a skin condition that is made much worse by insufficient moisture in the air.  When the air becomes super dry, it sucks moisture out of the body, and results in frizzy hair, chapped lips, and cracked, itchy skin.  I also have issues with jock itch, and it can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing.  Excess humidity makes the condition worse.  When there is too much moisture in the air, it makes a person feel overheated, and leads to sweating.  Sweating is very bad for jock itch.  I end up lowering the thermostat setting, running the air conditioner, and over-cooling the air.  It costs me a fortune in electricity, and doesn’t solve the problem.  I need to invest in a humidifier for the winter months, and a dehumidifier for the summer months.  My HVAC technician could install these units right into the existing air handler of my HVAC system.  I hate to spend the money on it, but I know these air quality products would make a huge difference in the condition of my skin.      

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Who needs an air conditioner

This past year, we suffered through a really long and cold winter.  Now, spring should be here, but the weather is not improving.  We don’t have snow anymore, but we have rain.  It has rained for the last five days straight.  The sky is gray and the temperature is really chilly.  At this time of year, we should be opening the windows and wearing shorts and sandals.  Instead, we are still running our furnace and wearing sweaters.  I have had my windows closed up tight since last September.  It’s now the beginning of May, and there’s still no sign of warm weather.  The air in my house is extremely stale and dry.  My hair is disgustingly frizzy, and my skin is dry and itchy.  I am constantly putting moisturizer on my skin, but it doesn’t help.  There is no way to combat the insufficient humidity.  I am considering an investment into a whole-home humidifier.  It would come in handy throughout the winter.  The humidifier would be installed directly into the air handler of my HVAC system.  It would supply moisture and maintain relative humidity within the ideal range.  It would improve the health of my home, helping my family to avoid colds and flu.  It would make a huge difference in the condition of my skin and hair.  A humidifier would also make the house feel warmer, allowing lower thermostat settings.  I could definitely save some money on my heating bills.  I just hate to buy a humidifier in the spring.  We are headed into the summer season.  I want to run my air conditioner, instead of worrying about a lack of humidity.

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Frozen pipes in my food truck

I operate a food truck in the local city. It is a pretty good job. I get lots of hungry customers coming on their lunch breaks. I make a variety of fast food. They can have burgers, fries, and fried chicken. The food truck is a pretty cramped space though. My kitchen consists of a grill, a deep fryer, and a sink for the utensils. I ran into a big problem, recently, when the pipes running to and from my sink completely rusted out. I was cooking one day and all of a sudden the floor started filling up with water. I had to close down early and take it straight to a plumbing company. They inspected my drain and pipes and found that they were all rusty. Several sections of pipe had holes in them and water was leaking out. I could not believe how bad they all were. The plumbing company suggested that I have all the fixtures and pipes replaced. They were surprised that I did not have rust in my water before this. I suppose it was time for me to upgrade my food truck a little. I agreed to the job and they got straight to work. When I got my food truck back it looked like brand new. The sink was larger than before and the faucet was better than the old one. The best part, though, was that my pipes were all solid and none of them leaked. With these new plumbing fixtures my food truck will be running smoothly for a long time.

Considering some new real estate

I am planning to relocate to Arizona, and have been looking into local real estate.  I am hoping to find an area that is close to either the city of Phoenix or Scottsdale, but not right in the heart of the downtown area.  A large piece of property is a priority to me, and I don’t mind putting some work into fixing up the home.  Because real estate prices in Arizona are currently rather high, I am only looking at properties that will require some renovations.  My husband and I are both quite handy, and we plan to handle the majority of the work on our own.  This will help to cut expenses.  I would like to find a home that we could live in while we are involved in the home improvement process.  This would allow us to take our time, and invest more slowly into the various upgrades.  Because of the climate in Arizona, I am only considering those properties with a good working heating and cooling system.  I would prefer to find a place with a heat pump that will handle my cooling needs throughout the majority of the year, and also handle heating when the temperature cools off a bit.  The weather in Arizona is one of the main reasons my husband and I chose to look at real estate there.  We feel that the year round climate is ideal, and the dry air would help with my husband’s sinus and allergies problems.  After researching both Scottsdale and Phoenix, I would be happy investing in property in either location.

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Staying cool in the condo

A few years ago, I developed a passion for running.  I started going for a morning run in order to lose some weight and get in better shape.  I quickly noticed that after a run, I had more energy throughout the day.  I am now in the habit of running six days a week, for anywhere from three to eight miles.  Because I live in an area that experiences every climate extreme, conditions are rarely ideal for an outside run.  In the winter, I can’t run outside because of subzero temperatures, feet of snow, and spots of ice.  In the spring, it is typically raining and cold outside.  The summer brings unbearable heat and humidity, while the fall is damp and chilly.  Whenever there is a suitable day, I run outside and really enjoy myself.  The majority of time, I run on a treadmill in my house.  Running on the treadmill is super boring, but I always have ideal conditions.  I am fortunate to have a forced air furnace and central air conditioner installed in my house.  Because the HVAC equipment features adaptable-speed technology, it automatically adjust to changing weather conditions and maintains perfect temperatures.  The HVAC system also features zone control, which allows different temperature settings in each room of the house.  I can have my workout room a bit cooler than the rest of the house.  With the addition of a smart thermostat, I can now make adjustments to temperature from my smartphone.  Because of the HVAC system, the weather never prevents me from enjoying my run.  I just hop on the treadmill and run for as long I’d like.

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